Dead River Blues

Sea of Tranquility

With heaping helpings of palm-muted riffs and in-your-teeth drumming that calls to mind a slightly more groove-intensive Metallica circa Ride The Lightning with the late Alice In Chains front man Layne Staley sitting in, Stereochrist has done gone and given us an album that blends the best parts of old metal, grunge (if you call Alice In Chains grunge––What the heck was grunge anyway?) and a little pinch of stoner rock. It also gives an interesting glimpse of where music might be going in the coming years. From the sounds of this we’re going out back to the swamp to get our feet dirty and get a little grit under our fingernails. Too cool.

Check out “Smack The Rain” and “Mind Ammo” for some of the more convincing and harrowing moments here but ignore the brooding “Supersorrow,” the masterful “All Along The River” and the revealing “Christ Was An Angry Man” at your peril. If these guys don’t get some serious radio play at the end of this year, I’m climbing to the top of a building and throwing off an effigy of Clay Aiken. - Jedd Beaudoin

Jackal Blaster

Two, completely different releases in sounds and attitude are coming your way courtesy of Arctic Music Group. The Hungarian act Stereochrist rock out in old school fashion with their cool sonic platter, Dead River Blues. Positive vibes, awesome riffing, and heavy ass drumming backed with a gutsy, rasping vocalist remincient of Alice in Chains or Black Label Society is what makes Stereochrist tick. The wealth of great memorable rock songs here on this 10 tracker make it an album just to sit back and jam to. As a whole, Dead River Blues sounds like it could have come from the Rise Above or Metor City label as it is pretty typical of the genre of what is termed "stoner rock" these days. Stereochrist fit comfortably in with Down, COC, Spirit Caravan, the Hidden Hand, and Black Label Society, and should rightfully find needed fans craving more quality music such as this.


I was jamming to this CD from the very first song. One thing I really love on this CD is the drumming. That guy just kicks major ass on the skins. "Smack The Sun" is my big fave on this CD. The guitars on this CD fucking rock. The band has an Alice In Chains feel to it. This is their debut CD and it just flat kicks ass. Definitely a band to check out.

Archaic Metallurgy

Stereochrist come from Hungary and play stoner rock. They were formerly known as Super Natural. Now which name is better I ask?! I've never heard Super Natural's music, so can't tell if Stereochrist sound any different.

'Dead River Blues' is an album, that I can't find any deeper meanings from, but still manages to rock every now and then. This isn't heaviest stuff nor the most ballsless stoner out there. Most of the songs roll on nicely with okay riffs, and 'Mind Ammo' gets close to "killer" as does 'All Along the River'. Occasional nods to doom metal are like a lifeboat to me on this river, as well as some heavy metal touches like solos and harmonies on guitar work. While the songs roll on well, some roll on for a tad too long. 'Supersorrow' is Sabbath-esque slow song. Some of the songs have more twists than many a rock song, that it's not all too simple and this is a good thing. Playing is energetic enough, but it could be so much more energetic and above all, hard. 'All Along the River' is way more energy-filled than most of these 10 songs, weird. The word "river" certainly sounds Southern and Southern rock has certainly influenced the band.

Vocalist has a very individual voice. However, it is tough one to get into. It is somehow unstable (can't think of anything else to picture his voice). He's not a very good singer, because he doesn't stick on one note for a second, and maybe he doesn't fire all he could. Sounds like he triees to sing lower he really does. Sometimes guy's voice fit in very well (eg. 'Christ Was an Angry Man's chorus). Screaming every now and then sound well better.

Good music to drink beer to. Some songs tend to flow without notice even if I try to listen to them (eg. lame 'Hologram Man' and 'Way back Home'). The music doesn't bring anything new into the vast world of rock, but at least vocals are something different. While I don't like them, somebody else might.

Metal Review

Someone is buying a shitload of stonermetal albums. It's hard to believe, but we get quite a few of these things creeping into our "to be reviewed" area. Far more than you might think. And yet I can't think of anyone that actually admits to listening to them. (Of course this means that forty lashes in a row will be from people who do. It's like farting in your cubicle just before the attractive person you fantasize about comes wandering in...magic!) I have to tell you, I have heard this record about a million times since I was born. I stopped paying attention a long time ago, but this record keeps coming back. And now that I get to review records I am confronted with it, like it or not.

So, what do you want to know? Slow to mid paced, very Blue Cheer/Sabbath riffs with acceptably off kilter drumming and ominous sounding vocals. It's honestly not anything you aren't expecting when I write "stonermetal". Anachronistic, Iommi/Ward worshipping, potentially exciting but tripped up by the insistence on remaining true to a particular style of Sabbath song. Sometimes I wonder if these bands ever heard shit like "The Writ"; something equally heavy, equally Sabbath, but not simply "Supernaut" over and over again. Oh, wait, I guess they have checked out some of Zakk Wylde's shit...but isn't that the same thing?

Musicianship is perfectly adequate to do this. No player stands out. The vocalist seems to have a good sensibility about his impact on a given song, but then he has had many performers to learn from. The production is crisp and clear, so you can smell all the resin and feel the basement dampness.

Bottom Line: if they are going to keep putting this record out I am happy they at least take care to make it sound good on my stereos. Nothing worse than a bad copy of an old record. Now, if you like stonermetal then this is another decent release. It's not challenging or innovative or amazing, but it does rock. If you are not a stonermetal fan I can't believe you read this whole thing.


