The Only Law is Survival

Review by Carcass

I drove 15 hours to the Milwaukee Metal Fest 2000 this summer to see Malevolent Creation and Hate Plow (and all the other bands, but especiallythem), to find out once I got there that their gigs had been canceled. When the dude at the Pavements booth told me so, I thought for a nanosecond how Iwould love to take a BFG (Big Fucking Gun), and make carnage out of the damn place... But then he showed me a pile of the new Hate Plow CD ready for me tobuy! I would have end up in jail (Reminds me of an urban story I've heard about Hate Plow! mmmh I won't go further!) and since I wanted to see DyingFetus, I just bought the CD and left for another gig with half a tear in my left eye.

Driving back home in the car, I kicked in that damn cursed CD (Witness of my deception) in my CD player. Hooooly shit! The Only Law is Survival fuckingblast! Sickest shit I've ever heard and very well done and produced. At first you'll go "Hey, damn where's the fucking guitar? I don't hear it!?!" But it'sthere and believe me it's fucking sick. Sharp as razors, the two axe men spin their hands at high speed RPM's. The drums are faster and tighter than I'veever heard; it even beats Malevolent Creation on that side. It's not the same drummer this time, their previous drummer died of inhalation of smoke in hishouse (RIP man, you rule!) and has now been replaced by the ALL-STAR-DRUMMER Dave Culross. Kyle Simons still handles the vocals. This time you get theschizophrenic type of singer, Low and some high pitched screams a la Carcass "Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious", this add for a more Grind Metalfeel.

And bunch bonus points here for the album cover! Nice fucking design guys now you're talking!

Overall - The best album I've heard this year. The most brutal thing I've ever heard, go buy this right now.

Review from Violated Rot Zine

Ahh yes, What can we say about these sick fucks except this new shit fucking kicks my moms ass!! Once again HATEPLOW lays waste to all the PCfaggots out there and blurts out their sick, Aggro grinding death aimed at little homos getting AIDS, and so on! I love this shit! Shattering and ruthless through & through, HATEPLOW unleash unthinkable grind terror that would make you shit cum!! Once again the voxs sounds like Kyle is heaving his innards in an effort to get the point across of how much you suck, and the music is hypersickening death/grind with no real surprise besides just being absolutely punishing. Savage brutality all throughout this rampage offuck offness!! A must pick up for any grind death freak because well, plain and simple if you want grinding death with pure hate get "The only law issurvival!!" 10 Impalements - Byron McHenry

Review from Grendal Webzine

Hateplow initially started as a side project by Phil Fasciana (Malevolent Creation), Rob Barrett (Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation), Kyle Symons (ex-Sickness), while Larry Hawke has since meanthis demise, drummer Dave Culross (Malevolent Creatin, ex-Suffocation) has taken his place, and bassist Tim Scott (Revenant) has been replaced with Doug Humlack.The Only Law is Survival, thirteen trax of sickness, "Shattered by Disease", "Outcast", "Traitor", "Incarcerated (Intent to Sell), and "Resurgence of Hate", all beat you to a bloody pulp. The music is tight as hell, death metal with high velocity. vocals are deadly, the backingvocals adds in a touch of grind-core to the malicious onslaught. Great follow up to their debut Everybody Dies '98! Lastest news on the Hateplow front is, their to do a European tour with Malevolent Creation, In Aeternum, and Rotten Sound in Feb. 2001. Buythis or you'll regret it!- SkullCrusher

Review from Himnos Rituales de Guerra

This Is intense and brutal grind, with light a touch of Death metal. Hate Plow's bluntness immediately reminded me of Terrorizer's classic "World downfall". Attached you'll find a Bio where you'll find out about the known characters who lead this speed invasion.

34 minutes of sheer violence, 14 songs which hold no contempt for weak sounds.Vocals are in the guttural vein but mixed with the tipical high screams of this kind of music.Lyrics aren't the so common gore stories, this musical violence is the sound track of modern day chaos, personal hate visions, or as in the case of "Addicted to porn" the lyric is perfect for many of our visitors.Buy it if you find it. I'll just go ahead and listen to it one more time. 10/10

Review from Vae Solis

Is HATEPLOW a grindcore band? I guess not. More likely, this is hellishly fast death metal. However, isn't it what we call grindcore? Nevermind. What I try to say is, The Only Law Is Survival strikes as unbelievably tight,mature and breathtaking effort. I never really liked this genre, howeverHATEPLOW made me to change my opinion on grindcore. Actually, I guess we couldn't expect a worthless CD from such a band; I mean, the band whose lineup is comprised of Phil Fasciana (MALEVOLENT CREATION) and Rob Barrett (CANNIBAL CORPSE) among others. This 13-tracker won't let you up until it's playing time is over, that's for sure. Speaking plainer The Only Law IsSurvival is a fucking brilliant piece of unrelenting grinding death metal! GET THIS ONE! - Herr Stalhammar

Review from Prelude in Darkness

Just think about what you can expect from a band created by Phil Fasciana (Malevolent Creation) and Rob Barrett (Malevolent Creation, Cannibal Corpse), two brutal souls which also have Dave Culross in the drums (Malevolent Creation, Ex- Suffocation), the vocalist Kyle Symons (ex- Sickness) and Doug Humlack in the bass guitar, just one word comes to our minds, and that one is brutality, and it's exactly what Hate Plow bring you in this opportunity in "The Only Law is Survival", production that presents 13 brutal songs during its 35 minutes of length, full of grindcore, and the best one you can listen to, the one that contains the only old total grinder sound performed years back, you'll get a display of brutality from the first song to the last one, besides feeling the sickness and destruction that surrounds Hate Plow. The drums are totally destroyer, they seem to smash people uncontrolled by hammers, the combinations in the vocals are suffocating, this, together with the extreme guitar riffs, the good work of the bass and the capacity to write the lyrics are elements that should make you add this production to your sicking collection, the songs that will make to bleed your ears are: The Only Law is Survival, Shattered by Disease, F.T.M, Emotional Catastrophe, Should i Care?, Outcast, Addicted to Porn, Traitor, Without Weapons, Payback, Incarcerated (Intent to Sell), Random Acts of Violence, and Resurgence of Hate...Be prepared for an intense look into the horrors of society the way only Hate Plow can deliver...

Review by Morbid Mario

Every time Phil Fasciana hands me an advance recording of one of his albums I always get the mandatory accompanying speech that starts out like, "DUDE! This is the sickest and fucking fastest shit you've ever heard etc". Truth be told, Phil isnít kidding. The new Hate Plow is some of the, and I quote, "sickest and fucking fastest shit" you'll ever hear. This album is a pure grinding holocaust. Terminal velocity from start to finish is what you can expect. What keeps Hate Plow above many other bands that try this however, is their ability to write killer tracks that snag the listener like an implement hook. The riffs are totally memorable and catchy. The drums an everlasting blast of apocalyptic fury. This is some of the best grind you will ever hear since the days of old Napalm Death, Siege, Terrorizer, and Repulsion. Hell, this makes Terrorizer sound like Candlemass. Fine, I exaggerate but you get the point. Dandy ditties such as "Fuck the Millenium", "Emotional Catastrophe", and "Addicted to Porn" will make all fans of extreme music go apeshit with glee. Whether you love grind/crust noise or traditional death metal, this is an album you must possess. Prepared to be plowed into an irrecognizable puddle of gore.