Moshpit Murder

Absolut Metal

If you don't already know who Hateplow is, then I'm not going to tell you, Ha! Ok, Malevolent Creation guitarists Phil Fasciana and Rob Barret started up the band as a side project with some of the greatest song titles ever....."$20 Blow Job", "Ass to Mouth Resuscitation", "Addicted To Porn", among other delightfully cheerful titles. The band was never for the weak of stomach, and still are out to tear up the PCers for forgetting how to let loose and have a little fun. The songs are all basic death, no new ground being broken here, but if you could imagine a more metal version of Anal Cunt, and now imagine them on tour together. They'd simply either drink themselves to death or kill eachother, but it would be one hell of a show. Either way, what you're getting here on "Moshpit Murder" is just all the live or demo tracks from their only two records, guess welfare is calling.

Metal Rules

Malevolent Creations alter-ego is back with a short live album from 2000 and a demo from 1996. The packaging is pretty stripped own but includes a very good detailed history of the band which is very enlightening. The cover art is just bad, the sound is pretty raw, I’d say this is a treat for the diehard fans and not the best introduction to the band. I fall more in the Malevolent Creation camp as Hateplow even though it’s the same guys, have injected more punk, grind, politics and humour which isn’t to my taste as much. Still I’m glad they use Hateplow to get it out of their system and don’t taint MC with the goofiness like ‘Anally Annie’, ‘Prison Bitch’ and ‘$20 Blow Job’. The sound on the live part is pretty raw but does capture the energy of a small club gig opening for S.O.D. “Moshpit Murder’ is a decent curio encapsulating the bands sporadic output over their first decade, more or less, but they are just not my band. Fans of Hateplow should bump my grade up a mark or two.

Rough Edge

Hateplow, featuring key members of Malevolent Creation and Cannibal Corpse, is a critical supergroup to the extreme metal world. Originally formed merely as a one-time special project, Hateplow has had a lot of staying power in the underground. Hateplow managed to follow-up their one-off disc "Everybody Dies" with another full-length titled "The Only Law Is Survival." And nearly a half-decade later a live recording makes its appearance for the metal masses to devour. "Mosh Pit Murder" features ten live tracks recorded on the 2000 tour supporting "The Only Law Is Survival," Hateplow's original and until now unreleased 1996 demo, and one demo track from 1999.

Recorded at a single concert, the disc's nine live tracks (ten songs total) are appropriately raw yet full of energy. Hateplow's material is undoubtedly death metal in origin, but is fully steeped in punk-like energy and non-death metal lyrical topics. Additionally, it sounds like much of the between song banter has been left intact which gives the overall impact of the live recording a full burst of honesty.

The demo tracks have that under-produced quality that most demos have (rightfully so). These tracks have more of the traditional death metal intensity and fierce growl that the genre needs to be effective more times than not. In all reality, fans of Hateplow, Malevolent Creation, and Cannibal Corpse will want the disc for the demos probably more than the live tracks. Personally, I was happy about the live tracks and wouldn't have been the least bit bothered if the album was only the live tracks. Last, but not least, Hateplow fans will want the demos for the sheer fact that original bassist Tim Scott and drummer "Crazy" Larry Hawke provide the blistering rhythm section that Hateplow was originated under.

The bottom-line is that "Most Pit Murder" is probably for fans of Hateplow, Malevolent Creation, and Cannibal Corpse. As such "Most Pit Murder" will probably have limited appeal, but for those of you to which it appeals will have a grand ol' time listening to it.

"Mosh Pit Murder" was produced by Hateplow. The sound quality is just about average, but sometimes that's best as polishing it too much could have lost some of the energy and power that Hateplow put forth in the live setting.