Struggle Within
Angel's Face

Beowolf Productions

Straight from the heart of Texas comes the debut release from Struggle Within. These guys unleash a unique style of Metal by blending together their Progressive Metalcore with some Southern Metal vibes. The music has a very thick grooving style to it. They go from a more melodic grooved based sound into a fast Speed Metal shredding style. The music definately has a good flow to it & really pulls you in. The vocals are also done in a mid ranged clean melodic Metal style with some throaty Metal screams backing them at times. If your a fan of GODSMACK, DISTURBED & PAPA ROACH, then you'll dig these guys!!!

Sea of Tranquility

Angel's Face is a perfect example of a young band wearing their influences on their sleeve. Here, the Texas four piece known as Struggle Within let the world know how much they have studied and grooved to the music of Pantera, Damageplan, and Godsmack. As unoriginal as this is, you can't help but not get sucked into the thick 'n' raunchy riffs and catchy melodies of tunes like "Heart of Stone" and "This Time Right Now". It's as if the band became the next extension of Damage Plan with a song like "Primitive Minds", complete with guitar riffs straight out of the Dimebag school of shred-o-rama. Just when you thought that this was all they had up their sleeve, they hit you with a pleasant acoustic ballad like "Beyond" that could have easily come from the Creed, Extreme, or Coldplay discographies. While it's not representative of the rest of the album, there could be serious radio potential with this song. Not so successful is the Papa Roach/Rage Against the Machine styled rap/funk-core of "When It All Goes Down" and "Self Destroy", but then they surprise you again with some pretty technical, almost prog-metal influenced craziness on "Tread Upon". This is one of those CD's that keeps you guessing at every corner. Not all of it works, and some of the material is pretty derivative of their heroes, but it's all well done and accessible. Struggle Within should definitely find and audience with Angel's Face, and no doubt continue to find their identity as time goes on.