Kult ov Azazel
The World, The Flesh & The Devil

Abrasive Rock (USA)

I really need to become an objective journalist. I keep getting these discs that I expect to be total crap because of the way the press release is written or because of the cover, or just the general style of music. First it was Jacknife, the metalcore band that actually turned out to be what metalcore is supposed to be. Now there’s Kult ov Azazel, who look, act, and more than likely smell like black metal. I’ve never made it a secret how I feel about black metal. It’s overblown, shitty music with shittier production and it just sounds to me like a bunch of kids who think being more evil than everyone else in the world is just the fucking greatest thing that they could ever imagine. Kult ov Azazel is a pretty typical band in the majority of those regards, but they have something that sets them apart.

When you first put this disc into your cd player, it kicks you in your ass and says “Bitch, go make me a sandwich”. Seriously, the first thing you hear are the guitars blazing, the drums blasting, and the vocals snarling and screaming as though Satan had just taken a bite out of every member’s member. This is some pissed off shit with way more evil feeling than Marduk or any of those pansy ass wannabe bands (oh, I’m going to get shit for that one!) Even though it’s a black metal record, the production is good and it has some power, as well as it has a sense of the song which so many black metal bands are missing. I’m not going to hail this as the most amazing record of all time, or even something I’d throw in more than once every few months when I want to hear some black metal, but for the style of music this is about as good as it gets.

Always having heard good things about the Kult ov Azazel records, I was interested in how this would turn out. I admit, I didn’t believe any of the hype surrounding this band, but after hearing them, I can see that they definitely deserve some recognition. Dimmu Borgir bridged the gap between black metal and the rest of the metal community, and Kult ov Azazel takes that one step further. Black metal fans should dig this (and it won’t even make your ears bleed!) and people who tolerate the genre may want to look into this disc as well.

Absolute Zero Media (USA)

I think its just me as I get older . The more raw and brutal it is the happier it makes me. I know Kult ov Azazel are nothing groundbreaking but there fucking tight and really good at what they do. Its more Black Death but its good and I don't want to say it to offend but catchy in they way they create the guitar harmonies and bass lines. I also love the razor slit vocal style that they do here. Yes its more Marduk worship but fuck they do it well. This is heart felt music were Death metal bands all feel like there going through the motions and live 9 times out of 10 suck hardcore. You don't wear cropsepaint and do this style of music for the metal chick and to get on the big metal tours. I think that is what I respect the most about these kinds of bands. Another top notch release for the boys from Florida!!!

Ancient Ceremonies (Portugal)

The "Kult" return with their third release "The World, The Flesh and the Devil". Florida has given birth to many strong black/death metal bands and this we all know. Kult Ov Azazel though, may actually be that one step beyond. Get ready boys and girls. We are talking some non stop flow of energy here.Certain things in life never change. The classic BM formula is present in this release as it always has, but if you assumed that this album would be forgotten in a matter of months, you were plainly wrong. The ultra-fast BM tempos are kicked into melodically inspired guitar elements and riffs that can easily electrify your spine, reaching epic proportions. Each song has that certain moment that will put a smile on every corpse painted face out there.It is apparent that the band has gained a dose of elegance and greatness-through-experience from their last albums as the riffs are ever so imposing and focused. To sum up, this album will be immediately characterised as their best yet, but the interesting part will be to see if the "Kult" will be able to surpass the walls they themselves have built through the greatness of this album. Shouldn't we all feel lucky we live in a world where songs about Satan never become out of style? Sure we should. Albums such as this are proudly the proof. Top of its kind. 9/10 - Thanos Kallianiotis

Antichrist (Ukraine)

Formed in America this band has existed since 1999. In the beginning it consisted of two people and referred to simply as AZAZEL but by 2000 were renamed to KULT OV AZAZEL and have since signed a 4 album contract with Arctic Music. I think, the label is happy with this group!

So, true black metal. I am simple in delight from this group! Slightly raw, rather thick. The drums - arrgghh!!! Simply excellent drumming, speed, tech and destructiveness. During listening this disk from columns the flesh and blood of jehowa, the Christ and other mongrels fly huge pieces!!! The text simply break off them on a part!! Fine scream, a good bass and guitars which saw your brain on slices!!! Words are not present! If you have become bored on a gloom, blasphemy and qualitative and hellish black to metal - hasten to snatch this piece of fine! 5/5

Behind the Veil (Greece)

Kult ov Azazel, formed in 1999 and so far they have released two albums and numerous split releases. They come from the United States and soon they will unleash their next blasphemous opus with the title "The World, The Flesh And The Devil" through Crash Music. Their newest album includes nine tracks pure of blasphemy and with no compromises black metal. Kult ov Azazel plays profane black metal, without melodies or keyboards, just pure misanthropic black hatred. But on this release Kult ov Azazel have done a really good work. The album was recorded at Mana Studio / Razzor Media and mixed by Shawn Ohtami. It was also mastered by Eric Rutan, so surely you must expect a really raw and powerful sound. Prepare yourself for a battle while you hear the stuff from Kult ov Azazel. All the hordes of black metal unite and support them! Of course forget the mainstream black metal bands like CRADLE OF FILTH and DIMMU BORGIR, because on this album you will hear ancient black metal. 8/10 - Antonis Maglaras

Blood of the Ancient (Germany)

Kult ov Azazel are definitely the new "stars" in US Black Metal hell. Having unleashed two albums and several split-releases since the band's foundation in 1999, the American four-piece offers us its third full-length now. All I can say is that `The World…` definitely seems to be the absolutely best release of this act so far: Fast and furious, cold and freezing as hell, traditional and to the bone Black Metal, heavily inspired by Scandinavian pioneers. Hey, the vocal intonation on `An Eternity with Satan` reminds me very much of `Sacrificial Suicide` sometimes, hehe… `The World…` got a brilliant sound that has enough edges needed for such harsh music without sounding too weak. KOA recorded with the help of Shawn Ohtani at MANA STUDIO / RAZZOR MEDIA, and Erik Rutan mastered the nine tunes that pass by much too fast. This quartet conquers the world by storm, let's see how far KOA will go…! - Christian Wachter

Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles (Canada)

Kult ov Azazel returns with its third release, once more espousing diatribes of hatred that defile purity, spirituality and anything that might evoke a smile in any capacity. The band's maturity is extremely evident on The World, The Flesh And The Devil, as the group has progressed from an above-average black metal beast to a super-tight blackened thrash fest that just so happens to be caked in corpsepaint (and really, really hates organized religion). The key selling point with this band has always been its listenability despite/amidst the ferocity; when moping to Xasthur gets to be too much for even your tortured soul, spin the ol' Kult ov Azazel for your I'm only kind of anguished enjoyment. 8 - David Perri

Canadian Assault (USA)

Ripping & tearing black metal, a swirling pestilence of musical force. I suppose with them essentially always staying at one speed, fast and dead ahead, they can get a bit monotonous. But when it is done with well it is hard to deny it’s strength in any way.

Critical Metal (USA)

Florida has some really strong black/death metal bands. Among their best is Kult of Azazel. They can go head-to-head with any of Sweden’s black/death horde. Though actually, if I had to compare them with a European band, it would be Immortal from Norway. Kult of Azazel has, to me, the same type of furious attitude and blinding speed riffs as Immortal, though you could argue that KoA is faster. I’ve heard older KoA stuff which was good, but this album with flatten your home. If there is any problem with this kind of music—and this is a totally subjective criteria—it is that there is really only one speed: fast! But I believe this is what the band is aiming for and what their fans want. Rating: 8

Darkness (Peru)

A new attack of one of the most extremes hordes from USA, Kult ov Azazel come back armed with a new production as, or more, amazing, extreme and raw as their "Oculus Infernum". With a new member in their lineup, this band of Nordic Black Metal surprises us with their "The World, The Flesh & The Devil", which contains 9 tracks of a tireless Black Metal ala Emperor, Marduk (old), Satyricon, and more, with old Black Metal school influenced riffs. Though in this release I can notice a kind of change into the musical structure in some tracks, because in "Oculus..." the damn velocity is present from the beginning to the end, and in this production I found out some tracks with more arrangements, overall in "The Hammer" parts doing good games with the drums, but the best of all is that those arrangements do not weaken the might of Kult ov Azazel music. The lyric tendency of this production is more oriented, besides the anti-christian topic, to the human reality, talks about everything that mankind does against itself because of its own greed creating an earthly hell, and even it is something the name of this production can transmit us; I think there is no better explanation than the title of this CD of Kult ov Azazel, a band that I respect and not only for their music, but their course and variety of productions which they are participating since the dark flame of their existence started to blaze and it have not stopped doing it since then.. About the presentation and sound of "The World, The Flesh & The Devil", both are of first level, starting with the design of the booklet's cover; and about the sound, it is completely clear and you can hear everything that every instrument does.I think there is no more to say or for the people who wanted everything in their mouths this production is worth to be had if you truly like the real and good Black Metal.... Kult ov Azazel rules!!!!! - Darkest

Darksoul VII (USA/Canada)

When a band comes into their prime it's always exciting to hear them unleash their talent with all of the power they possess. While Kult ov Azazel have been around for quite some time, now is their time. "The World, The Flesh & The Devil" marks this milestone in the bands career with unholy fury, from beginning to end this album is one of the most intense released so far this year, which considering some of the releases to date for 2005 that is saying quite alot.

"The World, The Flesh & The Devil" is so far beyond the last album "Oculus Infernum" in terms of song writing, production quality, and delivery that it's almost ridiculous trying to compare them. Amazing what a little line up change can do. Basically my advice is forget everything you thought you knew about Kult ov Azazel and go buy this cd. It's that fucking good. Not to take away from the bands past works, which I also enjoy, but this new disc is my immediate favorite by them. Recorded at Mana Studios in Tampa, Florida, and mastered by the owner of that studio, a guy you might know...Erik Rutan of Hate Eternal, "The World, The Flesh & The Devil" is, I dare say, the best true black metal release to come out of a U.S. band, period.

