Eternal Lies
Spiritual Decpetion

Strange Aeons

The Swedish underground produces some amazing, brutal bands. One such act, Eternal Lies, returns Swedish Death Metal to its glorious foundations. Not since the early days of Sentenced has this style been so intricate, pristine, and primal.

Formed by former members of Fatal Embrace and Parazite, this manifestation of primordial radiance is pure ferocity. Their debut, “Spiritual Deception” [Arctic Music Group], shakes the pillars of Heaven. There is no refuge here.

Eternal Lies has an extremely tight, brutal sound. The rhythms are fast, but with plenty of thick, heavy groove. Hook is not sacrificed for speed, which usually is the tragic flaw of Swedish Style Death.

Björn Johansson’s guitar playing is intricate, highly skilled in its brutality. This fluidly permeates the precise, powerful rhythms cut by Martin Karlsson (bass) and Conny Pettersson (drums). Tommy Grönberg’s vocals are a somewhat shrill, crisp growl that explode inside of this fiery storm of sonic brilliance.

The fiercest of these killer cuts include the raging bombast of “Consecrate Life,” “Evaporate,” the visceral groove “Winter Breeze,” “By The Hands Of The Architect,” and the blistering “A Memory Of Lies.” Eternal Lies is a savage wonder of epic brutality.

In conclusion, this opus is a bright apocalypse that will a classic for aeons to come. And Eternal Lies is definitely one of the best new bands of 2003. Stay savage. Farewell. - Bill Vogel III

Unhallowed (USA)

Yeah! Sweden never lets me down! Yeah, don't care if your sick of it, I can't help myself: I'm still enamoured with "that Swedish sound". You know the one, that melodic black/death popularized by those crazy "Gothenburg-ians" and imitated by fellow acts like Gates of Ishtar, Without Grief, Ablaze My Sorrow, and Sacrilige. Well, you know what? I still dig those bands, as unoriginal as they are, and I dig Eternal Lies, as well. Yup, "Spiritual Deception" is the latest release to join bands like Solar Dawn and A Canorous Quintet in my cd collection, and is the debut album from this band consisting of former Anata(another cool Swedish act) members. Coming across as a mixture of the aforementioned bands together with a slight Naglfar-ish Black Metal influence, Eternal Lies offer nothing new to the table of melodic death except a burning intensity and convincing delivery, which is more than enough for me. Sure, skeptics of this style probably won't find anything groundbreakingly awesome about "Spiritual Deception", but for those like myself who still don't see "Gothenburg" as a dirty word, you'll find plenty to holler about on this album. Eternal Lies is a band which brings me back to the good old days, while still possessing the quality to keep me interested today. I dig it, and is most certainly better than your average "brootaller than thou" false metaller's local Suffocation cover band. Hail to Sweden!

Noize Magazine (Germany)

Ah yes, this is metal music the way I like it ! Eternal Lies, a Sweden-based band, is playing a mixture between new-school death metal and classic black metal, which varies from song to song. And the result of this combination called "Spiritual Deception" is brilliant: the newcomer act (this is their debut album after a simple demo out of 2001) is combining the best of both worlds to the best of it ! In the end this band is somewhat like Dimmu Borgir on drugs, a very evil sounding violent storm, infested by the abdominations of musical genres combined to a rather death bringing mixture. Those guys have a very techncial approach to their favourite styles, mixing both hard and straight riffings with decent bass tappings and very melodic and at the same time evil shouts and guitar attacks. They use slight portions of hyper-speed drums to surround their varied and well worked-out material, with some of the songs being shining hymns to nordic black and death metal with a certain melodic approach. I mean, if I only take the song "Newborn Sunrise" (the third track on the album), I can feel the power and the brilliant chorus melting my stereo as well as the evil touch of sickness that is blowing around my head, while earning the atmosphere of those great riffings. I am quite impressed, for this is a very remarkable act with a very remarkable production coming around so young-fashioned, that it´s pure fun again to be a metal fan... I am not a prophet, but I see a bright future for those guys... Their only problem may be to top their debut album once again, I guess this will be pretty difficult... Kill, fuck, die !!! (Germany)

