Raven Soul


Wow. It's a Portuguese goth-metal band who cop more than a view moves from Finnish icons H.I.M.. In fact, this "Twilight"-ready group are just as melodramatic and love-obsessed as their dark spiritual "fathers". Musically, Raven Soul's melodic goth-metal is light and easy on the ears, replete with plenty of synths, pianos, and guitars that are tuneful and clean. Their production is crystalline and deep, so it all sounds good. However, it would sound better if I hadn't heard H.I.M. first. Vocalist Mac Caetano manages to channel both Peter Murphy and Ville Vallo on the opener, "End Of The World". From there, it's strong album, but far too derivative to these ears, merely shadowing their H.I.M. heroes. I'll cut them some slack as it's their debut, but I'd expect something more individual next time.

   Sea Of Tranquility

The European country of Portugal is slowly becoming a hot bed for Metal & Rock talent in the last few years and here, Raven Soul are just keeping that bed warmed up nicely. With many influences worn proudly on their sleeves like badges of honor there's a distinct trail to their sound. Marcio 'Mac' Caetano certainly has a touch of Him's Ville Valo about him (all be it with a Portuguese accent) and there is without doubt some Dark Tranquility, Paradise Lost, Lacuna Coil and some Depeche Mode sprinkled into the mix. With the guitars offering plenty of chunk and crunch the songs also offer an element of gothic atmosphere very prevalent on 'I'll Die For You'. 'End Of The World' stomps along and kicks things off with the right amount of pace for an opening track, 'Chaos' with it's down tuned guitars and meandering background synth are also signs of what this band are endeavoring to accomplish. Like all bands where English is not their first language it takes a little time to get used to the vocals. This debut album from Raven soul is certainly a step in the right direction, excellent production and some great guitar work from Hugo Costa & Goncalo Rosa who even have time for some much required solo's. Let's hope they manage to keep their heads above the pool of many of the other acts vying for success.

   Rock And Roll Experience

This eight track release from Portuguese band Raven Soul is described as 'Progressive Stoner Rock' - no offense guys but the type of music you play is NOT stoner rock! Fair enough, you may be stoners but you do not play stoner rock!

First up is 'End Of The World' which kicks in like so many before, i.e. Nightwish, Within Temptation, the only difference being that there is a cock between the singer's legs! Exactly the same brooding intro, complete with haunting keys - It's good, but not original at all.

All of the songs come across as competent but nothing outstanding, although I will still from time to time play this debut release from Raven Soul. A band with promise but who I think need to spend some time listening to themselves not what's big out there in Europe. Raven Soul need a producer to bring the best out of them, given the chance they could be massive.

Be honest though - how many stoner rock band have titles such as 'Save Me', 'Message From Far', and 'I'll Die For You'? First things first, sack your PR guy!

   Toxic Flyer Zine

Very good stuff with dark sound for dark sould that enjoy Goth, dark wave, rock and alternative rock with hints of progressive rock added in. But Raven Soul will have you thinking of bands like 69 Eyes, The Mission and God Head once you listen to their dark sound.