Burner "One For The Road"

   Burner is a band from Florida, USA, that was formed in September of 1999 by the Divine Empire guitarist John Paul Soars    and drummer Greg Threlkel. Today the band also features the ex-Monstrosity guitarist Jason Morgan. Their debut "One    For The Road" is instead a brew made up of different elements from many genres such as death metal, jazz / fusion and    blues but above all the southern state heavy rock scene.    READ MORE


    Celebratum "Mirrored Revekation"

   Just when you thought old-styled Black Metal could only be improved by enhancing its elements with symphonic    qualities, along comes Norway's Celebratum, which with Mirrored Revelation demonstrates that solid musicianship and    crisp production can breathe new life into an seemingly saturated genre.    READ MORE


    Closer Than Kin "The Machineries of Breath"

   Coming out of the legendary Boston hardcore scene, Closer Than Kin unleash their biggest release to date in their two-plus    year existence. Pursuing a heavier and more metal-orientated approach to their music than Boston stalwarts such as    Slapshot and Ten Yard Fight, Closer Than Kin nicely mix screaming and harmonic vocals over both dissonant and    melodious guitars.    READ MORE


   Code Black "Penetration"

   Code Black takes a most refreshing approach to metalcore music and "Penetration" is one of the most pleasant surprises    I've had this year. Instead of hitting us with another barrage of wanna-be guitar hero histrionics and melodic death metal    influences, these guys favor a stripped-down, razor-sharp approach that cuts through the crap and gets right to the heart    of heavy music.    READ MORE


    Colour Trip "Kill My Super Ego"

   This band has been around for 10 years and just released their 4th CD, which you can really call powerful. Driving    metalcore riffs that go straight in to your legs and make you bang your head.    READ MORE


    Denata "Art of the Insane"

   The third album from these Swedish thrash maniacs, Art of the Insane is a napalm fueled, full speed assault of brutal,    galloping metal. Blending the definate sound of early 1980's thrash with the brutality of death metal, Denata steer clear    away from the trendy 'At the Gates/The Haunted' sound that has continously plagued the genre, and come across fresh    and absolutely convincing on this steller piece of work.    READ MORE


   Denata "Deathtrain"

   Denata are back with their first full length for Arctic Music Group. And it is good to hear that the thrash train is still    thundering the earth! 12 Tracks of total moshing thrash in the old vein. No experiments with funny instruments or    melodies just fucking hammering the metal to your guts and bones.    READ MORE


    Down the Drain "Dying Inside"

   Down the Drain that features Malevolent Creation's Bret Hoffmann, and as you can imagine here we have an album full of    aggression and brutality from beginning to end.    READ MORE


    Eternal Lies "Spiritual Deception"

   Eternal Lies present a high-level mix between traditional Death Metal and fast Nordic metal on their debut album. In other    words: the four musicians blast through ten songs without mercy. In order to avoid the usual boredom, there are plenty of    tempo variations.    READ MORE


    Hateplow "Moshpit Murder"

   Hateplow, featuring key members of Malevolent Creation and Cannibal Corpse, is a critical supergroup to the extreme    metal world. Originally formed merely as a one-time special project, Hateplow has had a lot of staying power in the    underground. Hateplow managed to follow-up their one-off disc "Everybody Dies" with another full-length titled "The    Only Law Is Survival." And nearly a half-decade later a live recording makes its appearance for the metal masses to    devour. "Mosh Pit Murder" features ten live tracks recorded on the 2000 tour supporting "The Only Law Is Survival,"    Hateplow's original and until now unreleased 1996 demo, and one demo track from 1999.    READ MORE


    Hateplow "The Only Law is Survival"

   This album is a pure grinding holocaust. Terminal velocity from start to finish is what you can expect. What keeps    Hateplow above many other bands is their ability to write killer tracks that snag the listener like an implement hook. The    riffs are totally memorable and catchy. The drums an everlasting blast of apocalyptic fury. This is some of the best grind    you will ever hear since the days of old Napalm Death, Siege, Terrorizer and Repulsion.    READ MORE


    Homo Iratus "Knowledge... Their Enemy"

   Latin for "angry human," Homo Iratus continues to suffer personnel changes, and this MCD serves as a transitional    collection made up of two tracks from the band's debut effort, Human Consumes Human, a cover of Sepultura's "Roots    Bloody Roots," and a track from its as-yet untitled forthcoming release.    READ MORE



    Homo Iratus "Human Consumes Human"

   Here is a new band on the rise for all you Obituary and Carcass fans. Homo Iratus has released a good album entitled    Human Consumes Human. What a great title! For the most party they offer a grungy death style that is reminiscent of old    Obituary with a modern type groove to them. They have some cool changes and time signatures and the guitars are heavy    and the vocals are angry and well written.    READ MORE


    Immersed in Blood "Killing Season"

   I was beginning to wonder when the fuck I would hear a band that would floor me again, and almost as soon as I though    that, BAM! This is my first run in with Immersed In Blood, and I say run in cause getting away from the stereo with my    life was almost impossible. Kinda like jumping in the ring with Iron Mike when he could really fight.    READ MORE


