Tempest of Torment

Ear Candy (USA)

A Swedish band emulating American death metal? How’s that for a twist? Ask the trio Relentless, whose nine-track growl-a-thon sounds as if it rose from the swamps of Florida or the cornfields of the Midwest rather than the confines of the most copied metal in recent memory. TEMPEST OF TORMENT is a nine-track manic ride, chock full of Cannibal Corpse-esque guitar runs and Obituary-like chop ‘em up rhythms. Tracks like the gore-infested “Scraped Off the Wall” and “Lethal Apparition” radiate the kind of foreboding elements that all death metal should involve, making this disc perfect for the connoisseur of death metal’s aural carnage.

Stranger Aeons (USA)

One of the best new Death Metal bands around has to be Relentless. None of that overdone Melodic Swedish Death, just rock-solid Brutal Deathrock with a Thrash underbelly is their style. On their 2006 opus, "Tempest Of Torment", Relentless does it with a fury that is phenomenal. Relentless uses brutal growls, crowning bone-cracking rhythms and smashing guitar leads. Melodic flashes are used sparingly, Relentless is all about deep grooves and intensity. It is fierce. Songs of worthy note include "Lethal Apparition", the kinetic "At War", "Furious", "Dreadful", and the ferocious "Zombified Genocide". Overall, Relentless is decidedly killer. This one will become a classic. Stay savage. Farewell.