Kult ov Azazel
Triumph of Fire

"I'm not really a fan of black metal, but this US band Kult ov Azazel, I just couldn't believe it when I heard this album because it's grindcore influenced black metal that really blew me away, especially considering that it's US black metal." - Mika Luttinen (Impaled Nazarene) from Ill Literature Issue #22

Agonia (Poland)

First of all I have to tell many compliments for g r e a t cover artwork ! ! ! It really kills ! And what about Kult ov Azazel's brand new album's music? It's quite decent, indeed. A little reminds me Swedish way of Black Metal. It's very fast laid album with no mercy during whole running time. Cold nuclear pounding of warhammers and fiery guitar riffing are points which characterize elementic ambient of brand new Kult ov Azazel's "Triumph of Fire". In my opinion this stuff is a prove that Black genre of Metal is still alive. A land like U.S. has already quite decent scene enriched with a few Black Metal acts. Kult ov Azazel is admittedly a one to check it out. Maybe you don't find there nothing new but surely so aggressive and powerful blackish aura causes that you feel the fire and potential of this band to the core! Check them immediately out.

Aversionline (USA)

Unholy black metal from the unusual locale of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!? As you might expect, this is full of speed and tremolo picking, blast beats, etc. Fairly typical black metal with a few twists and clean production. They also throw in some riffing more akin to death metal at times, slightly slower and more involved. Overall it's not very melodic, but the subtle melodies of tracks like "Destruction to the Throne of God" are quite nice. The high, screaming vocals are very abrasive and hard to decipher. I actually really like the vocals, though, they're very pissed off, and it seems genuine. The recording needs a few small tweaks. The only setback is the lack of bass guitar in the mix and the dominance of the drums and vocal layering. The drums sound okay, but they're overbearing as it is without being so loud. There's also slight separation between the elements within the mix. The recording is totally clear, just not achieving an equal balance. Lyrically this record is entirely satanic, speaking of everything from sacrificial offerings to pure disgust for holiness, and then some. The material could stand to be more creative lyrically, but the genre isn't exactly known for being poetic. The layout is stunning, very clean and professional. The visual appearance is both tasteful and consistent, and really adds to the final presentation. Overall this is somewhat comparable to Marduk circa "Panzer Division…", though this is not quite as one-sided. It's actually pretty damn good for what it is, I don't really expect anything ground breaking from most black metal acts anymore. I have to wonder if there's a dose of humor here, though. After all, calling the vocals "blasphemous shrills of hatred" and bass guitar the "bestial undertones of hell" can't be serious, can it? Not bad. "Triumph of Fire" can be similar throughout, but they thrown in enough alterations to maintain interest. Black metal fans should really dig this. [Notable tracks: Destruction to the Throne of God, Legions Unleashed, Crown of Fire] 6/10

Ballbuster Hard Metal Journal (USA)

Wow is this fast or what. Some of the fastest music I have heard in quite some time. The band still even while playing fast can have a melody going. This isn't just a noise fest of black metal. The vocals are black metal screams that are ok, kinda tough to understand at times. The music is a spped demon of hate filled anti christ black metal that any black metal fan would do back flips over. I say buy this. - Chris forbes

Battle Zine (Brazil)

Coming from south Florida, the band was formed in April of 1999, by Xul (vocals/bass) and Xaphan (guitar/additional vocals), under the name Azazel. In July '99 is out a self-released debut "Order of the Fly", with Von on drums. "Forever Heaven Gone" were recorded for a split CD with Krieg and released on Genocide Recs. In June 2000 their decided to change their name to Kult ov Azazel.

Are you looking for speed and satanic Black Metal? Found!! Hatred, ferocity and blasphemy are essence to Kult ov Azazel. Their music reminds Marduk and Gorgoroth, this is raw, furious and fast during the whole album. "Triumph of Fire" has great cover artwork, designed by Josh Bowens. "Le Messe Noir" lyrics are taken from Anton Szandor LaVey's book "The Satanic Rituals". This is the christian holocaust! The Triumph of Fire!

Gus Rios recorded drums on this recording as session member. In October in '99 Kult ov Azazel recorded a version of Mayhem's "Chainsaw Gutsfuck", with Vetis on drums. Current Lineup: Xul- bass/vocals, Xaphan- guitars, Goss- drums. Kult ov Azazel's logo by Christophe Szpajdel. Contamination Level- 8/10

Berzerker (USA)

KoA has been an American black/death act for a few years now and have gained respect all over the globe of their intense, uncompromising brand of true LaVeyan (always a plus!) hellstorms. The album even opens up with passages from "Le Messe Noir" from Dr. LaVey's Satanic Rituals set to some face-ripping blackness. Other than the lyrics, the highlight here are the screams of tortured anguish, which grabbed me back on their "Garden of Shadows" demo. These insane vokills, the furious pacing of the music, and menacing song titles like "Embrace the Burning", "In The Plagued Realm" and "Destruction to the Throne of God" are a reminder that Satan's reign on Earth is right around the corner. Souls come so cheap these days anyway, pick this up and have yours sold at once! - F.A.

Blackened Bliss (USA)

Now this is how Black Metal should be played! Fast and raw! Those who think Black Metal is all keyboards, female vocals, and vampiric http://www.arcticmusicgroup.com/images, will seriously find out how Black Metal is supposed to be played. Kult Ov Azazel have brought Black Metal to it's raw form. The album packs enough punch that you will fall on your ass on first listen. The album starts off with passages from, "Le Messe Noir", which were taken from Anton LaVey's book, The Satanic Rituals, and should really give you the idea of what's to come. The title track which follows "Le Messe Noir", should prove that fact even moreso. Every song here is about Satanism and the fall of the hypocritical religion Christianity. Luckily they have the music to back everything up, because it's as hate filled as the lyrics. Especially in songs like, "Destruction To The Throne Of God", "Altar Of Satan", "Crown Of Fire", and "In The Plagued Realm". The production is superb for this release. I can hear all the band members. Xaphan's strong riffing, Xul's thunderous bass and vocal shrills, and session drummer Gus Rios laying down an insanely drum performance. This band has a bright future ahead of them, and I am looking forward to their next release. A must have for any true Black Metal fan. - Azazel

BludGawds Extreme Metal Resource (USA)

Others have coined this band as black metal. And the seem to be from the corpse paint down to the fury of this album, but to me black metal is raw sounding, not as produced as this. Kult Ov Azazel are more like blackened death metal to me, in the vein of Possessed, Pessimist, Hate Eternal and Angel Corpse. Where as I normally have a hard time listening to black metal this was an easy transition due to the fact the production is really good, not raw and shitty sounding like alot of over bands. KOA are fast, furious hate filled sons a bitches. Let the war on christianity forge on with a new weapon to spawn more vengeance, Kult Ov Azazel are on the front lines! I personally say to get this disc, whether your a fan of whatever, this is insane shit and they need to be exposed for their pure talent!

Brutal Community 2000 (Poland)

Although the world is constantly changing - and so are people and music - there's still one thing out there that makes my blood boil for the each time ... And that is BLACK FUCKING METAL in it's purest form ! The Kult ov Azazel's debut album gave me what I always lust for : BM in a typical Swedish formula as fucking cold and bloody as it should be ! And what is interesting, they are from fucking States - a country, which can't be considered as the place where the BM isn't on the same,high level as in Europe. For those of you who are a bit more interested it, they're from fucking Florida (a place as dark as hell itself, not less ... hehehe), and they're good friends with ... Phil Fasciana (of fucking great act such as Malevolent Creation and Hate Plow of course), and "Triumph of Fire" have been released through his label, Arctic Music Group. But back to the fucking album: as I said before, KoA plays typical fucking " a'la Marduk " BM, so most of You can probably imagine how they sound and whether this is for You or not, so I won't waste my fucking time anymore on this fucking review ... But two things more must be said. First of all, the lyrics are quite good what is not very often thing in this kind of music ... Well, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against satanic lyrics - I'm the fucking black metaller, so what else can You fucking expect ??? - but I'm fucking sick and tired of those mindless morons screaming nothing but "SAAAAATAAAAAN !!!!!" every fucking time (if You get the last albums of, let's say War or Dark Funeral, You will probably get the point). And I must say that I was pleased when I realized that KoA lyrics are not so fucking bad, few of them (for example "My Misanthropy") are even more than interesting. The second thing that I must add before I end this fucking shitview is that if some of You were disappointed by the last Marduk release - "la grande danse macabre" - then you must try this for sure: it will fuck the shit out of you just like in the "Panzer division" times. And that's the fucking end. By the way, have You noticed that lately I get fucking tendency to overuse one fucking word ... Ehhhh, who fucking cares ... - Vic

Brutal Punishment (USA)

Along with THY INFERNAL, BLOOD STORM, & THORNSPAWN from the depth's of hell on U.S. soil comes KULT OV AZAZEL with their full length. Compared to the mCD "Order of the Fly" this totally blows that away! This CD features a couple of songs re-recorded from "Order of the Fly" & their split with KRIEG. Before I can put on this CD I knew I could expect total blasphemy but damn this shit is brutal. "Order of the Fly" had a grim sound that I could (at the time) only compare to DARKTHRONE. After listening to this I can tell Swedish black metal ala MARDUK & DARK FUNERAL have played a big influence in their sound! My favorite track on here would be "Crown of Fire" because that song has that intensity a lot of black metal bands in Europe are missing. KULT OV AZAZEL captures a symphonic & atmospheric sound without the use of keyboards or synths!! Something some bands can't do! No female vocals here just pure blasphemy! Take note black metal Europe, as far as any church owners go you better have a good insurance policy if you ever wanna see your church resurrected again. - Joe

Cerberus Webzine (Germany)

Yes...This is black metal. The production is absolutely correct. Hammer sound unlike many other bands. The riffs rule, as well as the drums. The voice of the singer is full and makes up a big part of the music. Maybe they should have avoided the blastbeats. The vocals change between growls' and war-singing'. Even though the music is very fast, the band proves their potential in every song. If someone requires high speed songs, he/she should have no hesitation to buy this CD.