What, you may ask, makes me praise this release so highly? Read on...

No pretty or atmospheric intro here, just two axes attacking you with non- stop speed and aggression, doubled and even tripled vox blended perfectly that roar and scream with all the sonorous hatred you'd expect to hear from a chorus of demons, and percussion that is so tight and dynamic you'd think it was conjured up by satan himself. The layers of sound flow in perfect unison. Cymbals and kicks expertly arranged and timed, riifs and harmonies that sound as though death himself were riding forth coming to take your soul. K.O.A. continue to keep the break neck speed they always have, but nothing here is over done at all. "The World, The Flesh & The Devil" is the perfect example of what U.S. black metal should be.

What is immediately apparent upon first listen (and still after 200 more spins in your cd player because you'll be hooked once you hear this) is the 100% pure contempt, hatred, and unstoppable emotion that flows out of every instrument and lyric. Listening to any one single song alone does not give you any idea of how this album as a whole sounds. It was meant to be listened to in it's entirety, from start to finish, a journey as seen through the blackened eyes of true metal warriors.

I could go on and on about how outstanding "The World, The Flesh & The Devil" is, but instead of reading any more you should get off your grim little ass and go buy this cd so you can hear for yourself what I'm talking about. - WrathOvTheTyrant

Deadtide (USA)

Swift, venomous, hateful black metal analogous to Euro counterparts Enthroned, Watain or Dark Funeral, Kult ov Azazel craft intense anthems of convicted religious battery in nine quick slashes. The World, The Flesh and The Devil is wholly unrelenting; a fucking bastard conglomerate of hatred and tyranny, “The World is Full of Violence” steps up immediately setting the hearty standard for these weathered Floridians to conquer. Early standouts “As Temples Burn” and “Compelled to Die” create horrific pulses of black aggression spliced by severe yet needed melody. These subtle riffs and tempos put a much needed stake into the heart of boredom, rather than an all out blast of an album, the speed is not sacrificed for your attention. After the faaast gang vokills of “The Glorification of Evil,” we are treated to the slow midsection of the disc in “Trampling the Cross,” a mid-paced melodic hymn to the Kult’s bestial devotion. Kult ov Azazel have borne of damnation quite a niche in the US black metal scene, and if ever there was a band to take pure archaic, satanic devotion to the masses, the reigns are in their hands. – Justin S.

Dirt Culture (USA)

Now well enough established as one of America's premier underground acts, Kult ov Azazel once again burst out of hell's gates with no mercy and give the world a relentless beating. All that you've come to expect from them before are delivered with their usual superb execution: the tortured vocals, the artillery-barrage drumming, and the voice samples (thank you!!!) are here in just the same manner as they always have been. The Kult proves once again that the real "War of the Worlds" is not between humans and aliens; it's between good and evil. One look at our decaying society should indicate in whose odds the favors are. Trust me, these guys will never disappoint. NEVER! (FA)

Ear Candy

Florida has been well known for producing some of the most sick-ass metal ever heard, and you can add the blasphemous blastbeats of Kult ov Azazel to the long list. Produced by Hate Eternal’s Erik Rutan, this corpse-painted quartet’s nine-track offering of suffering hails Satan in the most notorious of ways with speed metal’s riffs, death metal’s screams, and black metal’s unholy rhythms. While the right wingers are clutching their chests, Kult ov Azazel is laying down some seriously Satanic stuff that bridges the gap between Dimmu Borgir and Emperor. - Mike SOS

Fishcom Collective (USA)

I have to commend Kult ov Azazel for the excellent precision with which their black metal is imbued. With some BM bands (and other superfuryfast extreme metal bands) the need for speed can overcome the instrumentalists ability to provide the desired pace. Kult ov Azazel is not among those. The band manages to keep its blistering black metal (that seems to find a happy balance between the uberharsh old school black metal and the concessions to melody found in some latter day BM bands) moving with crispness and taut execution. The percussion drives forward wickedly pummeling double bass while the guitars hint at both sickness and melody. The scratchy black metal vocals are potent and suitably flesh ripping. A good BM band fans of the genre should take to like Satan to sin. - Upchuck Undergrind

Full Metal Mayhem (Australia)

Kult Ov Azazel with The World The Flesh And The Devil seemed to have finally shed their underground status with a cleaner more powerful production and colourful album art! The Americans have made some improvements since Oculus Infernum with a much better vocal performance displaying some melody and complementing the music. Musically TWTFTD is also a step up with better riffs and song writing all round. The bands lyrics seem to gone a little weird along with their artwork and although still both satanic and antichristian they seem a little politer than before. The majority of the material herein is brutal and fast with few exceptions like the slower ‘Trampling The Cross’ ( which reminds me somewhat of early Hecate Enthroned ) sitting neatly in the Marduk/Dark Funeral vein of blackmetal. I personally prefer the a different vein of blackmetal like 1349 or Taake with blazing riffs and a little more rough edge and Nordic flavour but I am aware there is a large fan base for KOA’s style of music. Overall this is a well-executed and stylish piece of polished American blackmetal that sadly missed the mark with myself. 7/10 - Tyrant

The Great Nothing (USA)

Kult ov Azazel is a four man black metal band. One might think that the band is from a foreign country because of the name, but that would be a wrong assumption, as the band comes to us out of South Florida. Another thing that could confuse listeners of the band’s origins is the names that the band members have taken, Xaphan, Xul, Hammer, and VJS.

Kult ov Azazel have a very plain and obvious message for their listeners. With songs like The World is Full of Violence, As Temples Burn, and Trampling the Cross; it is pretty easy to tell that Kult ov Azazel has developed hatred towards humanity and religion. To convey their message, the band has chosen to use a very violent sounding scream for vocals. While the drummer does not use a blast beat throughout the majority of the songs, which is becoming more and more of a popular style among this type of music, he does mix the blast into his drumming schemes now and then. What the drummer does throughout most of the songs is use machine-gun bass drumming with more controlled use of the snare drum and cymbals. The guitars seem a little more relaxed than the rest of the band. It’s like the guitar riffs are what holds the vocals and the drumming together throughout the album.

The World The Flesh & The Devil is a very violent sounding album. This is not Kult ov Azazel’s first album, and that certainly shows. - Nick Wagers

Gryphon Metal (Switzerland)

Honestly said, as European, it was a surprise to me. A surprise to see how much lively, rigorous and fighting is the Black metal scene in North America. In particular the United States show well determined hordes able to support the cause of Black in an honest and excellent way. Therefore they deserve the admiration of the European crowd: a very good and enough large audience of Black Metal fans who anyway is still too attached to the Norwegian myth and to Symphonic Black metal in general. I admire a lot the European BM bands who remain harsh and true starting from the musical instruments without the excessive use, if not total absence of keys insertions (which are at times well done, but more often too bombastic and pretentious), but fact is that those bands very often hybridize with Death and/or Thrash. With Kult ov Azazel from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, we have to deal with a genuine music of guitars bass and drumming, so near to the old school, but with modern self-consciousness and yes, why not, with that drop of modern catchiness, and however without hybridizations, without compromises, it is really the case to say. Kult ov Azazel are able to provide evolution and refinement in playing with that typical, not adulterated, force of underground. Brutality and violence is a main characteristic of this music, but not the only one. In my opinion, it is the loyal mirror of a way of thinking and living. Moreover , for Kult ov Azazel, lyrics follow music, music is the first inspiration. And is an inspiration of great drift. Stability and mood are in balance. It is self- awareness. Kult ov Azazel is this: Black metal strictly connected with occult/satanic topics, with no redundant aesthetics, it is a potent, pitiless harsh "Metal" , in first place. This album is lethal like a fatal swarm of insects around you, harsh and compact like a legion, exact and expressive.

Kult ov Azazel was formed by Xaphan (also bassist in Hate Plow) , Xul and Von in the "spring equinox of 1999 under the infernal name Azazel". Few changes of line up and much serious work propelled this band a lot, making of it one of the most important BM groups of America. The brilliant technique in playing and the constant activity were remuneration enough: in relatively few years Kult ov Azazel have delivered 3 full length albums, several splits and MCD's, a collection of tracks, kind of best of (Black Mass Consecration). The bright new "The World, The Flesh & The Devil" is indeed their third full length, which is a very mature opus full of vigorous aromas and coherence just only beginning from the cover art/ Booklet presentation (by the way, notice the Our Father written in reverse as cover background, while the booklet is essential but full of good taste and medieval/renaissance flavor).

Listening to these 9 tracks you really understand that Xaphan and his band- mates spread a message. In my opinion they don't want to prove anything, and neither they want to create trends, i think. they suggest, they make us think through the musical communication, a communication enhanced and completed by their extreme lyrics of course . In fact, The World, The Flesh & The Devil is extreme but absolutely sincere. The World, The Flesh & The Devil though being homogeneous, provides also a satisfactory level of variety concerning pace and soundscape. Could have been even more varied, maybe this is the only doubt i have about this album, for the rest we can only remain enthralled. If you compare these new tracks with previous and important songs taken from different moment of their career ("Oculus Infernum" or "Le Messe Noir" for example), you realize that the rage and the aggressive shouted attack has morphed into a more mature and profound hatred. Evolved but always fierce. The result is an album of really profane music and vicious vocals, full of abrasive power (just think of the evil vocals indeed that can only be defined as abradant and totally misanthropic). We European need to face some inflexible stuff like this. I warmly suggest The World, The Flesh & The Devil to all Black metal devotees, whatever branch of Black they prefer. Though Kult ov Azazel could impact easier, just to give an idea, on the listeners of Marduk, Gorgoroth, early Immortal, Darkthrone, and , yes, i would add, in spite some big differences, on the fans of Mystic Circle, Belphegor and Ragnarok too . Those who support the BM underground and appreciate the true old school are an other target that can appreciate Kult ov Azazel too.

