Upon Infliction

   Rock And Roll Experience

Featuring former Malevolent Creation members Gus Rios on drums & Kyle Symons on vocals, Upon Infliction are a killer death metal band that gives the entire genre a much needed kick in the head...this is the most exciting & interesting death metal record to come out in some time.

It's understandable that the cookie monster vocals are not for everyone, BUT, this band is one of the few bands out there that truly captures the essence of Slayer musically with the vocals of Napalm Death.

From start to finish you get a brutally heavy record here & the last song, "Dark Path" is a 6+ minute instrumental that's got some interesting riffs coupled with solid rhythm & shred guitar solos!

As a complete work, this is the best death metal record for 2010 as far as I'm concerned, it's got a good thick rhythm, the guitar tone is thick but with enough treble so that it can split ear drums & the vocals are deep growls that would make Cookie Monster proud! 5 stars.