Chronicles of Chaos (USA)

We have grown used to hearing death metal bands pop up one after the other from the Florida swamps, but here we actually have a black metal band from this American paradise. But if Florida is the new Eden, then Kult Ov Azazel is the complete opposite. These guys have decided to play raw and icy cold black metal inspired by the early Norwegian bands. Whether Darkthrone is one of their sources of inspiration I do not know, but if they are, then I'm glad they didn't copy the lousy production. The production was in fact handled by Jeremy Staska, who is also responsible for albums from Malevolent Creation and Hateplow. Nobody is surprised anymore when they hear about American black metal bands, but from now on there is one more quality band to keep track of. Unfortunately, many of the American black metal bands are in some way connected to neo-nazi ideologies which I really despise. I don't know if Kult Ov Azazel are, but I do know that they are capable of composing decent, very intense black metal with savage vocals. Sometimes their music gets a little bit boring and the grim vocals slightly annoying, but there are interesting riffs scattered around. With time, Kult Ov Azazel could grow to become one of the top American acts in this field. The band has only been alive since 1999 and "Triumph of Fire" is their first label release. A good, solid piece of dark art. 7/10 - Vincent Eldefors

Corridor of Cells (Canada)

This releases announces two things. First, a great new label has established itself in the U.S.: Arctic Music Group. This is just the second release I have from them (the latest Malevolent Creation was the first) and both of them are of high quality and well produced. Second, hot on the heels of bands such as Nicodemus or Serpent's Eclipse, the U.S. has finally after all these years started to come up with some quality black metal. Kult ov Azazel play black metal at it's most brutal, focusing solely on aggression, speed and evil vomits of vocal hatred. However, being fueled by exceptional musicianship, excellent production (sounds amazingly similar to the aforementioned latest CD from Malevolent Creation at times) and some really good hooks, these guys manage to stand out above the rest and deliver the goods. Their style is truly relentless, blast-oriented to the earnest and to their credit they manage to pull of such a single-minded approach with a lot of success. The riffing is somewhat old-school, but the exceptional clarity of the guitar playing and overall top-notch musicianship makes up for it. Marduk, watch out, you have some competition....

Dark Inspirations (Australia)

Its taken me a few years to really get into American black metal and my view has totally taken a turn for their are some amazing bands like Thy Infernal, Fog and Judas Iscariot leading the way for a strong new scene. Kult ov Azazel are definitely strong contenders. Triumph of Fire isn't anything really new or different, which is one thing I like about it. It is chaotic, fast black metal in the vein of old Dark Funeral and Setherial. Kult ov Azazel have stripped down to the bare but brutal elements of black metal and executed an album full of hymns in the hounour of satan himself. Triumph of Fire has a strong, consistent dark undertone which creates a certain atmosphere through out the recording. A strong point of American black metal is the way they combine it with death metal, this is what Kult ov Azazel have done with their sound. Triumph of Fire isn't a release that is trying to change a certain sound, just enforce it. 7/10 - Jason 'Wormtongue'*

Dark Wave (France)

I waited this first full studio album of this great American act. After a good debut mini CD, a split CD with Krieg and some features in various compilations, Arctic Music Group (Malevolent Creation, Hateplow) releases this first CD and what CD. Aggressive, brutal and extreme, here are the words to resume Kult Ov Azazel. Influenced by Mayhem, Dissection or Marduk with some old thrash influences (Destruction, Kreator), the compositions are really great. American black-metal yes, we feel this step but with a little European and Norwegian touch. A great debut CD, really extreme and brutal. 8/10


Be warned, KULT OV AZAZEL are neither Norwegian nor Swedish. Yes, they are Black Metal, no they are not European. This band hails from the grim coldness of Florida?? Yes Florida, home to such acts as MALEVOLENT CREATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE, etc.. But do not be fooled this is not old school Death Metal, this is raw and brutal BLACK Metal!! Yes, there was a time when I was even as hardcore to say I would not listen to any Black Metal from overseas. Times change. On this 11 track disc you get MARDUK style vocals mixed with IMPALED NAZARENE / DARK FUNERAL type music, they do not rip them off, there is originality on here. Where it suffers is the production, if you own the latest albums by MALEVOLENT CREATION and HATEPLOW then expect the same production sound, it isn't that bad but could be better. Notable tracks: 'Le Messe Noir', 'Triumph Of Fire', 'To The Cold Beyond'. But with the recent release of THORNS I just don't listen to this as much, decent still. 8.5/10 - Hades

Defenestrated (USA)

YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! BLACK FUCKING METAL! Thats about all I can say when listening to this cd. Here is yet another USBM(U.S. black metal) band. They hail from florida and are a cut above the rest. They gig intensely in the area and have built of quite a following. KOA are signed to Phil from Malevolent Creation/Hateplow's label, Arctic Music. Now this cd is fucking intense. Well produced black metal a la marduk with some more interesting melodies and time signatures. The vocals are beyond sick and the drumming is some of the best in the BM drama. This guy can blast, breakdown, and pull off incredible fills and cymbal work. Look out Pete Sandoval, you've got competition! The guitar work is basic with a few somewhat technical parts. The songwriting is top notch though. Harsh melodies intertwine with death metal riffs and typical Darkthrone-esque guitar parts. The only problem is the cd tends to get boring after the 5th song or so because of the lack of variation in song structures and style. The first track Le Messe Noir is extremely impressive with some off the wall guitar and drum sections and really catchy riffs. This cd was made to show the US can compete with Europe and does a damn fine job of doing it. Rating: 7.5/10 - Thrudheim

Eternal Frost (USA)

Following hot on the heels of their 2000 promotional tape, Kult ov Azazel (formerly Azazel) have finally unleashed upon the world their eleven-song debut full-length CD on Arctic Music. Much like the prior promo, the album is a blasting, high-speed black metal assault on the senses that doesn't let up until the disc stops spinning.

Let me say first that the production here is fantastic: perfect snare tuning, thundering kick-drum and bass, and ripping guitar. Musically, Kult ov Azazel is a well-balanced coupling of black metal (vocals, riffing style) and brutal death metal (drumming). Added to that is the tightness of a band that apparently rehearses quite a bit. With the addition of Vetis on drums, the band has become a terroristic triple-pronged attack on all that is holy.

This is an album that will slap shut the mouths of those who preach that black metal is dead. No gay keyboards/synth, no clean guitar, no whispered vocals; just pure, raging black metal! Essential. Preferred tracks: "Triumph of Fire", "Destruction to the Throne of God", "My Misanthropy", "Crown of Fire" - goden

Eternal Night (Colombia)

From the darkest corner of the Hell...

...The fight to destroy any kind of religion...

...Three unholy souls unleash with anger and force, curses upon christian humanity. They are Xaphan, Vetis and Xul.

They won't stop until human being has knelt to the Altar of Satan. "Triumph of Fire" is the newest in blasphemies, 11 tracks that don't let you breath!!!

You, damn blackers must to support 'em...

...KULT OV AZAZEL is the infernal horde. - Alex Giraldo

Erebus (USA)

As far as I know, this is the first really serious melding or blending of the American death style with it's shadowed cousin, US black metal, and Kult ov Azazel, throughout this album's eleven (!) tracks, are setting down a blueprint for a new genre that I think a lot of USBM bands will be probably be following in the future. Taking some cues from the Swedish black scene, ala Dark Funeral and Marduk, the rhythmic intensity of death metal (the drummer that appears on this album, Gus Rios, must be a death metal convert - his double-bass work is just too precise to fit into the overtly simplistic machinations of most black metal skinsmen), and the amazingly, wearyingly, caustic vocal attack of earlier bands like Profanatica, Kult of Azazel, from the very beginning of the album, launch into an all-out assault on the senses from all possible angles and just never, ever let up. For the most part, this is one long blast beat all the way through...like an artillery barrage, a machine gun leveled at you and firing away until there's nothing left but pieces for the pathologist.

The drums, again, are what sets this apart from the other bands trying their hand at this kind of black metal...they remind me in a few ways of Krisiun's work in that department: blasting, little fills, a slower beat every now and then to work out the cymbals, constant double-bass, and then back to blasting...incredible...

Also, as I remarked earlier in my review of Kult ov Azazel's demo material, what really attracted me to their music was the vocal approach: the scarring, lacerating, oppressively angry outpouring of hatred...the intensity of which has only been increased on this release. Not content to just scream through the long lyrics, Xul here uses his powerful voice as another homicidal method of attacking your weak, spineless allegiance to Christ. An enormous amount of effort must have gone into the recording of the vocals on this album. Actually I think I can say with confidence that the most 'brutal' part of this recording are these groans, roars, and cries - they are just unrelenting in their monstrous, acidic savagery...after a while, a few songs, they put me into a death trance...

