Malevolent Creation
The Will to Kill

Prelude To Darkness (Peru)

Thirsty for uncompromising Death metal, deadly, ultra-violent and insane????? Then "The Will to Kill" will satisfy your thirst undoubtedly! One of the most powerful bands in the recordings of all times from Florida is back again to cause devastation with their unmistakable annhilator sound. Who could possibly be into the Underground scene and know nothing about Malevolent Creation? a band that disc after disc demostrate us their improvement as well as their neverending urge for finding out the way to destroy all your senses! Now they feature in their ranks the vocalist of Hate Plow (labelmates) Kyle Symons, who has taken charge of intensifying the dose of brutality together with the unrelenting attack of the riffing sets and devastating drum assaults. "The Will to Kill" carries the label of professionalism and experience that Malevolent Creation hold. This album is composed of 11 brutal songs: "The Will to Kill"; "Pilage and Burn"; "All that Remains"; "With Murderous Precision"; "Lifeblood"; "Assasin Squad"; "Rebirth of Terror"; "Superior Firepower"; "Divide and Conquer"; "Burnt Beyond Recognition" and "The Cardinal's Law". Highly recommended to followers of truly Brutal stuff only!

Bloodcifery (Spain)

When we talk of Malevolent Creation we are talking ,without any doubt, about one of the bulldozers of the forefront Florida scene and world scene of death metal. Mixing the old school death metal with Bay Area thrash guitar sound, they have a long career of more than 10 years on their backs that began far away in the late 80. One decade later and in the new century, they stand right by their roots and of course, being a clear influence in a lot of actual bands. With this, their tenth album ( if we count the compilation " Manifestation" and the cd "Joe Black" with remix, etc...) the band evolve into a clear paradigm of how a classic and pure death metal band has to sound, and they demostrate it with all the maturity they have in all this years and with one permanent idea in their heads: destroy and mutilate us with that fast and intense death metal full of influences from the golden era of death and thrash metal. We can say this new work brings nothing new to the Malevolent catalogue.ERROR!!!!! This is the first album with Kyle Symons ( Hate Plow ) to the voice, replacing the forever Malevolent frontman Brett Hoffman ( this is not a critic to Kyle ). Kyle Symons is more agressive in his way to sing and with a little difference , but with the same extreme brutallity that Brett himself, wich one is more classical and Kyle is more " grinder ". This, influence the way the band play now, more fast and intense ( maybe with a little of Hate Plow, but like you know, in this band there are many current members of Malevolent, so...) than in "Envenomed", althoug we don´t have here Dave " Bomber" Culross ( You know, isn´t? ) His replacement, although without his level, dont stop stryking his kit with demolition double bass and blast beat storms. As you can see, the old school and the band´s fans are well and good if we check out the solos in " Assassin Squad" from the legend James Murphy, who is very healthly from his cancer and so we can appreciate that in this new work from the floridians. The album maintains the philosophy of the band in all this years, the mix of death and thrash metal in the old school vein, with those riffs that remind of the Bay Area bands, those " take no prisoners " attacks full of double bass, tons of blast beats, and this time with the help of a blasting production, clear and brutal in all ways,thanks to Jean Francois Dagenais ( Kataklysm guitarist ) The change of label and their entering in Nuclear Blast gives the band great expectations, hoping this time get what they deserve all this years, something the die hard fans of MALEVOLENT CREATION ( in which I include myself ! ) are waiting for. THE TIME TO KILL HAS HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Review by PinHead Recomended listening: Assassin Squad, The Will To Kill 4 of 5


It has been my experience that when a band releases a lot of CDs, they eventually start to decline and lose their originality. Not the case with MALEVOLENT CREATION. I'm not saying this album is way better than their previous ones, but it's not any worse. "The Will to Kill" surprised me. It easily comes second to my favorite MC album, "The Fine Art of Murder." But unlike "Fine Art," I got into "Kill" pretty fast. It took me a while to revel in "Fine Art," but I instantly got hooked to "Kill." Their sound has improved, and this album is obviously more technical than their previous ones. The production is great, and all the instruments are strikingly clear. Unhealthy vocals, raving guitars and ruthless blast beats assail your stereo. The riffs are dark, lurid, and somewhat melodic. It's a meritorious album, not a classic, but it's one you should defiantly have in your collection. Tracks that stand out: "All that Remains," "Rebirth of Terror," and "Divide and Conquer." Do yourself a favor and go purchase this death metal masterpiece.