The World is full of Violence is the vehement opener, a direct kick in your face but with that flair and catchiness of the golden pioneers of BM. As Temples burn is a fast blasphemous onslaught , an incursion, an assault, a desecration against all dogmatic versions of Monotheism and their religious structures: Allah is swallowed in hell together with Jehovah and God, "from the Basilicas of Vatican till the churches of America" there is no escape. Musically this is a blast, an eruption of blazing guitars and blowing drums. The clear , tight, unclouded tremolos are a burst of flame. In the final there is a vigorous pace-down. But let's roar again with the following An Eternity with Satan, more mid tempo oriented An Eternity with Satan is enough solemn, with a catchy tune, its snare-hits are like echoes of a combat dance. Like the title suggests, the topic is the pact written in blood with the Lords of Hell. The words who attract so much my attention are anyway these ones: "overturning laws of God" , they are more key than one can superficially think. An eternity with Satan, again another very good track, but the following Compelled to die, with mid tempo vocals and a burning rhythmic like lava flows, is even better cause has a big melodic and sorrowful vein, but a fierce, pitiless one. Compelled to die is merciless in his lyrics and not only for its "you worship life I worship death" -propaganda. In its lyrics there is much more: much of the core of the ideology. Therefore these lyrics should be read and listened to with the proper awareness. The Glorification of Evil is another cruel track, hatred-loaded and very obscure; from the musical point of view is a very fast powerful attack of rage with an uptempo cadenced ripping refrain that should appeal all Mystic Circle fans. Lyrics are again very extreme and even too explicit "accept this sacrifice we humbly offer..." Trampling the Cross is my favorite, is much of variation in this album :it is Melodic. Not fast, more obscure, with a lower timbre in the guitars, will appeal the ones who like melodic Black but also melodic Death. Snares are dry and make a contrast with the powerful hyperfast but not blasting and somehow smoothed bass drumming. Blood death & damnation spits renewed brutality and violence : it is a relentless devastating brutal bloodthirsty assault; the drumming is implacable like a furious army, while vocals, slower, are a living malediction, a prolonged curse sworn to evil. It requires a lot of energy to be played and is enhanced by a short but memorable bass-guitar arpeggio which clearly divides the song in two. The haunting The calling Forth is a reiterate piece of destruction and war. Violent riffs as a tempest of blood are the protagonists of the last lacerating Bloodstained path to victory, a tempest with no tranquility, which delivers neck-breaking small but lethal tempo changes.

The World, The Flesh & The Devil is not only an heretic antireligious, anti -monotheistic hymn, not only an exaltation of Evil and the forces of Darkness, wishing the demise of the weak, it would be too easy in my opinion. I think that this album is an accuse for all hypocrite, intolerant, bigoted "sheep" of our society, even an accuse against all the vain actions of a blind mankind. A certain pulse to a regenerative immortality is also present. The immortality of freedom, the beginning after a total destruction.The World, the Flesh & The Devil (cheap curiosity: taking & as E, anagrammed it becomes The dishevelled twelfth Hero) is a musical vortex of blood and suffocating persistent overpowering strength, which leaves a subtle aftertaste of ...how to say...of pleasure? Rating: 9.3/10 - dalia “gryphon_spirit" di giacomo

The Gauntlet (USA)

An album that is nothing less than an unadulterated cry for total annihilation, “The World, The Flesh & The Devil” delivers an unforgiving blast of supreme hatred that should come as no surprise to longtime fans of these four sworn purveyors of musical warfare. The dual vocal attack of guitarist Xaphan and bassist Xul rings through the mix clearly, making their message (and lyrics, for that matter) clear for all of those who stand in the path of this black division’s war machine. Production-wise, the album is sound. All of the instruments are quite upfront and in-your-face with out being too distorted amongst the blasting melee. Drummer Hammer is a proficient blaster that also holds the ability to move around the kit while blasting on the snare and kicks, a welcome trait for the style. Overall, the sound of Kult Ov Azazel is extremely abrasive, but not as raw as one might expect and that brings you around full circle to once again note that the engineering, mixing and mastering on this record is equally as responsible for the diabolical cacophony you will discover here as is the excellent songcrafting. The dual guitar onslaught of Xaphan and Vjs is relentless in its driving intensity throughout the record as Kult Ov Azazel succeeds in providing the listener with pure musical Armageddon. Having lived up to the great expectations for this release, these four hate-filled Floridians have delivered a blissfully bitter album that easily lives up to the band’s reputation for creating elite black metal of the highest order. Rating 4/5 - Erin Fox

Hammerhead (USA)

This could easily be the blackest metal band to come out of Florida. They are evil connotation filled from the Black & white make up to down to the artwork and the assault it a crushing one. It is rather hard to capture drums going that fast but this production does. Every thing is wound tight and this band will crush their way into the die-hards of die hards of the black metal word will be praying as “The World Is Full Of Violence” crushes it open. “Temples Burn” even picks up the speed even more. I couldn’t believe it got faster. It still has a raw edge like their first record but so many things are sounding better with this band. Then again it is a type of music that so many have tackled. “Compelled To Die” picks it all up and speeds along like a freight train. “The Glorification Of Evil” is severely barbaric. If you still crave the type of music that makes you crave blood may want to check in here. More speed killing on “Blood, Death & Damnation” and the evil is right in the room. Some brutal black metal for those who need a fix it is time to join the Kult.

In Depth (USA)

For a genre called "black metal" Kult Ov Azazel's speed and neurosurgeon like work is anything but the traditional Webster's Dictionary definition of "dark". "The World Is Full Of Violence" rains down a hurricane of shredded guitars thanks in large part to Xaphan and Vjs. Xul (bass, backing vocals) and Hammer (drums) commit to a riveting bottom end, and with that you are off into Kult Ov Azazel's latest effort "The World, The Flesh And The Devil". It doesn't get any slower when "As Temples Burn" rolls through. If anything it gets even faster and into more of a groove through the verses. PLENTY of hair whipping fun to be had on "An Eternity With Satan", not to mention the killer descending riffs! "Bombastic" is really the only way to describe "Compelled To Die". It comes screaming out of the gate with one gigantic blast that'll surely blow you out of your chair or at least the headphones off your ears if the volume is up loud enough (which it damn well better be!). "The Glorification Of Evil" is exemplified further with the spoken word/spooky vocal at the very beginning before conjuring up http://www.arcticmusicgroup.com/images of these 4 merchants of black metal! A break in the action? "Trampling The Cross" comes off in the slower, shall we say, mid-tempo vein? It's true, for nearly 5 full minutes there's nary a blast to be found. It's short lived though as it's back to raising hell...literally with "Blood, Death, And Damnation". A couple of shorter tracks wind down (yeah, like that's really gonna happen) the album starting with "The Calling Forth" and comes to a crashing halt with "Bloodstained Path To Victory". Black metal at it's finest. Some real solid production to boot at well considering each of these war machines can be heard for what they do! There's some black metal groups out there that sound like one big tank mushing through on the offensive, or in this case, through your ears but with Kult Ov Azazel, this isn't the case. These guys are more like the whole WAR, from land, air and sea, coming at you at once and oh yeah, did we mention they're from South Florida? Not many, if any black metal bands based in the good ol U.S.A. have this kind of prowess and skill in the black metal genre! Rating 8/10 - Anthony Pagano

Into Obscurity (USA)

I have grown extremely tired of black metal lately. The more I hear, the more it all sounds the same. The whole genre seems to revel in that. The whole mentality is quite tiresome. That was my thinking BEFORE hearing "The World, The Flesh & The Devil". Kult Ov Azazel have had my attention since they released "Triumph Of Fire". At the time, I felt they did a really good job of mimicking Marduk, which is not a putdown in the least, as Marduk are one of the premier black metal acts in my opinion. "Oculus Infernum" upped the ante with improved songwriting and even more blastastic songs. The new full length follows suit. It's good to see a band continue to improve with each release, especially when they do so without compromising themselves. Kult Ov Azazel don't go for complete stylistic revamps, or trends. "The World, The Flesh & The Devil" is in the same vein as the two full lengths which preceded it. What has improved is the execution. The drumming is at an all-time frenzied pace. The same can be said for the riffs, which are more directed and potent than ever. Even the vocals seem to have more fury and fire behind them. Kult Ov Azazel have stepped up their game. The songs on this album never slow down. From the beginning of "The World Is Full Of Violence" to the ending note of "The Bloodstained Path To Victory", you'll never once be greeted with anything atmospheric or emotional - it's all raging, all the time. But you won't be bored at all. "As Temples Burn" ends with some really strange, monstrous vocals that are unlike any on the rest of the album. Kult Ov Azazel are very much in tune with the dogma of the black metal genre, but the one place where they do stray is in the production. Much like Marduk, Kult Ov Azazel revel in a solid sound. I wish more black metal bands would do this, as it is ultimately my largest pet peeve with the genre. The music is so nihilistic and downright caustic - let the sound match the intensity. Kult Ov Azazel have never given me any reason to doubt them. They continue to improve with each release and they've really set themselves apart as the kings of the American black metal scene. - Danowar

Jackal Blaster (USA)

Another race with the devil on this high octane, scorched earth black metal masterpiece from Florida's black metal warriors. Pure black metal dripping with raw hate and evil, KoA spread a musical philosophy of pure ugly mayhem and merciless speed, proudly adhering to black metal ideology-roaring fast music utterly devoid of all keys and female vox, evil photos, misanthropic, hateful lyrics, and glorious corpse paint. KoA represent the US black metal scene with pride, and are one of the best true black metal bands in all the world. This ripping bastard is an essential purchase for all true black metal legions and one of the best albums of the year.