In terms of the guitar music, this descends, as I said above, in a fairly obvious fashion from the Swedish form of black metal, meaning: long, drawn-out, tremelo-picked melodies that cycle through a constant reiteration of theme and variation; small, shorter add-ins to these main melodies as asides, and a constant eye on providing a solid musical basis for the speed of the rhythm work. My favorite songs on this album would be where this technique is enhanced by extra harmonic back-ups, like in the third offering, 'Destruction to the Throne of God', where an extra guitar part comes in beneath the main tracks to add an extra touch of 'darkness', melodic weight, to the primary melodies of the song...also, in a track like 'Embrace the Burning' this band deviates somewhat from their musical convictions and strikes out into a few thrashing, atonal riffs, showing their death metal or grindcore influences. I would have liked to hear this band slow down every now and then and explore some of the darker textures in this material, but that's not really their area of expertise or their main stylistic approach: Kult of Azazel are sworn to battering violence, and they want to hammer you into submission...

A few words about the production on this album: if you buy this record thinking you're going to hear the necro atmosphere that most of the USBM scene swear a firm allegiance to, you'll be terribly disappointed. I was actually surprised by how clean, clear, and professional the production on 'Triumph of Fire' is...it's probably the 'best' sound a black metal band from this country has ever received - meaning that it's a death metal production job; all the instruments are loud, precise, and sparkling (the guitars are a little too clean for my taste), and the mix is excellent...listen to this on headphones and you'll be able to hear all the traces, the vocal panning and mixing, etc. and that will convince you of the skill of the producers/engineers on this effort. I am not bringing this up to point out something derogatory, I am just surprised that Kult ov Azazel has stepped so suddenly into the limelight of 'professionalism'. Of course, because this is on a nationally-distributed label (Arctic is allied with Pavement) and shares ties to the death metal scene (it was produced by Malevolent Creation's Phil Fasciana), one would think that a little extra attention would be paid to the actual sound of this recording, and it looks like money has been thrown behind this band... interesting, isn't it? This is another reason to seek out this record: listen to what it sounds like when USBM is taken seriously, and people line up behind it...

In any case, 'Triumph of Fire' convinces on the merit of its sheer intensity alone, and the level of manic blasphemy swarming throughout these songs would be terrifying to anyone not aware of what is happening in the music scene in this country...for pure, Satanic fury and a vicious anti-christian level of barbaric violence, this album stands alone. If I were God, this would scare the hell out of me... - U. Amtey

Extreme Dense Art & Throneum (Poland)

Really fire! Over the 40 minutes of runtime of this CD, KOA massacres and hurts without mercy! I don't know whether it was an inspiration for this American band, but if I didn't know that it was material of KOA I would be sure that it's the next album of Unlord! Here is the same melody, the same monotonous vocals, drums etc. It's hard to find anything that would help to tell one band from another. I agree with the title completely, this material is the triumph of fire, it's like an atomic blast, but it's a bit boring to listen to such unoriginal stuff too. Fortunately Kult Ov Azazel plays bestial and uncompromising black metal, so I can stand their lack of originality. Devils destroy!

Fortitude Webzine (Moldova)

It is doubtless that the US have been experiencing a strong Metal renaissance for the last two years. The aforementioned revival has most to do with the so-called USBM trend which seems to be obtaining new followers each day. The reviewed effort of these American Black Metallers is their full-length debut coming after a significant number of demos/promos and a split release with their countrymates KRIEG. From the very first seconds of the opening track "Le Messe Noir" K.O.A. spill out the waves of audial aggression by the means of old-school fast-paced Black Metal with slight intrusions from Death Metal realm and complete absence of any guitarless effects. Basically, these guys sound very close to the European representatives of raw Black Metal genre. The most obvious comparison which at once came to my mind was the cult DARK FUNERAL. This parallel especially deals with K.O.A. vocalist's furious singing manner which is almost identical to Caligula's relentless style. Musically, K.O.A. heavily remind of MAYHEM circa "De Mysteriis dom Sathanas" and that's a huge plus indeed. Highly professional rhythm-section should be given a special mention. It's too bad the drummer is only a session member. Hopefully, he'll keep playing in the band. However, the most appealing side of "Triumph..." is the conceptional and musical wholeness Xaphan & co. managed to capture in the context of the whole album. This release is an excellent contribution to the musical collection of any true BM fan and a huge fist in the face of God. Rating 9/10 - Krasniy

Goat Productions (Netherlands)

This is the debut full-length by the US based Kult ov Azazel. The first thing that struck me while listening to this CD, apart from the very good production, was that the band sounded more European than on their previous releases, there being slightly less of a Death Metal influence in the music. I found this a little disappointing, but it is not such a big deal. What this disc offers is 11 tracks of blasting Black Metal. Almost all the tracks blast away and there are few moments of rest to be found on the album. The vocals are throat-fucked screams of torture, the guitars are loud and powerful and the drums are simply brilliant in both production and overall playing. It should be noted that this is not your typical blast beat driven Black Metal ala Marduk and Dark Funeral, this band knows how to write good songs and riffs, something most other bands should take an example of! The best song of the CD is the last one, CROWN OF FIRE, which was also featured on their previous mCD ("Order of the Fly"). - Wraith

Hellacron (USA)

I've been hearing about this band for the last year and have kept a curiosity about them. I had met one of the band members on AOL's Unholy Metal chatroom a long time ago and befriended them for mutual musical interests. It was back when I think they were going to open for the doomed Malevolent Creation tour, last spring (vocalist Brett Hoffman was arrested and the tour was cancelled). They're on Arctic Music Group so they come straight from the appreciation of producer Phil Fasciana (Malevolent Creation guitarist); it's his new label. They kind of started the word-of-mouth about them by themselves just by chatting on the internet. Everyone in those rooms must've had it in their minds to sometime hear the band in the future just because of meeting them, because I know I sure did. A few months have gone by but now I've just obtained their presumably debut release here. I surprisingly saw it at my local CDGB's and without hesitation snatched it, buying it before important new releases like the new God Dethroned or Darkane. I put importance on exchanges with people over the internet, so buying this was the least I could do for a fresh new band trying to promote themselves.

It was definitely a worthy buy. Any death/black metal fan who feels the need for speed will be able to appreciate this, as they're sort of a mixture of both genres. Kult ov Azazel demonstrates some super-catchy riffing and tight song structures complimented by Dave Culross-worthy blasting and the best deep and loud unholy screams next to Marduk's Legion. It's pure demented insanity! They wear corpse paint so they're probably heading towards more of the black metal label on themselves, but as I said any fan of absolute aggression has to love this, whether they be fans of Malevolent Creation or Marduk.

There's a good selection of songs here, and with a few more continuous listens I'll be able to tell my for-sure favorites, as this is one of my favorite new albums I've bought. I just love this pure evil this disc exudes. A prime moment on the album is the section in the title track "Triumph of Fire", a searing anthem, that stops completely mid-way to the single, lone sullen utterance "Burn the church" before continuing with it's dark insanity. It's a slice out of it's fiery structure that pierces the soul with it's sinister outwardness, reminding you that you're being attacked by the epitome of all evil -christraping black metal! And if I had to pick a favorite track after only a few listens it'd be the satanic, aptly-placed #6, "In the Plagued Realm", for I think that it is that song that permeates the most the fiery-catchy evilness which Kult ov Azazel is truly all about. Kult ov Azazel is one of my new favorite bands and I will surely look forward to any tours and further releases with utmost sickeningly-satisfied allegiance.

Hellfrost (USA)

Absolutely suffocating black metal would be a good way to describe Kult Ov Azazel's debut CD Triumph of Fire. Like any great metal album, the influences are of pure aggression and vengeance rather than simply other people's music; imagine the crazed leader of a death cult injecting a few too many doses of PCP while sticking white-hot irons into his arm and you'll get an idea of how the vocals sound here, and that same intensity reverberates through every aspect of the songs. The guitar sound is NOT a simple hybrid of death and black metal, nor is it an extension of Scandinavian black metal (much less a pale Americanized version of it). Ultra-blasting and ultra-technical, there are hints of Marduk but overall Kult Ov Azazel manage to sound like themselves, which isn't easily done, in this day in age. Many of the riff structures seem to blast in a spiraling sort of pattern; interjected with straightforward blasts, breakdowns, and even melodies but the riffs make sense - they never blast just for the hell of it and they never switch into a riff pattern that doesn't flow with the song. "Destruction of the Throne of God" has to be one of the best black metal songs of the last 5 years, and "To the Cold Beyond" is one of the best technical black metal songs I've EVER heard. "In the Plagued Realm" is my favorite of the disc, if you like demonic, technical, HEAVY black metal, you'll be as awestruck as I. Beyond skilled musicianship and a sincere presentation of their ideals, the reason you should consider this CD is for the pure ANGER. This isn't one of those bands who write some evil poems about death and the occult and scream about it despite having no real experience with it. In fact the only flaw I can find is how fucking exhausting Triumph of Fire is, it takes a few spins to really sink in. But indeed, saying a metal album is too intense for it's own good is hardly a complaint. 99/100 - Joe Headcrash

Himnos Rituales de Guerra (Colombia)

Brutally blasphemous is the new album by these American blackers there's lots of Swedish black and great doses of death metal structures, so well handled by most American black metal bands. The album was produced by Phil Fasciana (Malevolent Creation) and Jeremy Staska ( Malevolent Creation and Hate Plow producer) so the influence by these two bands and the work of these two guys is noticeable on the death side of KULT OV AZAZEL. For a instant I thought drums were played by the human machine called Dave Culross , but then I found out that it was another machine called Gus Rios ( he played in one track of Malevolent Creation's "Envenomed"). Triumph of Fire will take everybody by surprise ( I was…) this is a blunt, extremely powerful album. The band pound those instruments without mercy, there's no time for rest, no room for silly keyboards. This is sheer cruel terror. Some tracks from their previous Mcd Order The Fly have included here.