I know Hungary has somewhat of a scene but you don't hear of many bands coming out of there let alone a Doom/Stoner Rock style band!! Stereochrist is some awesome stuff and they've been around since only mid-2002 and were under the monicker of Super Natural at that time. This 10-track CD can easily be described as equal elements of Sabbath, Trouble, Cathedral, Orange Goblin and some of the U.K.-based Doom style bands. The vibe Stereochrist creates is still refreshing, heavy, thick and the different style of vocals makes them unique and not another cookie cutter band. I would call them an exotic style of Doom to be blunt considering their ethic background. All you Stoners out there will really enjoy this band!


Stereochrist remind me a whole lot of heavy southern rock like Down or Pantera with their album "Dead River Blues". But get this, the band's from fucking Budapest, Hungary! Thinking about this fact is a huge trip since the group comes very close to convincing us all that they're living the same reality as Phil Anselmo and crew. The music's thick, mid-paced and very bouncy, a lot like if Down averaged out all their music, taking away the softer songs and mellowing out their heaviest. Here's the hitch: though the vocals are close to making it, something about them doesn't work quite well enough. It might just be a pronunciation thing, but the frontman doesn't hit the notes quite right often enough, and there are portions in most songs that sound comical. Though I'm not all that deterred by the delivery, I'm certain that more scrutinizing fans of the genre would be. Hopefully future releases will show Stereochrist continuing along the same path musically, but with more control in the vocal department. Peter Johnston


You don't get to hear too many killer Doom Metal bands from Hungary, but this band has the formula down pat. 'Smack The Sun' has a CATHEDRAL feel without being a complete copycat. The track is jam packed with groovy bass lines and heavy drumming. The guitar work is not as sluggish, but is more upbeat and reeks of power. 'Holosonic' is more traditional Doom sounding with the sluggish guitar playing and is overall much slower.

It's still heavy as Oprah Winfrey, but just not as upbeat and happy. 'Mind Ammo' picks things up once again adding galloping riffs that are upbeat and fierce. More low-end bass licks can be heard and somewhat steal the show. Now, you know that if you play Doom Metal of any kind, the bass playing is pretty much the highlight of the show. A lot of the guitar riffs you hear not only have a blues overtone to them, but they have that DOWN feel as well. You can tell that the band has been influenced by a lot of U.S. Doom as well as from the U.K. 'Supersorrow' slows things down a bit. The track isn't filled with slow Doom licks, but has some bongo action, along with acoustic guitars, harmonious vocals and the track is quite cool to listen to. This is a great way to show another side to the band. There is more to them than just doom and up-beat tempos. This is up-beat and up-tempo Doom with a side order of a kick in the ass! This cd will keep you thoroughly entertained from beginning to end. - Joe Florez

Mirgilus Siculorum

A 2002-es Supernatural promo CD 4 notaja sem volt semmi, de azt nem gondoltam volna, hogy ennyire kiraly lemezzel fog megorvendeztetni az azota Stereochrist neven futo zenekar. A CD mindossze 10 dalt tartalmaz 37 percben, de ez a 37 perc ebben a stilusban a legkiralyabb zene amit hallottam az utobbi idoben! Talan tulzok, de ennyire feeling-es, southern-es hatasu doom-kozeli metalt en az egyes Down lemez ota nem hallottam! Aki nem kapja elo a leggitart e dalok hallatan, az valoszinuleg eleteben nem hallott rock, vagy metal zenet. A laza, souhern rock-os megoldasokat valoszinuleg az olyan zenekaroktol tanultak el, mint a C.O.C., Down, viszont a sulyosabb, szigorubb riffekre nemcsak a Black Sabbath, hanem a Trouble es a Pantera is hatassal lehetett. Ez utobbi zenekar, illetve a Down hatasat tamasztja ala Fepe egy-egy helyen Phil Anselmo-ra emlekezteto vokalizalasa. A dalok remekul vannak felepitve, mindegyik nota bovelkedik nagyon eltalalt sulyos, vastag riffekben, feeling-es szolokban, illetve fogos enekdallamokban. A temak a gyorsabb, huzos old school rock-os megoldasoktol a lassu, illetve kozeptempos sulyos riffelesig terjednek, a Supersorrow c. dal pedig egy akusztikus szerzemeny a legszebb Down hagyomanyok szerint. A valtozatossag nemcsak a riffekre es a dalszerkezetekre, hanem a vokalokra is ervenyes. Sok kulfoldi banda enekese tanulhatna Fepetol, ennyire kiraly enektemakat nem sokan tudnak kitalalni. Vegul pedig nemcsak a dalok lettek nagyon eltalalva, hanem a hangzas, a borito es a zsenialis albumcim is nagyon ott van! Sokaig ecsetelhetnem, hogy milyen kiraly ez a Stereochrist, de ezt a zenet hallani kell, meg kell tapasztalni! Teny, hogy itt nem lehet talalni a metal zenet megujito megoldasokat, de nem is ez a lenyeg ebben a zeneben, hanem a hangulat, azt pedig nagyon sikerult elkapni a zenekarnak. Nem tudom, hogy fogjak majd ezt a lemezt tulteljesiteni, mindenesetre a lecke az le van adva. 10/10 - Robert Sun