Kerrang! (UK)

"SATAN’S STATESIDE SOLDIERS MARCH ON" - NO ONE plays music this violent and hostile to make money, so it’s safe to say that Kult Of Azazel’s furious dedication to the spirit of so-called “true” black metal is wholly sincere, even if their creative outlook is somewhat narrow. The Americans’ blazing blasts and Marduk-style harmonic discord sound well thought-out and executed here; the result, a determined onslaught of scathing, aural grime. Unfortunately, while this undoubtedly has its moments (‘An Eternity With Satan’ is [heroically] bleak), there’s nothing here to suggest that KoA are capable of shrugging off their own stringent formula. Solid stuff, nonetheless. KKK - Dom Lawson

Kultura Industrialna (Poland)

Praising should start from the cover. Words of Satan scream out of the album's art work, because members of Kult Ov Azazel are not members of ZHP boyscouts, nor chase after Jehovah peregrinations. Organization named "Church of Satan" which few members belong to speaks for itself. If it's about the music, than Americans also have no reason for shame. They (Kult Ov Azazel) shred Black Metal, which reflects the dark side of life. They Spread the seed of evil by crating sounds, which in my case cause tingle on my neck and desire to punch someone. This album is filled with madness and aggression up to its edges. Especially the pretty sounding piece named "Blood, Death & Damnation". It trully does not separate from its musical image presented on "The World, The Flesh And The Devil", But I have a feeling that in this case, they have focused on maximum speed and destruction power. They succeeded! This tune is like an axe rammed into the skull, stench of napalm and manifest of madness and chaos. Main plus of the entire material - except its deadly power - is the clarity of the production. Not in the terms of sterilization, but in terms of simple audibility of instruments, whose sounds are registered. It becomes especially important in moments of accelerations (almost the entire album!). Important to note is the role of the drummer. Thanks to his work on bassdrums, even in the slower moments he is able to keep the dynamics. This is true in the slowest tune of this album called "Trampling The Cross". But the entirety of his force exists in the fast portions. The vocalist screams out like a madman. Guitars cut like razor blades, and the drums add to complete the desolation. Blast the "Compelled To Die" on your boombox, and I guarantee that you wont have a visit from your fuss wanting neighbor, but rather you should pay him a visit and drop a hummer for listening to "Radio Maria" every morning. – Marcin Wilk

La Torre (Mexico)

Concentrated blasphemy, misanthropy and Satanism in an album that demonstrates to us that scene USBM advances to huge steps course to take possession from the seat of honor that sometimes belonged to the Scandinavian groups. 9 sacrilegious subjects of a Black extreme Metal in the vein of the best stage of MARDUK; the speed of the guitars in charge of XAPHAN and VJS froze your blood; the battery under the command of Hammer (they do not see certain relation with...) is a true artillery that spit without mercy to thousands per hour! They are the 2 voices that excel in this one production, being slightly different one from the other; Xaphan wildly vociferates the chants of praise to badly and of hatred to the humanity and Xul it responds as to soul had by Lucifer... pure Satanism. The album opens with "The World is full of violence" in where one can appreciate the support of the guitars with the vocal parts; the absence of single the note from this one first song; the coordination reaches the perfection, a work of highest level, without doubt. "Ace Burn Weathers" makes its appearance. It is a frontal attack and without mercy to the immoral religions of this one world, nonsingle it is destroyed to the Christianity, if not also to the Muslims, Hinduism and to but hated: the Jews. "From the Synagogues of Jerusalem to the Mosques of Mecca, from the Basilicas of the Vatican to the Churches of America, with flame and hate your walls will fall..." But ahead we arrived at the high and violent point but from the CD "The Glorification of Evil", my favorite. It starts with the subject of a somewhat strange way with some vocal effect but later they appear the voices of Xaphan and Xul to squash your brain with its blasphemies, the fastest battery and the guitars marking the pause that will have to follow the vocalistas; some changes in the agreed ones to reach a crude and extreme sound. Satan appears yours when listening behind this one incredible subject: "Burn in the name of satan, lord of fire, consecrated to under the sign sealed by blood of condemnation, this is what the devil does, there am Grant U.S. earthly depravity, continuing his infernal kingdom which is the only valid one; Satan, black prince of hell... " Ufffffff... Soon we found to "Blood, Death and Damnation" and "The Calling Forth" that also is a true torture for the weak and impure Christians... KULT OV AZAZEL is not apt for ears that do not deserve it! These riffs powerful and that metal battle can mark to you of by life! HAIL KULT OV AZAZEL! Damn, already in the closing, we have to "Bloodstained Path to dark Victory" that is a mystical vision and of the way to follow for which they want to obtain the glorification of badly. Again the violent guitars; the voices and the battery: impeccable and aceleradísimas... musical destruction accompanied by brutal diabolic lyrics. Single I have left to say to them that this one full piece of badness will leave you exhausted; if you wish to enter an antichristian world and purely satanic "THE WORLD, THE FLESH & THE DEVIL" is a very good alternative, the production is of good quality, the design of the CD and the cover is of the best thing and we have again this way to Erik Rutan... already know what that implies. ATTENTION GENTLEMEN, THE NORTH AMERICAN SCENE (MEXICO INCLUDING) MAKES ITS PARICION AGAIN! – Vortice

Live4Metal (USA/UK)

It's quite simple: The World, The Flesh and The Devil is a giant step forward for Florida's black metal demon, Kult ov Azazel. I'm impressed. What is immediately apparent from the first notes of speed-killer "The World is Full of Violence" is the vast improvement in the sound mix. In a review of 2003's Oculus Infernum, I pointed out my dismay with "a twin axe attack that is set too far back in the mix, putting a slight damper on an otherwise ferocious sound." The problem has not only been fixed on The World, The Flesh and The Devil, but the machete fight performed by vocalist/guitarist Xaphan and guitarist VJS is even more skillful and menacing. Working in Erik Rutan's (Hate Eternal) Mana Studios with engineer/mixer/co-producer (with KOA) Shawn Ohtani has paid big dividends (Rutan mastered the album). The drum sound is strong as well. The kick drums, while still a blur of speed and aggression, don't sound too mechanical, and the overall attack is crisp and tight. In fact, Hammer does a fine job of adding texture and nuance to the band's rhythm section. It's the little things he does, such as the cymbal work on the vaguely Goatwhore-like "Trampling the Cross," that add so much to the compositions. Getting back to those guitars, all I can say is, goddamn! This is some blistering six-string work! The volatile mixture of war metal riffing and scorching harmonizing is as good as anything I've heard from a black metal album this year, save for maybe Naglfar's Pariah. (Ok, I'm probably forgetting a couple in my excitement, but you get my drift). The machine gun riffing/drumming on a track like "The Glorification of Evil" resulted in chipped teeth from the all the nervous gritting I was doing as this one loomed above me. Xaphan and Xul's vocals are still the screeching kind, but seem toned down just a hair, perhaps more controlled. Doubling or tripling up on the vocals occurs as well, but doesn't seem to be used to the extent that it is on Occulus Infernum. Quite honestly, every facet of KOA's approach on this album is a notch above Oculus Infernum. There is a marked improvement in songwriting, a more focused attack, and a delivery that is earth shaking. Everything just sounds better. In a nutshell, The World, The Flesh and the Devil is a quality black metal release and one vicious son of a bitch! - Scott

Lunar Hypnosis (USA)

The Florida-based band, Kult ov Azazel, return with their 2005 effort, “The World, the Flesh, and the Devil.” Now, I’ve been hearing good things about them for quite some time, so at last I was able to get a copy of their newest opus. Well, this CD wastes no time before exploding into action, rending the listener with a heaving conglomeration of unholy aggression. The band shows extraordinary tightness in drumming and guitars, and the vocals, delivered predominantly by Xaphan, are scabrous and effective. Most of the riffs are diverse and interesting, and their song structure is highly developed. A few of my favorites include track 1 and 2, which are both just exceptional explosions of fury, as well as tracks 3 and 6, which take a slightly slower approach while maintaining the same ferocity. Needless to say, this album wholly impressed me. Even the layout of the CD (color/design) is very appealing, the inner booklet featuring such macabre depictions as a hanged man and an interesting painting of Satan. The cover is strange, portraying a goat-headed man holding a stabbed Earth, but it works well as a Satanic metaphor. This band can easily rival the fast Scandinavian black metal bands like Marduk, Dark Funeral, etc. They are an impressive musical talent—and the fact that they are from the United States only proves that the American underground is a rising force, and Kult ov Azazel is another excellent band among its ranks. 8/10 - Velinnos

Maelstorm (USA)

Just from looking at the album cover – a pentagram-tattooed, goat-headed man holding an impaled globe – you may get an idea of what is contained within. Songs such as "As Temples Burn," "An Eternity with Satan" and "Trampling the Cross" are thrust forth on a wave of double-bass and extended melodic guitar lines while Xaphan rips up his throat with mildly poetic espousals to violence and Satan. The production is quite crisp and well-balanced, and the guitars' constant ring does not obscure the rest of the mix. Although there are few surprises to be found in The World, the Flesh and the Devil, it is a well-executed effort with a good, dark atmosphere that will leave you feeling rebellious, energetic and evil after a couple of listens. It's refreshing to hear a back-to-the-basics release that hits all the important parts without adding a bunch of superficial crap to flesh out the mediocre musicians. These guys are good, and they balance each other out perfectly. Hammer's drumming is a real treat, as well. 7.5/10 - Matt Smith

Maximum Metal (USA)

Well happy thoughts all around, black metal mayhem abound. Floridian band Kult ov Azazel have emerged from the dark vapors to bring us another hellish vision, this time releasing their debut for Crash Music in "The World, The Flesh & The Devil". After stunning and rave reviews from their last full length record, "Oculus Infernum", these corpse painted warmongers are hoping this new release will gain them more notoriety in a somewhat stale and forgotten metal genre. May black metal run rampant again as Kult ov Azazel are sure to please even the most light-hearted of "dark souls".

This group have had quite a roller coaster the last few years, seeing the release of two full lengths, numerous split albums, and an appearance at Canada's Northern Lights Festival. The band even managed to tour some last year, hitting the West Coast for six dates. Now the band have a slightly new lineup with guitarist Nocturath out and replacement VJS in. VJS is not a newcomer here however, he spent some time with the group on the road last year and is already familiar with most of their early material.