KULT OV AZAZEL was formed in april 1999 with the name of AZAZEL a demo "Entering Erebus" and Mcd "Order To Fly" were released under that name. The band change the name to Kult…to avoid being mistaken for other bands with the same name. The band has also appear in a split with KRIEG. 8.5 /10 - Jimmy Ruiz

Hellehond (Belgium)

Damn! Did you already get a circular saw with a speed of 666 mph in your face? Me neither, but the impact of this CD comes close! These Americans have no clue what mercy is about, because this is fast and violent! After pressing the play button, you're immersed for eleven (!) songs long in a barrage of hate and aggression, where the Satanic shrapnel fly around, thirsty for blood, looking around for weak souls to pulverize them, shatter them and crush them! Blastbeats, ultrafast guitars, demonic screams, with a very few pauses of rest… This audial genocide is nothing for the trendy Cradle poseur! Take the intensity and aggression of Enthroned en add the bestial brutality of Death Metal, and we have Kult ov Azazel. No surprise they're label mates with Malevolent Creation and Hateplow (of which Xaphan is also the bass raper). Another proof that Black Metal isn't a solely European thing. This is pure materialized blasphemy and may not be absent in the record collection of every dedicated Black Metal fiend! - GmorK

Infernal Fields (Italy)

Another raw band from USA. Kult ov Azazel (once just Azazel, before they changed their name) play a great mixture of fast and furious parts, apocalyptic drumming and extreme screaming vocals. The 11 song of the album are really fast, with some times of break just to take a breath before the storm restarts again, with lyrics full of hate against the church, christ, religion and other scum like that. The first song, entitled"Le Messe Noir" has lyrics taken from "Satanic Rituals" of LaVey, while the others have titles like "Destruction to the Throne of god", "Altar of Satan" and so on. I think this album will be appreciated by all those who like blasphemous excesses and fast, raw and brutal Black Metal songs. To be played at highest volume.

Into Obscurity (USA)

After contributing to a few compilations and a rather obscure miniCD, Kult ov Azazel have beckoned forth their debut full length for Arctic Music entitled "Triumph of Fire". Their brand of blackened death metal has been stirring up the underground since their formation in 1999 and this album shows they have polished that style resulting in an album that is a force to be reckoned with.

Although sunny Florida isn't quite the frozen tundra associated with dark black metal, the company of freaks in Kult ov Azazel have found a dark corner to unleash their message of hate upon the masses. With any luck and the right promotion, the US may finally have a band that can stand as a landmark of establishment for black metal. - Dan

Intoxicated (France)

Apart from the likes of COF and Dimmu Borgir there isn't much in the dank pit that is the black metal scene that interests me these days. Kult Ov Azazel are another underground band who "support the Christian Holocaust" and as such prefer to use such titles as, ahem, "demonic screeches of pure unholiness" instead of admitting it's a vocalist. Still, musically, Kult Ov Azazel sound like they mean business. Furious riffs are lashed out as the band tear through the likes of Embrace The Burning and Legions Unleashed with little, in fact no, concern for speed restrictions. Black metal at it's most violent. - Graham Finney

Kerrang (UK)

If Kult Of Azazel have a philosophy, beyond the usual anti-Christian polemic, then it's clearly "scream, scream and scream again!".

As relentless as black metal gets, 'Triumph Of Fire' takes the one-dimensional ferocity of Darkthrone and gives it a solid production, some impressive musicianship and the single most hateful vocal performance you're ever likely to hear. If vocalist Xul didn't have his goolies caught in a bear-trap when the tape was switched on for 'My Misanthropy' and 'Altar Of Satan' then I'm a baboon's ring-piece.

User-friendly, Cradle-style gothic black metal this most certainly is not, but fortunately, the riffs and rhythms on offer here are uniformly strong and despite a lack of variation, this makes for a pleasingly evil listening experience. Key tracks: Triumph Of Fire , My Misanthropy , Altar Of Satan. Rating: KKK - Dom Lawson

Krepuskulum (Brazil)

Real Satanic Blackned Metal without sweet melodies or female vocals, only true blackness attack of pestilence guitars, furious vocals, speed dark drums & tortured bass, coming from south Florida the band was formed in april of 1999 to play true black metal in the line of legends like MAYHEM & GORGOROTH. The debut full length "Triumph of Fire" is a masterpiece of blasphemous intense holocaustic black metal without mercy, the songs rapped our soul and fucked our faith, the love for the dark forces are revealed in decompositions like: "Destruction of The Throne of God", "My Misanthropy" & "Embrace the Burning", the destructive devil minds behind the band are: Xaphan (Guitar, backing vocals), Xul (Vocals/bass) & Vetis(Drums). The soundtrack for hell flames...


Kult ov Azazel (formerly known as Azazel) already made some waves in the American black metal underground (they did a split CD with Krieg among other things) and recently released this debut album. KoA's imagery and lyrical canvas are firmly entrenched in the black metal realm. Musically, however, they bring out pure death metal intensity within the black metal framework, which is not so surprising because unlike its European cousin, American black metal has a much closer relationship with death metal. Moreover, if your band hails from South Florida of all places, I guess it is hard to avoid a strong death metal edge in your music. The production, courtesy of Malevolent Creation's Phil Fasciana, is clear and loud, and the session drummer probably had much more experience playing death than black metal. The music is unrelentingly fast and blasting Marduk/Dark Funeral-type onslaught that is dominated by flawless, punishing drum work and overwhelming vocal delivery, which do not leave that much room for variety and atmosphere. Obviously, not everyone will like what this band is doing. If black metal is all about atmosphere to you, or if you are a fan of raw, necro production, then this release won't do you much good. But if albums like "Panzer Division Marduk" are your ultimate listening pleasure, then "Triumph of Fire" will be your huge cup of tea. - Boris

Lords of Judgement (USA)

It's because of bands like Kult of Azazel that I laugh whenever I hear morons saying "there's no good USBM". Maybe they just think 'good' means singing about fairies in the snowy forest and bullshit like that. Nope - none of that here in the US - we're too busy blending death-metal intensity and brutality and praising Satan to fuck around with forest metal...

And that's pretty much what we have here with Kult Ov Azazel's latest offering, "Triumph of Fire" - deathish sounding black metal with brutal, death-metal style drumming and really good interesting riffs and nice, blasphemous lyrics. Did I mention the RABID vocals? Some might call them stereotypical but there's some real anger and hatred behind these screams. These guys also mix in some weird, discordant chords here and there (I'm thinking track 10 "Embrace the Burning" in particular), and generously use midpaced/slower sections to change-up the song structures. With 11 songs clocking in at just under 40 minutes the album doesn't overstay its welcome, either. It's like a quick fist to the face and then it's over. The sound and production is pretty strong as well - the guitars have a lot of body without sounding rock-ish and the drums are really pounding. Very good stuff. High points - "Altar of Satan", the BRUTAL opener "Le Messe Noir", and the title track with its slightly-epic opening section and relentlessly-pummeling middle sections. 4/5 - Lord Vic

Ma-Kahru (USA)

Ballistically unrelenting and furious with xian-blood lust, Kult ov Azazel emerge from the disease infested swamps of South Florida to pillage and raze with "Triumph of Fire". Still in a state of recovery from their split with Krieg, I was more than pleased when this CD reached my mailbox.This CD is pure hatred and evilness. There is nothing but a raging indignation towards the pitiable christ and his feeble, though well financed minions.The riffs turn bone to dust. It is fast and ugly. It is black metal with a severity and clarity that is rare these days. The vocals are offensive and totally harsh and vile - even bilious. Overall, the music is searing like hot razors on virgin flesh.Via this destruction and hyper-barrage, Kult ov Azazel have possibly emerged as a USBM cult at the forefront of breaking through any fractured scene black metal has to currently offer.The Kult ov Azazel 'claim' to any throne will have to overcome the always latent and now trendy need for Darkthrone worship and Varg Vikernes lust in this vast pseudo-pagan wasteland. Not to mention the penchant for "rawness" and "grimness" to the extreme that seems to be disguising itself as that, in lieu of anything substantial to offer.There are infinite ways to blaspheme and many more ways to represent one's hatreds. There are a so many shitty fucking CDs out there... none of them make any sense, let's face it. You can have all the atmosphere or harshness or brutality in the world, but nobody cares if you are beyond comprehension (not to mention stupid, but for another day). Black metal has to be understood, it has to be "seen" as black metal. Effectively, Kult ov Azazel does this. - Mike

Mainstream Resistance (USA)

Another blasphemous division in the USBM scene has been unleashed. These are the leaders of black metal for the Florida region of the US and their efforts in battle will be felt far across this cursed globe. "Triumph of Fire" is an album that incinerates the listener from beginning to end. Pure desecration and unholiness is what you will find here. The riffs here can amputate limbs with the amount of viciousness contained herein. The vocals of Xul are an abominable voice exploding with pure hatred and rage. There are hints of Dark Funeral in some of the guitar harmonies that Xaphan belts out. One can also hear hints of "De Mysteriis…" era Mayhem and "Hate" era Sarcofago with respect to speed. Tracks such as "Altar of Satan", "My Misanthropy" and my personal favorite, "Destruction to the Throne of god" will have black metallers thrusting their arms skyward and roaring out screams of torment. An essential piece of weaponry for all Metal warriors on the field of battle. - Morbid Mario

Massive Head Trauma (USA)

Just what the US needs- some True Satanist Black Metal! If your sick of all that European crap about worshipping that babbling idiot Odin, or elves in the forest or any of that other shit, then this is a CD for you. It doesn't pull any punches, with some totally hardcore Satanic lyrics, many involving Satanic rituals (Le Messe Noir, My Misanthropy & On the Altar of Satan all deal with Rituals). In the middle of the title track "Triumph of Fire", the music stops very briefly, & the words "Burn the Church" are whispered sinisterly. Satanic ideology is explored throughout, as well as anti-monotheism. The music in itself is an all out blitzkrieg of Satanic mayhem, with brutal, crazed BM screams & roars, & some excellent guitars & drums. But still-not recommended for odinists, fairy-whorshippers or weakans! This is far too extreme for you! For the truly elite, I would recommend this. Hail Satan, Hail Kult Ov Azazel!!!!! 5 out of 5 skulls - Fenris

Metal Disorder

Could this be the one USBM album that can finally lift the genre out of the sub-mediocre crap that hails from the US as far as black metal is concerned? Seems so as the these three Florida dudes have ditched the surfboards in favor of guitars, corpsepaint and spikes. They do however a great job and I must admit "Triumph of Fire" is a pleasant suprise and has been in my CD player quite some time.