Of course, Swedish Death Metal is nothing new, and the market has been saturated for a while. But there are still bands who stick to their style, and thanks to this, "Spiritual Deception" is an excellent album. After the first run, it becomes obvious that the songs are unified. After listening to the CD a couple of more times, you realize that there is a variety of smaller breaks and parts. This is exactly what makes the genre so popular. It's the combination of heavy drumming and aggressive guitars with fierce vocals and elaborate melodies that sticks out. A case in point is the opener "Leaving only me", which starts out with acoustic guitars and then turns into full-speed. The tempo varies from mid to fast, but there are also slower parts like in "Evaporate". Even though this is the band's debut album, the guys are no newcomers. Vocalist Tommy was in Fatal Embrace, and drummer Conny played with Anata. Of course, there are influences of both bands in the sound of Eternal Lies, however, they still manage to create their own sound through a combination of brutality and melody. This is a very good and recommendable album if you are into the Gothenburg sound. Rating - 8/10

Metal Hammer (Germany)

Eternal Lies present a high-level mix between traditional Death Metal and fast Nordic metal on their debut album. In other words: the four musicians blast through ten songs without mercy. In order to avoid the usual boredom, there are plenty of tempo variations, covering everything that the genre has to offer from grinding speed parts to slower parts.

In particular Björn Johansson riffing fits very well to the atmosphere of each song; his melodic parts even create something similar to magic. Unfortunately, the sound is bit too sterile. Bottomline: Eternal Lies are not re-inventing the wheel because this mix of Death and Black Metal has been quite popular for a while; however, many of the more popular bands lack the enthusiasm of Eternal Lies, which literally seems to be jumping out of the speakers. Rating - 5/7

Gothenburg Metal Scene (Sweden)

Eternal Lies, from the vicinity of Varberg just south of Gothenburg,are exhibiting some great skills on their latest release, SpritualDesception, and show great promise for the future.

Its melodic death/black at its best, with guitars blastingaway ferosiously. Clearly influenced by the early death scene in andaround Gothenburg, bands such as Sacrilege, Eucharist and At The Gates, this release contains some great work all wrapped around anan excellent and clear production. In sipmle words, it really kicksthe shit out a genre that has grown tired to some extent, at leastin Sweden, with very few exceptions.

If your into this type of music and you're only going to buy one cd, get this one! Otherwise your not only missing something great, you're a dumbass :).

If Eternal Lies can keep up this excellent work, or even improve it,yes there is room for improvement, the established bands in thegenre better look out. They are about to be caught and passed bythese guys. Rating: 9/10 - Mike

Live4Metal (UK)

What ever the Scandinavians, particularly the Swedes, put in their water (or beer), can we please have some of it in the UK. Some of the bands emerging from the land of blond(e)s and nice furniture are simply outstanding. If only our scene over here was as healthy. The next band up on the seemingly endless production line of talent are Eternal Lies. They don't quite have the "ohmyfuckin'god" factor of The Haunted's 1st album, but they have produced a brutal masterpiece that'll have their fellow Swedes looking over their shoulders.The gentle acoustic intro of Leaving Only Me lasts as long as a Middle Eastern cease fire, as the guitars build up into a wall of precision hate. The blast beats and furious double bass drumming of Conny Petterson threaten to envelop the song completely as the instruments massacre your aural senses. Tommy Gronberg barks out the lyrics and by now you're battered into submission. Poems offers us nothing of the sort and again returns to blastbeat city. The boundaries of Thrash and Death are merged and it's heads down and race for the finish. But this ain't no noise fest. For all it's ferocity, Spiritual Deception is a very melodic album. You eventually get a chance to catch your breath on Evaporate, as the pace finally slows down. Or so you think. Within minutes another salvo of intensity hits you as Winter Breeze kicks in with the bite of a cold December morning. A Memory of Lies drifts into blackened territories, with majestic guitars duelling with chopping riffs, but it's not long before the pace quickens once again. Addicted To Fire is a pyromaniacs wet dream, and it sounds pretty good to the rest of us as well. The best is left 'til last as the galloping riffs of Divided charge forth, again underpinned by the incredibly tight rhythm section that quite honestly dominate Eternal Lies sound. Spiritual Deception is a crushing debut that'll leave you quaking in your boots. If only all Death Metal was this good, I for one would find more time for the genre.

Lords of Metal (The Netherlands)

The inexhaustible Scandinavian metal-exhaust is smoking again, and look at that, another fucking killer-release! Keep ‘em coming! Last month I reviewed a band with the name Eternal Oath. This month I may present you the debut-cd “Spiritual Deception” of the Swedish metallers of Eternal Lies.