Style wise I feel that Kult ov Azazel fits more on the same page as Dark Funeral, but at times the band never remain quite that speedy. With blender cuts like "The World Is Full Of Violence", "Blood, Death, & Damnation", and "Bloodstained Path To Victory" the band display the most powerful sadistic energy, moving at lightspeed through humanity hatred. Other times the band showcase an old school mentality, with tracks like "An Eternity With Satan" moving at a slower pace. It is these types of song patterns and tempo that recalls early Abyss or even Enslaved. Songwriting wise you know what you are getting, with lots of hymns to the horned one himself. Not really my personal favorite of lyrics, but to each his own.

Bottom Line - An entertaining black metal act that creates the speediest hate filled havoc. While so much chaos seems to be in abundance, the band still slow down and add a basic old school approach.

Metal Core (USA)

The band sent me this disc to review and I am glad they did. This band has been playhing their brand of raw, punishing black metal for quite some time now and again they deliver the goods with this release. More punishing hate filled black metal is what you get here. The vocals are excellent for black metal and the music is not generic pick riffing style like so many other band use. The hate and passion and emotion just spew out as this plays. This isn't pretty, not goth, just pure 100% black metal played with tons of emotion and passion that lacks in many other black metal bands. One of the best black metal bands these days. Period. - Chris Forbes

Metal Fanatix (USA)

Kult Ov Azazel has really become one of the great examples of black metal in America done correctly. Raw black metal, think of all the old favorites! There are nine diabolical songs for about thirty-six blasphemous minutes on their new album “The World, The Flesh And The Devil.” Components are similar to Dark Funeral or Immortal, and obviously by now they have their own recognizable characteristics as well. Classic black metal riffs are all over this disc. From the speedy melodic to the brutality insane…this CD bleeds black metal! Lots of blasts beats are mixed with these really intense riffs. Which makes most songs speed driven. And to top it off, the raw screaming black metal vocals are like a demon vomiting his guts out, while gargling tacks. They are very dark and evil vocals! This disc was put together by no other than Erik Rutan, who mastered all of these unholy traits. I don’t think I need to explain who he is in the metal world. While the band has progressed, they still seem to need a little more diversity with their songs. Not that it’s bad, but if their sounds was a little more varied, they would be knocking down a lot more doors then they have already busted through. Like a bullet fired from a gun, “The World, The Flesh And The Devil” will puncture your soul! This is what you would expect from a good black metal band…another solid effort from Kult Ov Azazel. Rating: 82

Metal Nightmare (USA)

Truth be told, I wasn't very impressed with KOA's last full length album. I have a feeling the band wasn't all that happy with it either, because they really put a lot of work into this one and have put the band back on the track of hate and blasphemy. There's no soft lead in, no atmospheric intro... the album goes straight into an instant hellish assault. The sound here is a lot stronger, but also a lot tighter. Not surprisingly, speed is still the name of the game, and KULT OV AZAZEL put the pedal to the metal with their style of black metal that is not too far removed from DARK FUNERAL. However, they don't hit warp 10 like MARDUK did back on Panzer Division Marduk, and that's fine with me. There is such a thing as too fast, and if anything, I'd like to see KOA slow things down every once in a while. I have a feeling that some slow, heavy parts would really put their brand of black metal over the top. Speed ends up being a one-trick pony a lot of the time, and slowing down would give the band a whole new dimension to their sound that would do them a lot of good (...er... evil). That bit of nitpicking aside, this is one hell of a return to form, and will go far in convincing Christians that people into black metal really don't like them or their religion. - Tom Wren

Metallian (Canada)

Kult Ov Azazel hails from a surprising country for a band so completely cognizant of the definition of black metal. The quartet comprehends the motif, musical violence, image and everything else that black metal needs and demands and delivers in all areas. Sure, the band sounds Swedish a la Marduk or Dark Funeral, but the Americans deliver a swift kick to the head of the mythical messiah and his followers with the best of them. A good sound - although the drums lack any kind of punch - and versed ferocity begin the opening song The World Is Full Of Violence (that makes George War Bush the foremost disciple of Satan) to closing number Bloodstained Path To Victory. Kult Ov Azazel proves itself a tight, serious and outstanding band on a scene riddled with posers like Dimmu Borgir. Lucifer is cracking a smile somewhere. - Ali "The Metallian"

Metal Reigns

Have you ever heard of Kult ov Azazel? I hadn't either until very recently. I don't know what took so long, but fortunately I am listening to them now. The World The Flesh & The Devil is something you fellow extreme lunatics will enjoy. This much I can promise you.

Kult Ov Azazel's new release, The World The Flesh & The Devil is Black Metal mastery. Not many Black Metal bands today keep with the brutal onslaught that Kult Ov Azazel play with. I enjoy the fact they play frighteningly fast with pure punishing for your anger infested souls. Blistering guitar work, accompanied by blazing blast beats and ferocious vocals. The next time someone ask's me what bands have put out something completely brutal. I would have to say, Kult Ov Azazel.

The furious and evilistic tones and melodies on this album is what makes Black Metal, Black Metal. The songwriting is definitely surprising and the overall feel and sound of the album is fucking killer as well. The torcherous double bass pounds right through your chest like a jack hammer on steroids. That's a sure sign your doing something right. This very well could be one of the best Black Metal releases this year. Pure, bombastic, punishing metal for all extreme fan's to rejoice about.

A musical reckoning from which very few bands can make sound convincing. The World The Flesh & The Devil is an album you can spill the blood of your neighbors to. If what you seek is total annihilation look no further than Kult Ov Azazel. Feel and hear their ferocity as they unleash the workings of The World The Flesh & The Devil. Rating: 8.5/10 - Crusher

Metal Reviews (USA)

When you get the album from the band Kult ov Azazel with a man-goat on the cover you know what to expect. I haven’t been familiar with the outfit outside some random mp3s, but the feeling emanated just by the name, booklet and band picture is clear. Some blasphemous Satanic black metal is in order.Formed in 1999, as Azazel, the band has created itself a name and the following in the underground. While remaining quite kult, a number of mCDs and splits were recorded with music mostly of raw mayhem nature. Having changed their name in 2000, and securing the deal with Arctic Music Group, the band released a couple of full-lengths as well, The World, The Flesh and The Devil technically being the third album created by the profane dark lords.Many of the purists will either call The World, The Flesh and The Devil norsecore, or will cringe because Kult of Azazel have elected to go with full punchy production rather than upholding the early, thin and flat approach. Rooted in US black metal scene, the band borrows from Swedish style of blasphemy when it comes down to bottom end. No matter the speed, the bass drum and bass guitar are not tinny, and come through with a mighty roar. At the same time, band’s obvious connections to Eric Rutan (Hate Eternal) push their guitar technicalities another notch. The presence of Shawn Ohtani (Council of the Fallen) as a producer further blurs the lines between black metal and death metal guitar punch not allowing the music to drown in one neverending pool of tremolo.“No Beauty, No Atmosphere, No Tranquillity” self-imposed motto is all well and good. For the most parts of the album Kult ov Azazel sticks to the formula and delivers solid, but only above average, sounds of its constantly churning warmachine. It helps that the rhythm is not just a continuous blastbeat, with Hammer (drums), switching effortlessly between blasting and profound double bass. Confined within the walls put together by the rhythm section, rapid-fire voices and flailing guitars are desperately trying to get out. Slowed down (An Eternity with Satan) or accelerated (As Temples Burn) Kult ov Azazel music is black version of battle metal, the demonic warcry, further enhanced by the backing vocals which feel like possessed banshee legions. If you dig Marduk and Dark Funeral you will most definitely enjoy The World, The Flash and The Devil. In fact, the music will sound less tired than the aforementioned Swedish masters.Yet in the middle of the album sit three tracks, Compelled to Die, The Glorification of Evil and Trampling the Cross, which show Kult ov Azazel climbing to the higher levels. Amid chaos and pandemonium loose melodic moments begin to rise from being just subliminal background. The Glorification of Evil places melody above the blastfest, transcending it, without losing a drop of demoncy. Epic rolls of Trampling the Cross invoke Immortal (always a good thing), with guitar riffs washing ashore in waves. If the next Kult of Azazel album has more of those type songs count me among converted. It isn’t that the above motto was sacrificed, but the band simply rose above itself, coupling its very obvious technical prowess with the feeling perfect for the message they are trying to convey.Lyrically, the band takes no prisoners. All monotheistic god followers, Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Jew alike, will suffer from the “destruction and agony” the black hordes will bring. I like that kind of Equal Opportunity for every false believer to be pulverized. Without getting into a philosophical debate, however, how is Satanism not another form of monotheism, the very form of belief Kult ov Azazel despises so much? We won’t argue that, however. The band is spreading an equal amount of contempt for every existing religion and I get the point.Not nature or despondency oriented black metal, Kult ov Azazel is quite a bit along the lines of I.C.E., the band that came out of nowhere and wowed me last year. Not as excited, but nevertheless impressed, Kult of Azazel are worthy of your attention as well. 72/100 - Alex

Metalwhore (USA)

Behold the latest offering from the mighty KoA!! This disc very seldom leaves my player as of late. It's just one of those discs that the more you listen, the more addictive it becomes. I've been trying to get this review written for over a week now, but every time I press "play"…I launch into a headbanging fit. The World, The Flesh & The Devil is #1 in my car. My only fear is it seems to fuel my tendency for road rage.

From the first note of "The World Is Full Of Violence", you know you're in for the blast. This is not mid-paced or slow and depressive BM. Think Panzer Division Marduk on steroids. The only track that even gives me time to catch my breath is "Trampling The Cross". The production on this release is immaculate, due I'm sure in large part to Erik (Hate Eternal) Rutan's Mana Studios.

On this release Hammer supplies air-tight machinegun drum riffing. This guy has to be more machine than animal. Xul supplies the bass chops / vocal duties and the amazing twin guitar attack of newcomer VJS and Xaphan (who supplies vocals as well). I could listen to nothing but the guitars on this album for hours. Excellent work. Xaphan's always though provoking lyrics are vehemently anti-christian (or anti-religion for that matter) with a heaping of occult imagery. The artwork/layout of this disc are completely insane. Always commendable to see a BM band go the extra mile with attention to aesthesis and see something besides jesus being butt-raped by huge donged demons. The art was done by former guitarist, Nocturath.