Brutal, Fast and Blasphemous the three elements of success it seems in Black Metal and Kult ov Azazel's "Triumph of Fire" has them all. Add killer production to the mix and you have a killer album. 11 Tracks of anthems to the horned god. Skullfucking never felt this good.

"Triumph of Fire", "Legions Unleashed" and "Crown of Fire" alone make this an excellent purchase for the true Black Metal maniacs out there. Buy or Die!

... burn the church ... 9 - Dead

Metal Fanatix (USA)

Hailing from Florida, Kult Ov Azazel has released a full-length album entitled "Triumph Of Fire." Having influences from Venom to Darkthrone and from Dissection to Destruction these metallers have something going that would make their favorite bands proud. This blackened metal band does sound like the greats. My personal opinion, I hear a cross of the previous bands mentioned along with Dark Funeral, Marduk and Morbid Angel. That is blasphemy from every angle. The CD is filled with eleven tracks and nearly forty minutes of unholy music at its furthest extremities. My favorite tracks include "Le Messe Noir," "Triumph Of Fire," "My Misanthropy," and probably my favorite track "Crown Of Fire." "Crown Of Fire," to put it simple, just kicks ass! Pretty much all of the songs are at least decent. Expect to hear much more about Kult Ov Azazel in the future. Hopefully that will include a tour. They may have spawned off of two side projects, but at this point in time, they have almost unlimited potential if they continue in the same way as they currently are going. - Jeffrey

Metal Havoc (Philippines)

" Am I dying? Embrace the burning through the red walls forever to be, BLOOD!!! FIRE!!! DEATH!! I am" Aaaarrrrggggghhhh!!! This CD contains 11 songs that will definitely set new standard for America's brutal black metal scene. Pure assault of cold, fast, grim and totally unholy black metal. Purist will love this album because there are no intro/outro and keyboard crap, this is pure unholy metal holocaust. NO mid pace part and they are not afraid to be the fastest band in America. "Triumph of Fire", "The Cold Beyond", " In the Plague Realm", "Altar of Satan" and "Crown of Fire" is complete example of what this band can do. Don't expect that they were just another one-dimensional band, because every song has it's own character that only talented demons like Xaphan, Vetis and Xul can do. The guitar riffs are still audible even though they abusively shred their guitar. Even thou it has a clean production, you can still feel the cold, dark and grim sound of No Trend, No Mosh, No Core and No Fashion true black metal attack, the production is truly top notch. KULT OV AZAZEL is destined to be lined at the black metal elite and "Triumph of Fire" is the proof. Drop by to your favorite record store and grab this CD. - Vro

Metal Mafia (USA)

Having had the pleasure of listening to this band grow and evolve, since their first full length, "Order Of The Fly," I can definitely say this Floridian band has improved beyond any expectations. Except the band's own, of course. You will be hard pressed to find a more pummeling and hateful release this side of the Atlantic... and most likely, abroad as well. Everything about this release is professional, from the MONSTER production, to the excellent layout and album imagery. There is no luck with this band, they have signed to a major label [Pavement/Arctic] and deserve every ounce of credit they receive. This album is my pick for the best goddamned raw Black Metal Album of 2001. I don't see that statement swaying. - Dave

Metal Maniacs (USA)

Over the course of four painstakingly long years, or so it seems, American black metal is finally beginning to take the world by storm, and it certainly couldn't have come at a better time seeing that there's obviously been a growing disinterest towards European bands. Picking up where satyricon, dodheimsgard and the once-influential Emperor prematurely left off, the US has caught on to give life to a staggering sub-genre.

Florida based Kult ov Azazel released its promising Order Of The Fly debut in '99. The Band's insanely chaotic Marduk-inspired sound only then served as a mere hint to what would then be soon inevitably be its most significant release, Triumph of Fire. What instantly makes this a guaranteed success is the flawless musicianship that's as powerfully engaging as it is excruciatingly tight. The drumming, for example, is handled much such meticulous precision that it allows greater fluidity between the time changes. Teetering between the intricately seasoned offtime rhythms and mechanically patterned bast assaults, drummer Vetis employs a wealth of dynamics to his playing which at times recalls Krisiun's Max Kolesne. With that in mind, the music often conveys a violently primitive warlike atmosphere which also happens to be apparently evident in the lyrics to the songs like "Destruction to the Throne of God," "Legions Unleashed" and "Embrace the Burning," which add again a Marduk flavor.

Complementing its visceral edge, the guitars are utilized in a simple manner mostly as means for added effect or ambiance. Maintaining a mostly high and trebly sound within the mix, the riffs at times resemble Immortal (think back to the Scandinavian trio's "Blizzard Beasts" opus). Whether it's the tension-inducing buildup of scales on "Le Messe Noir," the mind-numbing frantically paced triplet rhythms on "Destruction of the Throne of God" or the icy cold funereal arrangements on "Aether Cries," guitarist Xaphan proves himself to be of vital importance to the song writing.

On "Legions Unleashed," the riffs spiral out of control in Kamikaze pilot fashion only to build up and make their final descent into Hell. Overall, consider Triumph of Fire a job well done. It should make its black metal peers blush with envy.

Metal Nightmare (USA)

I don't get it.... I've heard for a long time how absolutely shitty American black metal is, yet I am having a difficult time finding a band that I completely despise. Oh, there's been a few, but for the most part there is very little evidence that American black metal is crap. I'd go so far to say that it's actually one of the better scenes on this little ball of dirt we call home. KULT ov AZAZEL is the latest band I've found that supports my point of view. Triumph of Fire is a more polished work than what was presented on their split CD with KRIEG. Still totally savage and violent, but with more of a razorlike approach to things. While not as surgical as what comes out of Scandinavia, KULT ov AZAZEL are also not at the other end of the spectrum, where bands like JUDAS ISCARIOT or THORNSPAWN bludgeon you half to death with their brands of chaos (which I also find to be extremely enjoyable). KoA are somewhere in between, with their own nasty and raw style, creating carnage wherever they go, cultivating cold black metal to massacre you and drown you in your own innards. - Tom

Metal Revolution 666 (USA)

Triumph of Fire, the debut of South Florida's black metal horde Kult Ov Azazel (formerly known to some of you as simply Azazel), is, well, Triumphant.

Triumph of Fire (which is, incidentally, already a topic of controversy in some countries, and this before it's even been released!) boasts Kult Ov Azazel's most mature songwriting ever. Don't confuse maturity with weakness, because this is definitely not the case: as their website (www.kultovazazel.com) says, "NO BEAUTY, NO TRANQUILLITY, NO ATMOSPHERE" Nothing could describe this record better. It is pure hatred from beginning to end, no pretty intros or trippy clean guitar parts, just raw filth and hate. One notable fact about the riffing on this new record is something that will be new to the Kult's followers: axe-wielding demon Xaphan has begun experimenting with harmonies on this record. This may come as a surprise, especially to those who have only seen KOA in a live situation, in which Xaphan is the only guitarist. On this record, he has thrown some sick harmonies into the riffs, which are most impressive in songs such as "My Misanthropy" and the early masterpiece "Destruction to the Throne of God." "Destruction" for example, is like a whole new song now, sicker and deeper sounding.

Another impressive facet of this record is evident upon hearing Xul's vocals for the first time on lead-in track "Le Messe Noir." The man sounds more hateful than ever, and the vocals sound much better than they did on their earlier recordings. Xul was once quoted as saying (and I'm paraphrasing here) "I'm an equal opportunity hater, I hate everybody." And it shows. It shows. His vocals are especially sick on the album's closer, "Crown of Fire" which is another older song. Something else that came as quite a surprise was the lyrical content. It wasn't a surprise that it was filled with blasphemy and hatred for humanity, but having never actually read KOA's lyrics (penned by Xul), I had never realized what a good writer the guy is, the lyrics are blasphemous and sick, without sounding cheesy, which is rare in black metal.

Kult Ov Azazel have come a long way since their self-released EP Order of the Fly, which had good songs, but whose production left something to be desired (mind you it was good for a self-produced release). Production is always an issue for true black metal bands, because a black metal record should sound raw and disgusting...but hopefully not like a garage band. A mixture of clarity and a raw quality to a recording is quite difficult to accomplish, but this is exactly what Kult Ov Azazel have achieved on their debut album (engineered by Jeremy Staska). This is definitely a good thing, because with the added emphasis Xaphan put on the guitar parts, what with the harmonies and all, you definitely want to hear everything they're playing.

