PREDATOR is the self-titled debut release of a true "Power Metal" group. It is lightning, packed within a collection of high energy thrashers, that grab the listener from the    first awesome slash across the strings. Their poetic lyrics are deeply thought provoking works, which will leave the listener feeling and thinking more about life on multiple    levels. Their song, "Icon" was hailed by and featured in, Metal Edge's CD Sampler within their last issues.

   Together, these five predatory musical carnivores comprise PREDATOR. Stalking as one, this pack has become a force in Heavy Metal that simply cannot be denied. Their    amazing talent, song writing abilities and overall cool positive vibe, will leave the listener feeling enthusiastic and thinking more about their own place in this world. Never, will    you hear nonsense songs, simply extolling evil or anger, self-loathing or depression from these boys. These amazing and powerful songs are positive mirrors of strength in the    world and feelings of self reliance and self worth abound! This is... REALITY METAL... This is... PREDATOR! - Hunter Terran

   I first checked out Predator out on their myspace page and I could not wait for this CD to be available. I listened to the songs on their page everyday like an addict in need of a    fix. This stuff is very addictive. Their songs just rip right through you like a knife. This band is truly amazing, a word many have used to describe them on their comment page.    One thing that stands out is their clever and poetic lyrics that cover many life subjects. Someone had told me about them and when I heard them I was completely blown away!    The lyrics are written as if the poet has a dagger in his heart, giving you a front row seat of the pain, tears, rage, and overall connection to the songs. This stuff is absolutley    brilliant. Closet Anti-Christ is by far the best metal song ever written! - Lynnette Di Romani

   WOW!!!!!! Predator IS AMAZING! I just ordered this cd from this amazing band after checking them out on their My Space page: [...] . I was immediately blown away by    the power of this band. All the songs are great and their musicianship is BRUTAL..... to say the very least! I can't wait to see what they can do live in concert and I can't wait    to hear what their next cd will sound like. Predator has accomplished with their first cd what many other bands take to do three to four albums later: They have created a classic    metal masterpiece!!!! Predator rocks!!!! - Frank Davis