Nine tracks of solid mayhem await you. This is one of my faves of 2005 so far. You should be able to pick this up at finer distros everywhere or contact Crash Music. Rating: 9 - Jeff

Music Extreme (Argentina)

Here we have a long awaited album. The new album by the almighty Kult ov Azazel is here to crush us down with their bestial black metal full of speed and aggression. The band is faithful to their style and they have been gaining a lot of power album after album by making their instruments sound louder and better mixed, making the band sound tighter each time. And this album has the best Kult Ov Azazel sound up to now with a huge mix and loud guitars and drumming. This new album kicks off with total aggression with "The World is Full of Violence" a tune where all the raw and fast guitar riffs construct along with the intense drumming and the unholy vocals, the core of the Kult ov Azazel sound. If you like blast beating drums you will find them here along with some more elaborated patterns and some thrash metal influences. The guitars deliver the fast riffs needed to achieve the utter bestiality that the band wants to show. The vocals are of the rawest black metal style type screaming at the top of his lungs the unholy lyrics that this album has. Kult ov Azazel is a band that makes other top bands of the style sound weak because of their aggression with no limits. A band that has become one of the top names in the black metal style due to their hard work and crushing compositions.

Necrometal (USA)

Somethings just take a while to take form, to expudiate the weakness, changing of formulas, new blood must replace the dead weight of the past which buries greatness...

Hell's gates have opened and forth have ridden Xaphan and acolytes with a barrage of hatred to weed out the weak from this miserable Earth. The musical composition speaks volumes as the band have formulated a true conjuration to Baal. The whole thing is nothing but a march of death, the opening track, "The World is Full of Violence" offers a glimpse of this statement. Truly, I have not felt this way about a Black Metal release since the release of Bathory "Under The Signof The Black Mark". I am not exagerating at all. Following the course of the other tracks, there is no let down at all, ferocity continues in awesome anthems such as "Compelled to Die", the epic delivery of "Trampling the Cross", sublime hatred shown in "Blood, Death & Damnation"... There is no ending for this worship of Satanic lust.

Once again, Artic Records is putting this one out but so far, no word on an LP release of this masterpiece (which should be nothing short of a double LP, gatefold cover, man, Please, someone print this!)

You guys make us proud here in Florida! 10/10 - Abysmal Lord

Neo – Zine (USA)

There is nothing pretty about this corpse painted, blasphemous black metal unit. As a matter of fact, they have a motto “No beauty, no atmosphere, no tranquility.” With “The World, The Flesh, and The Devil” they have succeeded in pummeling through 9 exceedingly irreligious church burning anthems of cold primal violence. There’s not much to hold onto here but hatred. Everything is bad-ass but basic. My real enjoyment was delivered from reading the well written, goat loving, war mongering lyrics. I guess I’m starting to admire and enjoy this band for the basics. You don’t always need something fancy if you’ve got something fanatical. You might want to read along with the lyrics on the 1st listen to really get into the groove.

Outside Left (USA)

On their latest record The World, The Flesh and the Devil you get a sense of the live performance from a different angle. Their instrument of torture becomes a little thinner but sharper, trading their live war hammer for a two handed sword. The dueling growls of Xaphan and Xul belch forth their collective disgust for weakness, and religion and humanity and everything else with unrelenting fury. What Black Metal drummers have to sign over to the Prince of Lies to be able to keep up that kind of pace, even during the short sets I observed last night, I can only venture to guess. Honestly, among most stuff in this genre, the songs run together for me, but after observing the stoic resistance against their baleful gale, Black Metal is a connoisseur’s game, and I can’t tell a bad Merlot from a good Pinot Noir.What I can say is that this album is a wrecking ball demolishing your walls around you, a white-hot iron scorching out the kinks in your head, the mad dog keeping people from your yard. Its a strangely beautiful thing. How you want to ingest the satanic overtones is your business: you can savor it on your tongue or scrape it off before taking this meaty deal unadorned, but its smoky, bitter, rich flavor will stay with you, and I don’t just mean the ringing in your ears. - Alex V. Cook

Pit (USA)

As one of a rare breed Kult ov Azazel is unrepentantly that - kult. No commercial aspirations, no remorse, raw as a messy Sin City kill from Marv. Kult ov Azazel has steadily increased their reputation over the past few years and The World, The Flesh & The Devil is no roadblock to their progress. Every track blazes with USBM speed and every lyrical assault basis itself around the decimation of Christendom, hypocrisy and all that happy kittens and puppies and Walt Disney bullshit. This is the kind of record you'd play after kidnapping the entire Tanner family for a Mr. Blonde torture homage. This is easily one of the better black metal bands haunting the Florida underground these years. - Ryan Bartek

Pivotal Rage (USA)

What is this? Another sacrilegious, diabolical, and human despising black metal band that is creating its carnage from the depths of Norway. Only one problem, this blasphemous noise is surfacing from the sunny state of Florida. Kult Ov Azazel have unleashed their third disease child, The World, The Flesh and The Devil amongst us all.

Following the path of their European counterparts, Kult Ov Azazel have put together nine tracks of hell raising black metal to destroy one’s ears in little over a half an hour’s time. Taking everything that is great about black metal, these Florida natives enlisted the mastering help from metal heavyweight Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, ex-Morbid Angel) to put together a crisp sounding yet crude display of speed and ferocity. Kult Ov Azazel which is Xaphan(guitars/vocals), Xul(bass/vocals), VJS (guitar) and Hammer (drums); open with the blast beating “The World is Full of Violence”, that sets the tone for the whole album. A mid-tempo “Trampling of the Cross” offers an interlude of sorts, creating an almost epic feeling of evil and gloom only to be thrown right back into the madness of “Blood, Death and Damnation”. Only to be bombarded by screeching vocals, screaming guitar work and battering drums for the remaining of the album.

While not pioneering any illustrious black metal standards, Kult Ov Azazel have shown that they are capable and satisfied sticking to the basics. Speed, hatred and wickedness that make black metal what it is. With The World, The Flesh and The Devil, Kult Ov Azazel have indeed made a record worthy of black metal pride. So put on your spikes, grab some face paint and bow down to Kult Ov Azazel. 4/5 - Michael LaRue

Possessed (Germany)

Since 1999, these four pale faces get up to tricks in Ford Lauderdale. Under the banner of Azazel, Xaphan and Xul founded this unit which dedicates itself to the black side. For there have been many bands with this name already, they changed their name to Kult Ov Azazel in 2000; I think that was a good decision. The band is fairly hard-working. One MCD, some splits, co-headliners at Northern Lights Festival and now already the third album. Respect. You don’t hear of America and Black Metal. There are some here and there, but the music doesn’t really seem to reach the States yet. I might be wrong as I am not really into that sound. Kult Ov Azazel sound very cool though, which is due to the remarkable riffing and drumming as they masterly change the speed, so it never gets boring. It is also the really cool pro-Deutsch and not the rough, dirty one that is often popular in Europe. Normal black-screaming vocals are there as well and sometimes even Death Metal parts. The American quartet delights their dark Lord with that. Pure, varied, anti-christian Black Metal that even I like. An Eternity with Satan is not only their attitude in life, but also a good piece to be played. - Meden

Powermetal (Germany)

Hatred, Terror, Blasphemy. KULT OV AZAZEL sound the charge without compromise on their latest work. Similar to MARDUK, but not as rough and most of all, a bit more controlled, this American band is the correspondent to the Scandinavian Black-Metallers, surely not worse music-wise and all in all – at least compared to MARDUK’s last two releases the obvious winner. With their new album “The World, The Flesh & The Devil” the guys from Florida put out their probably most intense work. Apart from the continuous banging there are also a lot of subliminally waiting spherical parts that make the dark and scary sound of the band special. In songs like “Trampling The Cross” this becomes very obvious when the nearly scary drum storm recedes for a short time; this is the only possibility to grab one’s breath

Apart from that “The World, The Flesh & The Devil” is a very direct album which rolls over you from the beginning. No intro, no, you are in the middle of the hate-filled rage at once, but still, the music of KULT OV AZAZEL is much more than just stupid ranting – the material gets too much under the skin at some points.

Straight attacks, excellent riffs, Nordic sounding saws and intense screams are the essential ingredients on this album, and even though the album only has about 35 minutes it reaches a unique effect, which MARDUK can only dream of. If you are tired of image, orchestra and make-up and just want good music of this genre, you will get it with “The World, The Flesh & The Devil”. Only the reduction is a bit out of order, because for some reason Erik Rutan did not really do a good job in mixing the single instruments, especially the guitars. Therefore the hard-kicked drums is very dominant which is not great for the whole sound, but this does not reduce the musical elegance. - Björn Backes

Psicoterror (Peru)

This is the third full length of the well-known American BM band K.O.A. And, I must admit, what caught my attention at first sight was the impressive work of the cover. It's not pretty original, but it was a good touch anyway. Erik Rutan mastered this album, and I like the massive sound, as well the impressive work of the drummer.If you're already familiar with the sound of this band, you must surely know that, in a metal scene filled with clones, Kult ov Azazel have developed their own sound and identity. Their way of composing riffs is pretty unique, so I couldn't establish any relevant musical influence. What I can say, though, is that this time the songs aren't that varied as their previous album, they are more straight-forward, more in the vein of their first album, triumph of fire. Now, lyrically…as you probably know, this is a band affiliated to the Church of Satan, however, they have preferred to follow a more "orthodox" lyrical side, as in their previous albums. Their only intention is to preach doom to all established religions and blasphemy throughout the whole album (and this seems more than evident with the inclusion of a quote from the low-budget movie "Necromaniac"). Their lyrical approach, for my personal point of view, has turned out quite repetitive and at times, uninspiring, for a band that obviously cold offer a lot more through their lyrics. In short, great album, solid production, original music, but more of the same lyrical approach.