Make no mistake, Kult Ov Azazel have released a great black metal record. I will admit I'm not a black metal expert by any means, and I do tend to listen to black metal bands that use keyboards and such, which you will here absolutely none of on KOA's album, but I do know what I like, and I really dig this record. It makes you want to slit your own throat, which is I'm sure exactly what they had in mind. I can't point out a single negative thing about it, from the very impressive packaging to the production, except for one thing, which is that it's sick all the way through, nonstop, which works for me, but could easily become monotonous to fans who are looking for nice, atmospheric breaks in the blasting mayhem to even things out....but I doubt they want you listening to their record anyway, and besides that's the way this record is supposed to fucking sound. If you dig sick, blasphemous AMERICAN black metal, you will dig this album. This is very impressive for a debut, and one can only shudder at what album #2 will sound like... - Bobby

Music Extreme (Argentina)

This is bestial black metal, full of hate !! The eleven tracks that compose this album gives you no mercy ! Hyperfast guitars, blast beats, screeches and screams of anguish. All this features can be found here. This guys have nothing to envy to bands like Immortal ("Battles in the North" and "Pure Holocaust" era) or Marduk. The sound of the record is great and you can distinguish all the instruments even in the fastest parts. The overall layout of the CD is great….with a great booklet and a photo of the band wearing corpse paint. My favorite tracks: "Destruction to the Throne of God", "In the Plagued Realm" and "To the Cold Beyond".

Parasytical Sadness Zine (UK)

Under a veil of hellfucked blasphemy emerges the true conquerors of Satan's throne. The new album Triumph Of Fire has been long in waiting and now it is out it is the truest form of how USBM puts its European and even Norsk counterparts to shame.Songs such as the brutal opener's, Le Messe Noir, ear piercing blast beats arise as this brutal song hits in. The hatred doesn't stop there as My Misanthropy a true favorite with myself tears and killz the weakened trendy heart. With excellent execution by Xaphan on the guitar and the annihilation like drumming by Vetis (session) and the hellacious like vokillz by Xul and Xaphan make this an instant must have. Let true unbridled blasphemy embrace you as this is pure misanthropic hate at its most violent and skullfucked. 5/5 - PURE FUCKING ARMAGEDDON - Lord Melanocyte

Myrrthronth (Germany)

At a hellish speed these guys from Florida hammer their way into the ears of their audience on this raw and brutal full-length-onslaught. They don't leave any doubts within the listener that they haven't fully dedicated themselves to satanic-aggressive Black Metal, both musically and lyrically this is pure blasphemy! You will waste your time looking for sweet keyboards or cheerful melodies in these eleven songs, instead raging drum attacks, aggressive guitars and evil screams will smash everything that can't get out of their way in time. Of course Kult Ov Azazel haven't re-invented Black Metal with this output, also experiments can hardly be found, but on the other hand this was not really their intention. The band has rather focussed on one main issue: total destruction. And even though Kult Ov Azazel have not come up with anything out of the ordinary you still get a rock-solid piece of aggressive Black Metal with a decent, powerful production. In short, all fans of Marduk and the likes are advised to give this a try, "Triumph Of Fire" might be an album for you. 7/10 - Laeknishendr

Nika Records (Slovenia)

39 minutes of pure tornado from this Florida-based unholy black metal act. This band is pure hell on earth. The band has incredible black metal power and vocals from hell. This unstoppable and merciless satanic stuff will relocate you to hell. Music and vocals here are from hell, a true vision of chaos and apocalypse on this planet. I must say this band is really good black metal with good guitars and unstoppable brutal voice which dominates on the whole album. Merciless, satanic, dark, brutal and for extremely brutal and dark people. Others stay away from this band. Hell has a name and it is KULT OV AZAZEL. This is hell on earth, just hear the tracks like Crown of Fire or In the Plagued Realm. How many black metal bands are out there? (md)

Noize (Germany)

Now this is what I call a consequent album. "Triumph of Fire" from Kult ov Azazel is surely one of the straightest black metal releases I ever heard. The trio from Florida never really takes the foot off the speed pedal and gives a fuck about synthies and nice melodies. This is extreme, I assure you! And not only the music... read the lyrics and you know what I mean. I wonder if these guys are honest about that little statement in the middle of the title track. Perhaps they are, but don´t do this at home! "Triumph of Fire" is very intense and one of those few Black Metal releases that really sound evil and full of hate. On the other hand, I prefer a little more diversity on an album. It´s not that Kult ov Azazel are unable to write good midtempo hymns: My Misanthropy and To the Cold beyond feature great parts that even have some good melody and really great riffs. It´s these parts that give the album an edge over most blastspeed albums. It´s just that these parts are very rare on "Triumph of Fire". The rest is pure speed and aggression, with a decent production. This CD is far above average but I´m sure Kult of Azazel can do even better! Add some more dark atmosphere while clinging on to this intensity and rage and I´m sure this band can reach the top. 7.5 - GrandBonum

Pennsylvanian Hunger (USA)

I have been following this USBM band ever since their inception onto the scene with "Entering Erebus." Soon after came "Order Of The Fly," now this new album absolutely CRUSHES the older material, & it does have some redone recordings of OotF on it. On first look the CD is amazingly packaged, hmm but no pretty European BM here. Just pure blasphemy and hatred, black metal the way it was meant to be played. The drum production sounds like a machine-gun assault, and the guitar work is clean but heavy with a good treble, as to not distract from this amazing album. This really reminds me of Immortal's "Pure Holocaust" or something along those lines. Another plus with KoA is the vocal work, I mean....this is some absolutely fiendish shit, they don't hold back and you can actually hear their hatred for Christianity. I really think this album is a benchmark for USBM and I don't see any other band topping this release this year. If you don't have it, you really need to buy this now. If you don't, kill your fucking self faggot. - Sedit

Pit (USA)

Undoubtedly there's been quite a significant upheaval in the American Black Metal underground over the least 3 years or so. What with all the bands like Noctuary, Krieg, Forest of Impaled, and Bloodshed Divine (to name a few) rearing their ugly, venomous heads like deadly serpents from a murky swamp, you'd think that by now our Scandinavian brethren would be trembling at the knees. Well, now you can add Florida's Kult ov Azazel to the American army of elite stormtroopers for added offense! For a debut, I wasn't expecting much but upon first listen to this trio's compilation of 11 blasphemous hymns entitled, "Triumph of Fire," I'm now convinced that these guys will indeed redefine the term "Black FUCKING Metal!" in it's most primitively barbaric state.

What makes this album a guaranteed success is the flawless musicianship that's powerfully engaging as it is excruciatingly tight. The drums, while handled with such meticulous precision, are perhaps what make this recording definitely outstanding. In fact the time changes are all handled with such effortless ease that the skinsman makes pros like Pete Sandoval look like grade school mathematics. With a style that recalls some of the most technically intricate elements of Derek Roddy (i.e. Malevolent Creation, Aurora Borealis) and the breakneck speed blast attacks of John Longstreth (i.e. Angelcorpse, Origin), skinsman Vetis employs a wealth of dynamics to his playing which accentuates some of the most visceral songwriting to date. There are even certain moments where the drums tend to have this militaristic type feel to them ("Destruction to the Throne of God," "Legions Unleashed", and the title track to name a few) which ultimately brings possible Krisiun and Deicide influences to mind. The music overall definitely conveys a primitive, warlike atmosphere which you can ultimately detect in the guitars. The quick picking arpeggiated rhythms along with the endless hammering of the double bass pedal had me envisioning the sound of a swarm of killer bees making it's final descent. Yet my favorite track on the whole CD has to be "Legions Unleashed" where the riffs occasionally spiral out of control and give way and clash with the whirlwind-like fills for that much added tension. Overall, a splendid effort of epic proportions that's guaranteed to instill a renewed enthusiasm and hope for the coming armageddon. Long live the new prophets of rage! - Rob

We're a little surprised because of Kult ov Azazel album debut. To be honest, we were not expecting it to be so powerful! We imagined they would keep what they made for their mCD Order of the Fly, which had that cold dirty sound that characterized the band back then. But we were wrong, because Triumph of Fire is totally devastating in all sense, maybe due to the fact that Gus Rios took charge of the drums, which are fucking brutal, and we think because of that, the sound of those becomes a little more like death metal, but that doesn't affect what Kult ov Azazel propose in this album. These guys have demonstrated they are a total extreme band. Regarding to the sound of the album, well it's very clear, almost perfect and perhaps some could dislike that, but that depends on everyone's viewpoint. "Triumph of Fire" is a very violent disc, with no keyboards and full of merciless screams, an album which go through the dark path. Triumph of Fire starts out with the song entitled "Le Messe Noir" of which its lyrics were taken from passages of Anton Szandor LaVey's book "Le Messe Noir". The next anthems of war to come are : "Triumph of Fire", "Destruction to the Throne of God" (new version), "My Misanthropy", "To the Cold Beyond", "In the Plagued Realm", "Legions Unleashed", "Altar of Satan", "Aether Cries" (new version), "Embrace the Burning" and finally the ripping new version of "Crown of Fire". By the way, the new version of the old songs (which appeared on their mCD Order of the Fly) are more intense in this album. If you want to experience Kult ov Azazel antichristian declaration of war, then go get Triumph of Fire! Hail Kult ov Azazel!

Psicoterror (Peru)

The formerly American Black Metal band Azazel (now Kult ov Azazel) have released finally their debut album on the small Arctic Music. What we have here is a piece of merciless and violent black Metal. I’d say that these americans aren’t following the usual way of making Black Metal, as we know it today; their music is totally fast, from the beginning to the end, the work on drums is absolutely remarkable (on this album they used a session drummer), the high pitched vocals are really awesome, and in some way original, the production is clear and strong, and…you should really check this album out if you like of blasphemic and raw black metal.