    Kult ov Azazel/Vrolok "Feast of Sacrilegious Impurity"

   Kult ov Azazel returns to lay waste to pillars of humanity and enslave blind Christians in a pit of everlasting torment.    READ MORE


    Kult ov Azazel "The World, The Flesh & The Devil"

   Swift, venomous, hateful black metal, Kult ov Azazel craft intense anthems of convicted religious battery in nine quick    slashes. The World, The Flesh and The Devil is wholly unrelenting; a fucking bastard conglomerate of hatred and tyranny.    READ MORE


    Kult ov Azazel "Oculus Infernum"

   After the astounding full-length debut "Triumph of Fire" Florida's brutal Black Metal maniacs Kult ov Azazel deliver their    second infernal strike and it is definitely no disappointment! In contrast to its predecessor "Oculus Infernum" offers more    varied tempo and vocals, grimmer and darker riffs and atmosphere.    READ MORE


    Kult ov Azazel "Triumph of Fire"

   Florida based Kult ov Azazel released its promising Order Of The Fly debut in '99. The band's insanely chaotic sound    only then served as a mere hint to what would then be soon inevitably be its most significant release, Triumph of Fire.    What instantly makes this a guaranteed success is the flawless musicianship that's as powerfully engaging as it is    excruciatingly tight.    READ MORE


    Malevolent Creation "Lost Commandments"

   Who said death metal can’t be D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself)? Malevolent Creation’s first official full-length DVD release, “Lost    Commandments,” is exactly that. Released by Florida-based Arctic Music Group, the label founded by Malevolent    Creation songwriting legend Phil Fasciana, and that which has also released two of the band’s best albums in their career,    2002’s “Envenomed” and 2004’s “Will To Kill” as well as the Malevolent Creation side-project Hateplow’s albums “The    Only Law Is Survival” and “Moshpit Murder,” “Lost Commandments” is an entirely self-financed and self-released affair.    READ MORE


    Malevolent Creation "Live at the Whiskey A Go Go"

   Back in 1999 Malevolent Creation hit the stage at Los Angeles’ infamous Whisky A Go Go. The gig was being shot for a    DVD that was to be released at a later time. During the editing process the film was inadvertently destroyed and this left    the band with a sinking feeling in their belly.    READ MORE


    Malevolent Creation "Conquering South America"

   The album cover here (a boot knife thrust into a paper map of South America, if you can’t tell from the picture) may seem    a bit silly at first, but it actually is perfect for this album. Personally, the cover makes me think of pith helmets, savage    tribesmen, foreign invaders, and bloody warfare fought with spear, rife, dagger, long knife, tooth, and rapier. It brings up    images of Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”, and of the film based upon Conrad’s story, “Apocalypse Now”.


    Malevolent Creation "The Will To Kill"

   Finally a record with a title that needs no explanation. Malevolent Creation have definitely delivered a killer album in the    vein of "Retribution" and "Eternal", their best releases so far. Of course, there are not a whole lot of style changes – it    would be ridiculous for those Death Metal veterans to change their style anyway. But sometimes it’s the small re-   arrangements that have a big effect. This time, for example, Malevolent Creation have extended their Death Metal    spectrum by including various Thrash elements.    READ MORE


    Malevolent Creation "Envenomed" & "Envenomed II"

   Malevolent Creation delivers the goods again with another incredible piece of work. Fans of all Metal genres (death, black,    thrash, hell the stupid nu-metal kids should pick this up and learn how the fuck its done right) need this album in their    collection of Metal weaponry. Feel the venom in your veins or die!    READ MORE


    Noctiferia"Per Aspera"

   Yes! What a great debut from this band. Noctiferia pack a combination of black and death and is doing it the right way.    READ MORE


    Relentless "Tempest of Torment"

   One of the best new Death Metal bands around has to be Relentless. None of that overdone Melodic Swedish Death, just    rock-solid Brutal Deathrock with a Thrash underbelly is their style. On their 2006 opus, "Tempest Of Torment",    Relentless does it with a fury that is phenomenal.    READ MORE


    Stereochrist "Dead River Blues"

   The Hungarian act Stereochrist rock out in old school fashion with their cool sonic platter, Dead River Blues. Positive    vibes, awesome riffing, and heavy ass drumming backed with a gutsy, rasping vocalist remincient of Alice in Chains or    Black Label Society is what makes Stereochrist tick.    READ MORE


    Struggle Within "Angel's Face"

   Straight from the heart of Texas comes the debut release from Struggle Within. These guys unleash a unique style of Metal    by blending together their Progressive Metalcore with some Southern Metal vibes. The music has a very thick grooving    style to it.    READ MORE


    Total Devastation "Roadmap of Pain"

   ‘Roadmap Of Pain’ has nothing to do with a new plan for the situation in the Middle East, but is the title of the debut    album of the Finnish Total Devastation. And the verdict on that debut can be short: rock steady and good.


    Upon Infliction "To Escape is to Suffer"

   While their thrashy, catchy, urgent take on death metal has a strong and proud history in Florida's scene, Upon Infliction    would be more at home in the collection of a Vader, Hate Eternal or Krisiun fan these days.    READ MORE