This band plays brutal, fast melodic deathmetal. The band plays tight, the production is fabulous (Studio Mega) and as usual with scandinavian releases, everything is looking really good. Drummer Conny Petersson is really fast and incredibly tight. The guitar-duo Bjorn and Erik really have that great Swedisch sound. Bassplayer Martin Karlsson, who played with Eucharist for a while, has left the band in the mean time. Tommy Gronberg’s vocals are intensive and give the aggressive album a merciless finish.

I cannot come up with a lot of negative critics, exept for the fact that the genre en style of Eternal Lies isn’t anything new. Maybe this is the reason why it all sounds so familiar and my marking isn’t higher than it already is. Well, for all those who still have doubts I want to give you a few bandnames of which I had to think while listening to Eternal Lies. These are: Dissection, Eucharist, Naglfar and Dimension Zero.

Undoubtedly, Eternal Lies is going to get some really good critics with this release “Spiritual Deception” from the international metal-press. Of course, because a piece of quality like this just deserves a big reward. Rating: 85/100

Urkraft Magazine (Sweden)

I don't know what they put in the water in Varberg but it sure as hell seems to work! Eternal Lies is a fairly new quintet hailing from this picturesque little town outside of Gothenburg, Sweden and also one of the most exciting new bands on the death metal scene right now. Their up-tempo melodeath/black is reminiscent of such great bands as Ablaze My Sorrow, Gates of Ishtar and to some extent Dissection and they administrate their heritage well. I fell for the band on first listen (check out the song "Leaving Only Me" on their website and you'll be hooked to!!) and I was extremely happy to finally receive the full album. "Spiritual Deception" has been gifted with an awesome production, signed Studio Mega and Christian Silver, and 10 thoroughly worked over death metal, dare I say it, hits. Each song has it's own soul which guarantees an interesting ride all the way through the album. Many newcomers tend to make their albums a bit monotonous but Eternal Lies has avoided that in a splendid way. The gates to stardom lay wide open for this talented bunch and I expect to hear much more from them, and about them, in the future. Rating: 8 of 10 - Reviewed by Stefan Lejon

Brutalism (The Netherlands)

Formed in 1998 this Swedish band plays Death Metal in swedish style. Two things that attract the attention first are the great drumwork with nice patterns and the sheering guitarmelodies (no leads). Together with the aggressive vocals the songs are speeding with technical skillz keeping the songs clear. The songs are changing tempo often. They were voted as best new band and now proving why. Surely worth listening!


The CD's cover art is familiar yet unknown. The place is unknown, but perhaps it is a snapshot of Bollebygd, Sweden. Everything is cold here, from the rotting trees and masonry of the cemetery markersto the overcast clouds and the layer of snow that envelopes everything in white. There is only deathand the morning frost hints at specters haunting the dawn. Upon spinning Spiritual Deception, the debutfrom Swedish band Eternal Lies, I discover that everything within is also dead. Like other bands from this part of the country, Eternal Lies creates a desolate, frigid, and haunting sound that nevertheless remains filled with anger and smoke-laden sorrow. The battery of Conny Petterson on drums and Martin Karlsson on bass creates a discordant underpinning above which guitarist Bjorn Johansson builds some intense riffs and satisfying solos. Like a lich are Tommy Gronberg's demon-styled vocals, which resonate alongside the guitars, literally feeding off the riffs like a cyclostomatic parasite. Although some may find the technical acrobatics a bit much, those into a bit more structure will find much to appreciate in Spiritual Deception. (OR) - 9 Skulls


I have been waiting for Spiritual Deception, which is the debut album with the Swedish band Eternal Lies for quite some time now, and finally it arrived. This is a awsome melodic death metal album, and it can be compared with many great Swedish melodic death/black metal bands that released albums in the beginning/middle of the ninties. I can´t help it, but I think of bands like Eucharist, Dissection, At The Gates, early In Flames (Subterranean) and also some more brutal bands when I listen to this excelent album. I have heared this kind of music so many times before, and the guys in the band must have been listening to melodic death metal almost as much as I have done since A Velvet Creation with Eucharist was unleashed. Even if this have been done so many times before I would say that this band really kick the ass on many other new bands that are trying hard to play the same kind of music, Eternal Lies are doing it better. The music is always very melodic and quite aggressive, with catchy and speeding guitar riffs, double pumping kickdrums, tempo changes and a really good melodic and aggressive vocal performance by Tommy Grönberg. If there were a melodic death metal world championship this year, then this band would probably be the world champions ! So if you like melodic death metal, then you really have to buy this album ! 9 of 10 Fredrik - October 2002