As for the lyrics, they’re basically blasphemic and antichristian, although the song “Le Messe Noir” contains some texts written by Anton Lavey, an obvious influence. The artwork is very detailed and well done, and I have nothing negative to say about this one, as obviously Kult ov Azazel has gained notoriety among the American Black Metal scene, and, after hearing this album, you’ll know why.

Rip N' Tear (USA)

Pure unrepenting Satanic Black Metal with vicious vocals, ever so slightly melodic black metal guitar riffing and a dead on rhythm section: Kult ov Azazel are on a mission to defile every virgin and desecrate every church that stands in their way. There is little to be nit- picked here; The compositions are memorable and well executed, the production is biting in its clarity and this is about as brutal as it comes in this day and age of metal. Killer stuff. 8.5 - J.C.

Satan's Sweet Slavery (USA)

American Black Metal that is pretty fucking good. This band hails from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Seem like Florida is still producing metal. The songs are Satanic and very well structured. Black Metal screams and demonic riffs fill this CD. Some songs featured are "Destruction to the Throne of God", "My Misanthropy", "In the Plagued Realm", "Altar of Satan", "Embrace the Burning" and "Crown of Fire". There are not many good Black Metal bands from North America, but this is one to check out. The only thing that was kinda weird was the "Le Messe Noir" lyrics that were taken from the actual rite. I do believe the Black/Death metal band Acheron did the same thing back in 1990. But fuck it, it is all for Satan!

SOD Magazine (USA)

The US Black Metal scene now burns brightly with the entry of the Florida-based Kult ov Azazel, which brings with it all the hate, power, and evil found in bands such as Immortal, Emperor, and other Scandinavian brothers who once ruled unchallenged.

According to the Old Testament, Azazel is a wild demon that represents the modern term "scapegoat," which on the Day of Atonement carries away man's sins. In Moslem demonology, Azazel, like Satan, refuses to acknowledge the supremacy of God; later, this demon is called Eblis, which means "despair." Triumph of Fire is the band's latest effort, which spews forth 11 brutal, misanthropic, and baneful tracks. The band propels forward like a herd of rampaging beasts courtesy of session percussionist Gus Rios (this is interesting, considering some reviews have fucked up and given credit elsewhere). Although the drums are handled technically, the cacophony of chaos that results from such pounding and thumping symbolizes the rage at the heart of Kult ov Azazel. Working from such intense jackhammer percussion, Xaphan creates ripping riffs and vicious rhythms sure to decapitate the unworthy. Holding court over the chaos is Xul, whose demon-like screeching spits carefully crafted blasphemies sure to upset the unworthy. L

Tartarean Desire (Sweden)

In these days when a horde of evil human beings dressed in black are complaining about the sell-out bands Dimmu Borgir and Cradle Of Filth (this is far from my own opinion as I suppose you already understand) there are still bands who stick to the old traditional raw black metal invented by bands like Mayhem and Darkthrone. Kult Ov Azazel is one of these and even though they are from the US, a country just as hated and loved as the two bands mentioned above, they are doing it remarkably well. I am not a huge fan of Darkthrone even though they are highly skilled at what they do but I think these Americans have a greater potential for success in my book since they have decided to invest some money in the production process. "Triumph Of Fire" is the first label release from the band and it displays a sufficient amount of talent and evil black metal riffs that I think fans of the genre would be more than eager to check out. They do have what it takes to grow further but to make this possible I would like to hear more variety and melodies next time.

Tenebrous Kingdom (USA)

Sent to me by guitarist and secondary vocalist Xaphan, this CD is eleven tracks of blistering, ear-shredding Floridian ... black metal! Playing a style oft-termed as "raw" or "grim" black metal, Kult ov Azazel call themselves "misanthropic USBM" -- and the description fits well. There are no melodic, shining guitar solos; no lilting acoustic pieces; no sweet and awe-inspiring synths and keyboards; and there is not a moment of relent. Xaphan's harsh, razor-edged guitar alternates between fast-picked tremolo notes and heavy riffing almost seamlessly, and the drums blast away with a speed matching that of the guitar -- and often during this album, that's easier said than done. Xul, the resident singer, gouges open his gullet and lets hideous screams and growls flow forth with more emphasis on sounding as hateful and virulent as possible rather than focusing on enunciation -- and it works extremely well. From opener "Le Messe Noir" to closer "Crown of Fire," the war never stops for a breather: these black metal warriors have come to slaughter and display their unwillingness to compromise to the other ideas of their peers in the genre. None of the songs are epic ten-minute tales -- the average song is three to four minutes long, and while the songs do create a raging atmosphere, there is only an ugly lividity wrapped in a smooth production that captures every instrument perfectly. Perhaps my only beef with the album is, actually, the slight lack of variation. Xul's screams and bass, Xaphan's guitar, and the unstoppable pounding of session drummer Gus seem to blend into one long song after repeated listens, but each song is different in its own right -- they just sound a bit the same if you listen to them over and over in one sitting. That's my only negative point, and barely even an issue when I hear the chaos unleashed by this work. Overall, a brutal and definitely awesome release. Buy this as soon as possible and be amazed at the power of hate. 9.9/10 - Jason

* Another review from Tenebrous Kingdom *

This band has come far in such a short period of time; I remember not long ago purchasing online a short dub from Xaphan (guitars) with a drawn-on logo. I was impressed then, but even those hateful songs couldn't prepare me for the unrelenting, unholy, and malicious onslaught of pure metal mayhem this new opus delivered. I heard a lot of complaining about a "drought" in black metal last year, and I think this album is the storm that will bring rejuvenating rains unto the scene's music. No introductions; no melodies; no techno; and no silly bullshit -- just straightforward, intense, and brutal black metal at its finest. The best thing about this is that, unlike some other black metal bands in the similar vein, Kult ov Azazel tend to change up the music throughout each song before it grows boring. Most black metal bands don't realize that a riff, blast, or whatever can only be so extreme for so long before one starts snoozing. It's like diseases adapting to new vaccines: We can adapt to the extremity, therefore it shouldn't just stay the same ... and Kult ov Azazel realizes that concept perfectly. Another problem with some black metal bands is that they write these long, epic songs that often seem to drone on and on; this album doesn't have any long songs. With some bands, yes, it can work ... but if you think a band is just all right at best, a song that lasts twenty minutes will simply push you over the edge. This album keeps the songs at a perfect length, and it's barely noticeable as it goes by due to the changes within the songs. One thing that's a shame is the drummer is only a session drummer, but the rest of this excellent band are steadfast. The vocalist Xul, while lacking in the dynamics area, is easily one of the best singers the scene has to offer. There are some songs where he shifts from a scathing black metal scream to a thunderous growl, but not during quite as many as on the demos. It's doubtful in my mind a black metal album this year could surpass this. Pick it up as soon as you can. 10/10 - Josh

Terrorizer (UK)

Truly furious no cheesy keyboard nonsense hate-filled black metal from this American trio/ quartet. Latter day Marduk mingles with healthy dollops of early Morbid Angel to the relentless machine gunning of a graduate from the Sandoval school of ultra-brutal drumming. A raw stripped down in-your-face approach courtesy of Phil "Malevolent Creation" Fasciana's production skills admirably highlights the deformed catchiness of these little ditties.

The couple of sour notes that are the monotony of the somewhat uninventive vocal patterns and the sacrifice of the traditional grandeur and atmosphere for death metal inspired brutality do not significantly mar the enjoyment of the listening experience. It is, however, such deficiencies that sadly distinguish the majority of American Black Metal acts. In other words, the grandeur, atmosphere, character, and above all, authentic sense of identity of some of Kult Ov Azazel's non-American counterparts constitutes a definite advantage. Having said this, "Triumph Of Fire" is going to remain in the vicinity of my CD player for quite some time. 8 - Nathanael Underwood

Teufel's Tomb (USA)

Normally at Teufel's Tomb you see a lot of negative reviews, but lately I've been getting a few really good records. Kult ov Azazel's Triumph Of Fire is definitely one of them. I first heard of them by browsing about mp3.com, I grabbed a few of their tunes and was very impressed. When I was perusing a local record store and saw this album I knew I just had to give it a listen. This album does not disappoint. Black metal from the United States has really shown that it can hold up with it's European counterparts, and a band like this shows that the US may be really upping the ante in quality. At times reminiscent of Angelcorpse and newer Immortal, this band from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida really show off that they know how to use speed to their advantage. Shrieks of terror explode as you are disemboweled by an attack of vicious black metal. One thing that really shines on this album, however, is how tight and together the sound is. Triumph Of Fire is really well produced and thankfully contains a really great drum sound. I am so sick of bands using shitty sounding triggers which fuck up the entire feel of the album, there is no fucking up here what so ever. The title track and To The Cold Beyond are songs that stick out in my mind. Play this album at maximum volume for a greater experience. Here is a band I really hope to hear more from in the future. Eight Out Of Ten Tombstones - Destro

The Abyss (Belgium)

Kult ov Azazel, formerly known as Azazel have finally released a full length CD. This apocalyptic masterpiece contains 11 songs and last 40 minutes. This release is surely not for the well minded. Fast songs, over the top vocals, crushing riffs, amazing bass parts. Grim and heavy, one of the most brutal albums I heard lately, reminding me from time to time of Lord Kaos debut "Thorns of Impurity". Listen to songs as "Crown of Fire", "Aether Cries", or the opening track "Le Messe Noir". All lyrics cover the occult/satanic spectrum and are full of hate towards humanity and christianity. They sound like roaring thunder and afterwards you fell like you've been hit by an airplane, totally fucking awesome!! Lots of "famous" bands should listen to this and be glad if they even reached to the knees of Kult ov Azazel. As long as bands like Kult ov Azazel, Judas Iscariot, Krieg, Thornspawn, etc keep spawning their torment, they can count me in as one to buy the releases and support them in any way. A massive hails to Xaphan for his fast replies!!!