Rockhard (Germany)

Finally a record with a title that needs no explanation. Malevolent Creation have definitely delivered a killer album in the vein of "Retribution" and "Eternal", their best releases so far. Of course, there are not a whole lot of style changes – it would be ridiculous for those Death Metal veterans to change their style anyway. But sometimes it’s the small re-arrangements that have a big effect. This time, for example, Malevolent Creation have extended their Death Metal spectrum by including various Thrash elements. A song like "With Murderous Precision" almost reminds me of the Black Metal riffs that bands like Immortal play. Another advantage is that the band has reduced the number of blastspeed parts, which makes the music much heavier. Unbelievable is the supertight, focused drumming of Justin Dipinto (who already had to leave the band), as well as the powerful vocal style of new singer Kyle Symons. Shortly before the end of the year, The Will to Kill is the absolute Death Metal highlight. A band that has been around for so long and that has always been true to their sound deserves your support. Go out and buy it. Frank Albrecht, 9.5-10

Live4Metal (USA/England)

Unlike most CDs released these days, this one doesn't start off with a nice pretty intro to lull you into a false sense of being able to brace yourself for the impending onslaught. The opening and title track starts by kicking you in the teeth and the final track, 'Burnt Beyond Recognition', eventually lets you go pick up your teeth with broken fingers. Gone is Brett Hoffmann, to be replaced by Hate Plow vocalist Kyle Symons (Hate Plow is guitarists Rob Barrett and Phil Fasciana's grind band) and he fits in perfectly here and his caustic vocals are as scathing as the guitar and drum attack. While they may have released 9 other albums, they haven't mellowed at all and this probably more aggressive than their first couple of albums. Justin Dipinto's double bass is awesome, as are his hyper fast blast beats, he's also able to groove nicely to harmonic guitars making the return to blast that much more intense. Gordon Simms fills out the sound while never actually allowing the bass to get too in your face. James Murphy lends his guitar to 'Assassin Squad', laying down a few solos on that track, good to know that cancer hasn't put him totally out of action. Musically this album is superb, as you may have gathered from oft snide (perhaps that's too harsh a word) (how about sarcastic - Steve) remarks from other writers here, I'm a rather fussy bastard and rather nitpicky when it comes to tearing things apart. I really can't do that here at all. From the first screamed "Attack" on 'The Will To Kill' I was swept by the maelstrom that I wouldn't have been able to fight even had I wanted to. 'Rebirth Of Terror' is the slowest track on the album and "slow" isn't the word I'd use to describe this track at all, if I wasn't comparing it to the rest of this supersonic album where the guitar sound is heavy, full of tremolo picking and the lightning fast changes in melody are done 'With Murderous Precision'. On 'Divide And Conquer' the guitars are slow and chuggy whereas the drums give the illusion that everything is going really fast, which works especially well when the vocals pick up pace during the verses. I guess that if you're a fan you'll be picking this up anyway, but if you're not a fan, then I'm pretty certain that you shall be before the closing bars of 'Burnt Beyond Recognition.

In Dark Purity Zine

For those who are following the series of murders committed by this band chances are you already know how the victims are killed. Ultra brutal drum work, impressive guitar mechanics and savage vocals have always been the trademark kill for this band only this time everything is done 10 times heavier! Producer Jean Francois Dagenais should also be given recognition for his excellent work with the band. Malevolent Creation has never sounded this deadly. He successfully managed to capture the sound of a perfect murder. Once you press play you are fucking stabbed from all sides and there is no escape as everybody fucking dies! This CD also marks the debut performance of Hateplow's throat Kyle Symons. His work is very impressive and there are vocal patterns that I think that Brett Hoffman would find difficult to pull off. Though, I wonder how "Pillage And Burn" would have sounded like if Brett Hoffman did the vocals. It must be killer. The drums on this CD were performed by Justin DiPinto. To be honest, I am not really familiar with this guy or his previous work but he is devastatingly brutal! James Murphy did a couple of solos in the song "Assassin Squad" which makes this CD a must have for all death metal die hards. There are two versions of the cover of this CD the one pictured is the US version and there is a European version. I suggest you get both as the artworks are fucking sick! This is the bands 8th full length record and this is a slash in the throat for those who said that it's all over for the band now that Brett Hoffman and Dave Culross are out. "The Will To Kill" is a sure kill.