Metal Maniacs (USA)

"Spiritual Deception" - The musical style of ETERNAL LIES is best described as a mixture of traditional Scandinavian Death Metal and the melodies and harmonies that redefined Swedish metal in the late 1990s. Brutal and aggressive drums parts, thundering guitars, combined with precision, speed, and versatility create a brutal sonic assault that will soon establish ETERNAL LIES as one of the leading bands in the sheer endless realm of Swedish metal. With skill, precision, and sheer outbursts of brutality, the debut album "Spiritual Deception" will leave a lasting impression on headbangers and Death Metal fanatics alike. The band was also voted Best New Band in Close-Up, one of Swedens biggest and most prestigious metal magazines.

Mayhem (Australia)

Boasting Anata’s Conny Pettersson behind the stool and former members of Fatal Embrace, Eternal Lies promises to be more than just another new up and comer. When first looking at the cover one can be mistaken for thinking they had accidentally purchased a Green Carnation album and with the opening acoustic passage I was beginning to get worried. However after a handful of seconds the opening riff of ‘Leaving Only Me’ burst onto the stereo and all is well. While not being ground breakingly original, Eternal Lies still deliver the goods with a potent and well polished assault of melodic death metal, Swedish style. There are the obvious comparisons between Dissection and At the Gates however I found that their music had more in common with Old Mans Child (vocals, drums, structure) and their bass sound very reminiscent of the Viking horde Amon Amarth. However where other bands easily fall into tribute mode and spot the riff territory, Eternal Lies manage to stamp enough of their personality and identity into the mix with strong song writing and expressive musicianship. Overall I found myself being drawn into ‘Spiritual Deception’ and the more I play it the better it gets. A first class release of melodic death metal, thumbs up. Favourite Tracks – Evaporate, Newborn Sunrise, A Memory of Lies.Rating – 8/10 (Germany)

With Eternal Lies I received the next killer band from Scandinavia. This is ultra-brutal, melodic Black/Death Metal. So it’s not surprising that the band has an execellent reputation in the underground. Their first two demos sold like crazy, and they received mostly positive feedback from the scene and labels. They were also voted Best Newcomer Band in Close-Up magazine, one of Sweden biggest metal magazines. Let’s take a look at the music. As mentioned before, the guys play melodic Black/Death Metal. When I say Black Metal, I mean Black Metal. A lot of fans might disagree with the more mainstream approach of bands such as In Flames, but Eternal Lies hit you with full force, melody, precision, and atmosphere. This is an exceptional disc. They guys know their instruments, and the production is clear just like it’s supposed to be. I can already tell that this band has a promising future. Absolute Killer!!!10/10

Walls of Fire (Germany)

It would be really easy to put Eternal Lies into the "Average Swedish Metal Band" category. Their style is best decribed as late-nineties Swedish Metal with Black Metal-oriented vocals – not particularly original. However, this is only half of the truth. While most of their colleagues from Sweden are much too soft, slow, and mainstream, Eternal Lies belongs to the small minority of Swedish bands who know how to play Death Metal.

"Spiritual Deception" is fast, heavy, and aggressive. Thunderous double bass attacks are mixed with the typical Gothenburg sound, but Eternal Lies also include riffs that go back to the classic late eighties/early nineties Stockholm sound of Dismember and Entombed. In this context, the melodic elements sound less pretentious. Of course, most of the Eternal Lies songs are straight-forward, but they are also extremely heavy.

The production is a little too "modern" for my taste. The drums sound like a computer, and the vocalist seems to be using some effects as well. However, this doesn’t harm the refreshing combination of straight-forward aggression, and I think that most fans of the Scandinavian sound won’t mind. If you like Swedish Death Metal, then check out Eternal Lies. And if you haven’t been too fond of Swedish DM lately because of the lack of aggression, then definitely check out Eternal Lies. This is album is really good. 4/5