Tombstone (USA)

A band from USA playing unholy black metal. Their album has two sides. The music which is great and the vocals that need much improvement since they are nothing more than screams in almost all the songs. But the music is absolutely great. They have some excellent riffs and the songs are groovy, with the rhythm section doing a very good job in all the songs. Their music is quite complex and the musicianship is absolutely great. This is quality black metal from every aspect. If they improve their vocals then they'll have to be jealous about from the established and well known bands of black metal. The production of the album is not bad and the listener can hear even the slightest guitar trick. Musically they are very close to the top and it's worth checking them out.

Tormented (USA)

11 Tracks of pure black metal hatred is what you get here. This of course is Florida's Kult Ov Azazel, (formerly Azazel if you have been following the band,) a band that jumps from a few little tapes to a CD that you can get in almost any store. This band brings to mind mainly Dark Funeral I guess, but some Marduk as well I would say (but unlike Dark Funeral and Marduk, this band doesn't suck and is not boring.) The riffing is basically standard but at times is more melodic if that is the right word. The drums are definitely one noticeable high point of this killer release, they simply are insane and tight. Basically constant blast and at times insane double bass. It is really shitty that the drummer had to depart from this act, hopefully KoA can work something out. The vocals are almost typical but more of a sick scream than typical BM vox. At times there are vocals layered over vocals to make it even sicker, including some really high screeches and some deeper. The production on this slab of hatred is well done, but I personally like more raw and shit sounding production, but that is just me. A nice added touch can be found on the title track "Triumph of Fire," burn the church, you shall see. The songs are new but there is a re-recorded track from the "Of Evil and Hatred" promo. Well, if you liked their previous releases, you need to get this. If you never heard their previous stuff, you need to get this. If you think this band sucks, you need to get this. Hail Kult Ov Azazel and all WORTHY USBM, death to the rest. - Infernal

Ultima Comparatio (USA)

Ahh, the new full length from one of the states' better Black Metal bands. Kult ov Azazel haven't stagnated, this much like their demo CDr and split with Krieg is violent and extreme. But there is also a hint of melody going on within the music. No not some Dimmu Borgir velveeta melody, but music that is very eerie sounding while remaining violently extreme. The vocals are once again over the top and painful. Everything else is still in tact as well. Given that this is being handled by Arctic/Pavement, it should be relatively easy to find, I urge all to seek it. Rating 100/100 - Lance Gifford

Unchain the Underground (USA)

Black metal is anything but a rare commodity these days, so it is inspiring when a band stands out as Kult ov Azazel do. Their strength lies in the musicianship and discriminating ear. There are no throwaway parts and no speed-for-speed's sake blasting. Kult ov Azazel have a gift for arrangement. They never overplay a part and switch things up frequently, the end result being an album that is intense throughout all 11 songs without ever getting redundant. Rather, each song is a triumph. Kult ov Azazel have taken black metal to its highest level of evolution without branching over into experimental areas.

If all black metal was played with this level of refinement, not only would the overall caliber of music in the genre be much higher, but about 80% of the material written over the past decade would have been left on the cutting room floor and an equal percentage of bands wouldn't have made it past their first practice. Kult ov Azazel have set a new standard for black metal bands to strive for, reaching a new pinnacle of the genre with Triumph of Fire that will be no easy feat for another band to surpass. Rating: 9.5/10 - Al Kikuras

Under the Ashes (USA)

I've been following this blasphemous group since their debut mCD "Order of the Fly." I was most impressed at the furious attack that they spew forth. However this CD totally crushes anything I have heard from this band. A total all out war against Christ. Non-stop blasting. Intense vokills that will have your digging your brains out. This is a CD that will go down in U.S. black metal history. Kult ov Azazel has not been around for a long time, but will soon take the place on the U.S.B.M throne along with many great bands like Noctuary, Krieg and Demoncy. Kult Ov Azazel will be setting the new standard for the way black metal will be played. If you can't keep up THEN FUCK OFF! Finally BURN THE CHURCH!!!!!!!! - Eddie

Vae Solis (Russia)

It strikes as "No mercy!" easily could be their life motto. Am I right, Xaphan? Firstly I was a bit surprised to see Pavement Music (who're responsible for manufacturing, marketing and distributing all Arctic releases) unleashing this kind of stuff, however why not? These guys are no less musically relentless than f.ex. HATEPLOW or MALEVOLENT CREATION, so once again, "why not"? KULT OV AZAZEL doubtlessly is one of the US' most uncompromising black metal combos, at least that's what everyone would think of, once giving this CD a listen. Non-stop violence and bloodshed throughout the whole album, reminding me a bit of that "Panzer Division..." CD by MARDUK and the latest ICONOCLASM's offering (i.e. "Marching Evil..."). I can only feel pity for the drummer - at least, if he's of human origin. Gus simply beats the hell out of his drumkit. As to others, guitar and bass lines, even though they're far from being sophisticated, are no less impressive - check out "In The Plagued Realm", that one would serve as a perfect example. 5/6 - Herr Stalhammar

Vampire Magazine (USA)

Arghhh what is this! To be honest I never heard this band before and what a shame because this is a great band. This album gives me almost the same overkill feeling as Marduk did on Panzer Division Marduk. I hope this will be a herald of better bands to come from the USA. All songs are played at merciless speed thanks to the great drums. It's too bad that Vetis left the band and I hope they will find a drummer of his quality for coming releases. KoA started in 1999 and in that time they were just called Azazel and this is their first full length album. They have released a promo, mcd and a split CD with Krieg before. The third track 'Destruction to the throne of God' was also on the split but I think this is re-recorded version. All songs are played in a very brutal way with no room for any melodic parts. The band is almost driven at blast speed during the whole CD. The guitars suit the drums and vocals very well and I have no complaints on the production. If I must compare KoA to other bands then it would be a mix of before named Marduk and parts of Dark Funeral, it all sounds very Swedish. This band show what a lot other bands don't have and that's real hatred both in vocals as in music. The artwork is also very well worked out. A very intense black metal album and I recommend to listen to it when you are into fast black metal. - Sander

Victory (Sweden)

This CD is a killer! Fast, melodic, hateful Black Metal. Kult Ov Azazel shows us that BM can be mixed with alot of things. It´s raw, primitive, aggressive.. If more BM bands could sound like this and have same insight in what they are doing then we would not have crappy bands like Dimmu Borgir, Misteltein, Cradle of Filth.. I strongly recommend you to look this CD up! Hail the supreme art of Kult Ov Azazel! 4/5 - Vaargh Zaghriimon

Violent Solutions (France)

Black metal is a style of music that is becoming as popular here as it is in Europe. One would think in a culture like America, with its media, thankfully it remains behind the scenes. The allure of the make-up and fire is still there. The US scene herself has had a few groups to be thankful for, such as Noctuary, Judas Iscariot, Absu and now Kult ov Azazel. Triumph of Fire is the first release for Kult ov Azazel, on the American Label Arctic Music. The label also released their mini CD. The album is indeed intense, brutal, like Marduk, at the better. Yelled and guttural vocals accompany the music like a loud flood. This is not fresh material for black metal, but it's an album that's an honest delight to fans of this genre - VSGreg

Voices from the Darkside (Germany)

Be warned, KULT OV AZAZEL are neither Norwegian nor Swedish. Yes, they are Black Metal, no they are not European. This band hails from the grim coldness of Florida?? Yes Florida, home to such acts as MALEVOLENT CREATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE, etc.. But do not be fooled this is not old school Death Metal, this is raw and brutal BLACK Metal!! Yes, there was a time when I was even as hardcore to say I would not listen to any Black Metal from overseas. Times change. On this 11 track disc you get MARDUK style vocals mixed with IMPALED NAZARENE / DARK FUNERAL type music, they do not rip them off, there is originality on here. Where it suffers is the production, if you own the latest albums by MALEVOLENT CREATION and HATEPLOW then expect the same production sound, it isn't that bad but could be better. Notable tracks: 'La Messe Noir', 'Triumph Of Fire', 'To The Cold Beyond'. But with the recent release of THORNS I just don't listen to this as much, decent still. - Dimitri Ganatsios

Walls of Fire (Germany)

The Americans have discovered Black Metal, and I must say: Respect! KOA have only been around for two years and just released an incredibly powerful debut album. The band is influenced by Marduk, which pretty much also describes the style of KOA. A vague orientation could be "Heaven Shall Burn" by Marduk, since KOA neither have superfast parts such as "Panzer Division Marduk" nor the slower parts that you find on the new Marduk album. In a refreshing manner, they burst through 11 songs, which are very well produced (no, not by Peter Taetgren). Musically, KOA can easily compete with their Scandinavian counterparts. Even though they don’t reach the level of Marduk yet, their debut album sounds very promising. Songs such as "Le Messe Noir", Triumph of Fire" (sounds like Marduk on "Heaven Shall Burn"), or "My Misanthropy" are excellent, while songs such as "Legions Unleashed" and "Altar of Satan" almost remind me of Deicide. If you like pure, straight- forward Black Metal, then go get the album. If you don’t like Black Metal, you should pass on this one. A little more innovations wouldn’t do any harm, but this album is a lot of fun, which justifies 4 points 4/5.