Walls of Fire (Germany)

A while ago, I was reading a book called:"The Invasion of the Body Snatchers". There was also a movie that was done on it. To make a long story short, it is based around an extraterestrial invasion and the creatures progressively take the body of everyone while they sleep. Why I'm I talking about all this ? Simply because some survivors managed to escape the extermination and became musicians. Amongst the best of them are the guys forming Malevolent Creation. It's got to be. That's the only explanation I can find. It's not physically possible to play this fast and this well ! People don't try this at home ! Just listen and have a hell of a good time. Created in 1987, the band saw many people in and out. The philosophy of these guys is: " If you're too slow, you've got to go" would say Phil Fasciana(lead guitar). The guitar artillery is completed by Rob Barrett who's been in the band for quite a while. The other brothers in arms are Kyle Symons on vocals and Gordon Sims on bass. The most recent addition to the line-up is drummer Ariel Alvarado. It won't take long to discover what Malevolent Creation stands for. It's just like the cover of the presto was exploding in your face from exceeding internal pressure. Get the picture ? Extreme Death metal served very well done. Not only ordinary raw meat ! Heavy, of course it is ! Fast, better believe it ! But that's not only that. Their type of cooking is much more subtle. We're not dealing with another long hair band playing loud noises here ! No way ! There's much more work, maturity and musicianship involved in this recording. The result of all this blood and sweat : an awsome record of electrifying Death metal sang by a monster barbarian ! An incredible soundscape of guitar riffs, powerfull to the point of being terryfying ,drum and bass massacre, plus yes, believe it or not, something that we don't have enough nowaday : guitar solos, what am I saying, breathtaking guitar solos. Just the type of solos you've been starving to feed your ears for too long ! To my great pleasure, this musical agression is still melodic and to a certain point, catchy too ! No don't go away, this is by no mean a cd for radio hit. How they do that ? Beats me ! The invasion of the body snatchers is the only logical answer. As a Canadian, I'm proud to mention that this great piece of metal was produced by Jean-François Dagenais of the famous metal act Kataklysm and all that sonic clarity he's responsible for. Among this Death magical opus some remarkable dark pleasures are standing out like the tittle track ; "Assasin Squad" for having two guitar solos and the ending trilogy : "Divide and Conquer","Burnt Beyond Recognition","The Cardinal's Law", all beefed up with delicious riffs and solos. By all means metal fans, do yourself a favor and get a copy of "The Will to Kill". I believe that no matter the type of metal you're in, there's something in there ready to jump at you and nail you to your cd player. The invasion of the body snatchers is ready to get YOU !!!

Descending Darkness Magazine

This is the Slayer cd that they didn't make. Its a great death album, very easy to just put on and jam too, has that natural flow I guess. I like the vocals alot as well, very clear yet brutal, and the riffing is very sharp. In all I like it, best thing they have done in a while. my favorite track so far is "all that remains" or "divide and conquer", good stuff.

Massachusettes Metal

It's not every day you get to see a classic band of this style re-invent themselves, but that's just what you get when you listen to MALEVOLENT CREATION'S "The Will To Kill" CD. While most bands keep trying to recapture their best moments musically, MALEVOLENT CREATION continue to keep things fresh and new and all the while not disappointing their long time fans. This album brings back the raw intensity, speed and great song writing style of the earlier MALEVOLENT CREATION albums like "10 Commandments", "Retribution", "Stillborn", "Eternal" and "In Cold Blood" with the newer sounds of "The Fine Art Of Murder" and "Envenomed". This is also the debut of new vocalist Kyle Symons (HATEPLOW) and drummer Justin Dipinto and the return of bassist Gorden Simms. Rounding out the lineup are guitarists Rob Barrett and Malevolent Creation founder Phil Fasciana. In most cases, the lineup purists, who believe only the original line up is the only one that should exist, should get past the changes and check out this CD. When I first heard of that the new singer was Kyle of HATEPLOW, my first thought was that MALEVOLENT CREATION would wind up just being HATEPLOW or vise versa. But, much to my astonishment they don't really sound alike at all. This is pretty cool to me since more than half of HATEPLOW is now in MALEVOLENT CREATION, yet both bands sound completely different. Check out "The Will To Kill." You won't regret it!