Rivot (USA)

South Florida's Kult ov Azazel formed in 1999 under the name of Azazel, and have put out some of America's finest Black Metal. With releases like "Order of the Fly" and "Oculus Infernum" the band has gained well deserved cult status. Now in 2005 the lords of profane Black Metal KULT OV AZAZEL release "THE WORLD, THE FLESH &THE DEVIL" on ARTIC/CRASH MUSIC. This record was recorded at St. Petersburg's own Mana studio. It was tracked, mixed and produced by Shawn Ohtani and mastered by Erik Rutan (Morbid Angel, Ripping Corpse, Hate Eternal). This release has nine tracks of signature raw Black Metal. The first track "The World is Full of Violence" attacks immediately with no intro, just pure hell and rage with their first verse "praise death, praise war, praise suffering." This letting the listener know that Kult ov Azazel is not fucking around on this release, they are going for the throat. As vocalist/guitarist Xaphan spews out his hatred and begins the sick journey that this album takes you on. This is a great record with bone crushing tracks like "An Eternity with Satan" and "Trampling the Cross" just to name a few. This release will prove that KULT OV AZAZEL can hang with the European Black Metal bands and deserve the respect that has been long due. This is a must for the blasphemous children of the underground. The only problem I find is we never get to see this band take our stages in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. Wake the fuck up promoters in Florida. You give this scene a bad name. - Tony Anderson

Rise and Revolt (USA)

The world has its fair share of gauntlet toting metal bands that really aren’t good at their craft at all. Some of them are incredibly sloppy in their writing process, some of them are just trying to “stand out in the crowd”, but the fact of the matter is, a lot of them just suck a big one. Though, once in a while, you’ll find one that just makes you sit back and say “there is still hope for this dismal world trying to get through life on metal hacks”. Kult ov Azazel is proof that there is something good left out there in the world as far as pure metal is concerned. A look at what it’s supposed to sound like. Pummeling double bass that is either triggered, or their drummer has calves as big around as my whole body, with equally as quick regular drum beats to boot, and that’s just the base of their sound. We haven’t even begun to discuss the guitar yet. While on this record, I think they didn’t get as good of a sound as they’re capable of, it’s still pretty solid. The riffs have a death metal base but they venture into the realm of thrash every now and again, and damnit, that’s fine by me. More metal bands need to incorporate thrash parts into their records. You can never have enough. If I were to have a single gripe about this record that stood out more than anything else, it would be the vocal production. I have a feeling that they were a little under produced. They should have been a little more upfront. But spare for that, this band will restore your faith in true metal. Oh yes… B+ - Shane

Rock Net Webzine (USA)

One thing I really like about this CD is the guitar work. I really think it's damn good. I like the lightning speed drums and I love the evil, wicked, leering vocals on here. And of course the lyrical content is really gory and evil. I love black metal and these guys are a welcome treat. The songs are very energetic and well crafted. They appeal to the horned one and want to have massacres and murders and mayhem and chaos and damn if you don't get all that right here. So hail Satan and crank this shit up.

Sacred Angel (Lithuania)

Kult ov Azazel is already a quite known black metal band in the underground scene. These guys from USA released their new album titled The World, The Flesh & The Devil! From the first seconds of this album, band went straight to destructive and demonic power. No intros, no keyboards, just straight and fast black metal in the vein of Krieg, Marduk, Dark Funeral and Judas Iscariot. Very well combined riffs and extra fast tempo gave a lot of power and strength to this album. Each track starts fast and with much power strikes forward. There are no slow or melancholic parts, band played fast, aggressive and straight. Also I would like to hail this band for such great cover artwork and layout. Very professional and really fits with the album title. This is definitely one of the best releases of USA black metal this year so far. I am sure that this 9 track black masterpiece will achieve a lot.

Sleazegrinder (USA)

Admittedly, I have not been paying close attention to the extreme metal scene in Florida, mostly because I don’t really like sweatpants or death metal. That’s my loss, turns out, because for the past 6 years, a great locust storm of infernal, demon-conjuring black metal mayhem going by the rather fussy name of Kult Ov Azazel has been not so quietly terrorizing the citizens of St Petersburg with their monstrous super-satanic assault on God, country, and sweatpants. “The World, the Flesh, and the Devil” is not only a mouthful of a title, it’s also their latest masterpiece of murder and malevolence, a non-stop orgy of witchy vox, booming thunder, and Immortal riffs. Right out of the (hell’s) gate, opener “The World is Full of Violence” just tears through your speakers and punches you right in the throat, and it doesn’t let up until the dust clearing “Bloodstained Path to Victory”, 40 or so minutes later. No ‘eerie’ 8 minute epics here, no goth-tinged keyboard bloat, just a smashing, crashing ode to the apocalypse made by a bunch of green pea pukers in corpepaint. Awesome.

SMN News (USA)

Quality and stability continue to be maintained by one of the most prolific USBM bands out there. Boasting its best production ever, Florida’s Kult ov Azazel continue to make the case that progression needn’t come with cosmetic embellishments such as electronics and the like, and that being old-school in spirit needn’t be retrograde in sound. Equally strong with all-out speed (“As Temples Burn,” “Bloodstained Path to Victory”) and pounding stomps (“Trampling the Cross”) alike, Xaphan and co. employ a variety of tricks, from brief interplay of unaccompanied bass and superb blasting to classic single-note riffing that upholds the austere classic black metal aesthetic. One pitiable flaw, though, rests with Xaphan’s tendency to cram some tunes with far too many lyrics. Having an agenda is surely part and parcel of the genre, but he would do well to consider how that can and does often muffle the impact of his own harsh riffing. Minor quibbles in an otherwise fine, gripping, blisteringly quick opus of black art, albeit one displaying pretty amusing cover illustration. 8/10 - Matthew Kirshner

Smother (USA)

With all the trappings and fixings that define black metal, Kult ov Azazel hope to disprove the theory that all you need to play black metal is to have musicians that know how to play fast, lots of corpse paint, and spiked wristbands. Lyrically their hymns are of the grim and devilishly evil nature, which isn’t much of a surprise. But what is surprising is that underneath all the filth and gritty ambushing of percussion (their drummer is appropriately nicknamed Hammer) is a hauntingly melodic album. If you’re a fan of black metal or not, I’d highly recommend picking up this new album that won’t give you a moment’s notice before it rips your flesh off. - J-Sin

Tartarean Desire (Sweden)

Attention Glenn Danzig: Get Kult ov Azazel on your summer tour now because this Floridian band is all about a "Dirty Black Summer" (to borrow a title from Danzig's back catalog) and would certainly fit in with the Blackest of the Black theme (which had to be borrowed from the mighty Behemoth, who also appeared on said tour). As to the record, I must say that I am quite impressed by "The World, The Flesh, & The Devil", KoA's 3rd full length album. Once the music commences, the riffing and drumming immediately abuse the listener to the point of submission. A quick survey of the song titles indicates a record with a decidedly blasphemous slant, which is no surprise since this is Black Metal. And while the lyrical content is nothing really new, the music is great, if not completely original itself. Regardless, damn near everything on this record is executed well, from the maniacal blast beats and great drum fills, to the suitably rumbling bass, to the mid-range Black Metal rasps, to the twin axe assault. The riffs clearly rule and keyboards are noticeably (thankfully?) absent. That is to say keyboards are rendered unnecessary as the fury with which the music is played would surely bring them to obsolescence. Erik Rutan mastered this bloody epic and the clarity is exceptional. This is particularly evident as individual cymbals can be easily discerned. When one thinks of Florida, particularly in terms of extreme music, Death Metal is the order of the day. Perhaps Kult ov Azazel are here to change that perception with their brand of Black Metal. To compare KoA with other bands might be unfair, but a considerable debt is likely owed to the sorely missed Immortal and a favorable comparison can certainly be made to their American compatriots in Goatwhore (especially on "Trampling the Cross"). The more I listen, the more I like. Simply put, this is Black Metal done right. 8.5/10 - Tony Belcher

The Playlist

I listen to this album a lot, and I always enjoy it. I'm a huge fan of the grinding drums (which wouldn't sound right without the constant pounding of double bass) and speed picking guitar lines. The vocals, which are split between Xaphan and Sul, are awesome as well. The duel vocal combination works really well here.

Kult ov Azazel play black metal, if you couldn't tell by the name. The songs are pretty catchy, due to the vocal lines, which seem to play off of the guitar lines. There are times when the vocals follow the guitars and others when the vocals seem to complete what the guitars started.

The album cover, which has a goat head on top of a human check with a sword through the world, is pretty eye grabbing. The music lives up to cover, except its ear grabbing instead of eye grabbing. - RF

Tombstone (Greece)

Two years after the release of their sophomore album the American black metal band is back with a brand new studio album. We have to give them credit for a few things if nothing else. First of all they remain true to their black metal roots, with no keyboards or such stuff, while they constantly improve their music and they don't repeat themselves. Then it’s the fact that they have recognized their mistakes, learned from them, and improved them. Third comes the fact that they still prefer to release and album that’s less than 40 minutes long, but absolutely no fillers in it. Their black metal is well played, it has an identity and a personal sound, it has enough diversity without ever bastardizing their sound with other influences and the musicianship is super. On top of everything the album is expertly produced and their sound is awesome. Personally I place them at the top black metal bands of nowadays and I strongly recommend their album to anyone interested in some excellent, no bullshit, no compromises black metal. 8/10

Transcending the Mundane (USA)

Kult ov Azazel, for those of you who don't know, are a black metal band based in Florida. Formed in 1999, the band has released Triumph of Fire in 2001 and Oculus Infernum in 2003 previous to this album. Both releases were fairly highly acclaimed for their fast, nasty and violent approach to black metal. However the band was perhaps best known asides from these releases for their split with Krieg (which is how I found out about them). The Kult's main motto of "No Beauty, No Atmosphere, No Tranquility" remains true on The World the Flesh & the Devil except I notice one thing -- the band does indeed create a atmosphere, but much like early Mayhem or Darkthrone, the atmosphere is not through keyboards or production, but through the simple violence and sound of the songs themselves. The feeling of this album is dark and punishing, almost like a torture chamber in the desert, where you're parched from heat and despair and being tormented by devils and demons from hell. The sound is menacing and suffocating throughout, the band never lets up for one instant. Though it is not all blast beats and noise, there are parts where the band slows down to let the evil seep in, like on the third song, "An Eternity With Satan" or the sixth song "Trampling the Cross," which is rather melodic and actually reminds of Black Funeral on Vampyr.

A common comparison made is usually Marduk or Dark Funeral, and while I can hear where people are coming from, a better comparison to understand how the band actually sounds would be Gorgoroth or early Immortal. All bands have the same vicious attack, and also the same cold and suffocating atmosphere. The Kult know how to combine melody with brutality in much the same fashion as those two bands. Don't take it as anything but a comparison though, as Kult ov Azazel don't sound like quite anybody else, they are distinctive.

All songs are excellent, all blasting pieces of aural violence, and exquisitely put together. The songs are very fluid, as riffs nicely segue into each other, and each piece seems perfectly in place. The lyrics should also be noted, as they are perhaps some of the best writing in black metal I have read. They are all very hateful pieces of blasphemy, with very dark subjects. The opener for example is a praise to all the destructive aspects of the human psyche. Many other songs are incitations to the destruction of the Christian church, "Blood, Death & Damnation," and "Trampling the Cross" are two of the songs about that. Xaphan, who writes most of the lyrics, spews out these lyrics with a violent bile-filled attack that is certainly one of the best vocal performances I have heard in black metal. One can tell that he knows what he is doing.

The music is pure insanity, I can't imagine where they found their drummer, he's right up there with the greats, pulling off some very impressive stuff, particularly in his cymbal work, which brings to mind the master of cymbals, Hellhammer. The rest of the band displays some considerable chops, I certainly hope the guitarists don't suffer the same fate as Demonaz from their ultra fast riffing. I think a note should also be made about the excellent cd booklet, which is very well pressed, and has a very atmosphere setting design, including an medieval illustration of underworld demons (perhaps Baphomet, and I think I see Leviathan in the background) eating humans, which is precisely the kind of image that comes to mind from listening to the music.

I am very impressed by this album, Kult ov Azazel are a great band, their songs are brilliant and the atmosphere of such violence and aural hate is perfect for their form of black metal. True demonic black metal. I very highly suggest this album. 10/10 - Karl Haikara

Treats From the Underground (USA)

These guys have been vomiting forth their hate since 1999. Noe they are back with their newest, most diverse release to date. The music is unholy & blasphemous War Metal. The music is hyper intense & just beats the shit out of you all the way through the disc. The drums are like rapid gun fire mixed with a high speed Death march. The vocals are in your face Harsh Death / Black Metal type screams. These guys have out done themselves on this new disc. If you think you can survive this disc then pick it up!!! It's worth it!!!

Unbound (Canada)

Kult ov Azazel is one of the few punishing and uncompromising black metal bands in the US. This latest album is possibly the most typical sounding album yet from the band. The production is much rawer, and the guitar tone is much more black metal sounding. I guess the productions in the past have been somewhat more death metal sounding. The song writing is still excellent though, as these are some amazing riffs to be found in these songs. Despite the production, this is an excellent black metal album. 4 skulls

Urotsukidoji (Canada)

This is my first introduction to this Black-Metal entity from the sunshine state, and I'm pretty impressed. The sound their pimpin' to the satanic Metal hordes is pure and classic. They posses that wonderful swirling wall of buzzing guitar, that just lifts you up, and hurls you down to the fiery depths of hell! Comparisons could easily be made to the likes of Dark Funeral, early Darkthrone, Marduk, and a host of smaller bands. One could even go so far as to find fault here for an almost complete lack in originality. However, when your dishing out sonic lashings that are this venomous, there aren't too many that are gonna be left nitpicking about such trivial things as originality. The band has only been around since 1999, but they sound like veterans of the scene, and I sure as hell would not have guessed that they hailed from Florida! ...Scandinavia, yes, but not Florida. Not much point in blabbing on and on. The sound is typical, tracks seem to blend into one another, and I'm sure we all have a dozen discs in our collections that sound almost the same, but for some reason I find myself putting this back in for another spin over and over again. So, despite any perceived negative comments I've just made, I have to conclude ...good stuff! Rating: 7.5

Vampire Freaks

When a band comes into their prime it's always exciting to hear them unleash their talent with all of the power they possess. While Kult ov Azazel have been around for quite some time, now is their time. "The World, The Flesh & The Devil" marks this milestone in the bands career with unholy fury, from beginning to end this album is one of the most intense released so far this year, which considering some of the releases to date for 2005 that is saying quite alot.

"The World, The Flesh & The Devil" is so far beyond the last album "Oculus Infernum" in terms of song writing, production quality, and delivery that it's almost ridiculous trying to compare them. Amazing what a little line up change can do. Basically my advice is forget everything you thought you knew about Kult ov Azazel and go buy this cd. It's that fucking good. Not to take away from the bands past works, which I also enjoy, but this new disc is my immediate favorite by them. Recorded at Mana Studios in Tampa, Florida, and mastered by the owner of that studio, a guy you might know...Erik Rutan of Hate Eternal, "The World, The Flesh & The Devil" is, I dare say, the best true black metal release to come out of a U.S. band, period.

What, you may ask, makes me praise this release so highly? Read on...

No pretty or atmospheric intro here, just two axes attacking you with non- stop speed and aggression, doubled and even tripled vox blended perfectly that roar and scream with all the sonorous hatred you'd expect to hear from a chorus of demons, and percussion that is so tight and dynamic you'd think it was conjured up by satan himself. The layers of sound flow in perfect unison. Cymbals and kicks expertly arranged and timed, riifs and harmonies that sound as though death himself were riding forth coming to take your soul. K.O.A. continue to keep the break neck speed they always have, but nothing here is over done at all. "The World, The Flesh & The Devil" is the perfect example of what U.S. black metal should be.

What is immediately apparent upon first listen (and still after 200 more spins in your cd player because you'll be hooked once you hear this) is the 100% pure contempt, hatred, and unstoppable emotion that flows out of every instrument and lyric. Listening to any one single song alone does not give you any idea of how this album as a whole sounds. It was meant to be listened to in it's entirety, from start to finish, a journey as seen through the blackened eyes of true metal warriors.

I could go on and on about how outstanding "The World, The Flesh & The Devil" is, but instead of reading any more you should get off your grim little ass and go buy this cd so you can hear for yourself what I'm talking about. 10 - death_grind

Voices From the Darkside (Germany)

One of the best known Black Metal commandos from the United States are Florida-based KULT OV AZAZEL who released an acclaimed debut MCD in 1999 with “Order Of The Fly”, their indeed triumphant “Triumph In Fire” album in 2001 and the slightly weaker “Oculus Infernum” album in 2003. Now the third official full-length strike of high-speed Black Metal fury is about to crush religious fools worldwide and bring hellish delight to the auditory canals of all supporters of vicious, aggressive sounds in honour of the dark one! Where “Oculus Infernum” turned out to lack the brutal drive of the debut and Death Metal-inspired blasted passages, the new album offers an excellent balance of these two extremes. Dark, hymn-like slower sections unite with raging violence and hatefulness and with Xaphan’s vocals sounding more variable than ever “The World The Flesh & The Devil” is an entertaining and diversified slab of infuriated Black Metal that should appeal especially to fans of MARDUK, DARK FUNERAL. Production-wise KULT OV AZAZEL have defined their own sound already on the debut, they do not replicate the Swedish nor the Norwegian style, but have their own traditionally heavy and powerful typical way of sounding. Overall a really good album, which has only one weaker track with ‘The Glorification Of Evil’ and an unfortunately horrible artwork, but apart from that offers enthralling Black Metal with some outstanding tracks like ‘Compelled To Die’, the slower ‘Trampling The Cross’ or the closing ‘The Bloodstained Path To Victory’.

Worm Gear (USA)

It's very easy to refer to Kult ov Azazel as the US Marduk, for this band has always used uncompromising speed as their weapon of choice. The "blast" furnace is once again burning with the intensity of an atomic bomb, but to KOA's credit, they continue to write hook dominant songs regardless of the overall delivery. Sharp tremolo riff ideas are at the forefront of "The World, The Flesh and The Devil," as is the venomous hatred spewed forth by the razor vocals of Xaphan and Xul. The speed does leave the bulk of this material devoid of any sort of atmosphere, other than cut down everything in a storm of bullets, but it all comes back to the fact that there are actual songs to be experienced here. If you can't feed off a vibe, then there are at least 9 well-written tracks available to cut your teeth on and stick in your head. Intense till the last and evenly paced, "The World, The Flesh and The Devil" will win over all fans of extreme black metal with stellar technicality and a dedication to the brutal sound that Kult ov Azazel has always upheld. Christians be damned! - Marty

Ytsejam.com (USA)

Kult Ov Azazel has made a slow but steady ascent to the underground metal throne (Do these underground bands actually want to go up?) but now it's kicked into high gear and delivered the album that will stand as its absolute crowning achievement. Not only is the writing leaps and bounds above the group's previous full-length efforts, the production and performances manage to shred most bands within breathing distance of the mighty Kult. Xaphan steps up with "As Temples Burn," "Blood, Death & Damnation," plus "The Calling Forth," three of the tracks that are likely to become longtime favorites. The cult of the Kult stands to get a whole lot larger from this point forward. 4.5 - Jedd Beaudoin

Aquarian Weekly (USA)

You might not think of sunny South Florida as a breeding ground for violent and Satanic black metal. I mean, it’s not exactly Norway where it’s dark for three months out of the year. The weather’s nice all the time, they’re near the ocean. You’d think it’d be nothing but dance music. Maybe it’s a reactionary drive that motivates Kult Ov Azazel. Whatever it is, this is music to slit throats to, and the band aims to do just that, metaphorically speaking. So get your corpse paint on and start hiding from the beaches, because this shit is insane.