Malevolent Creation
Lost Commandments

Hard Times

   The band formed way back in 1988, in Buffalo, NY before relocating to Florida and pioneering the modern death metal genre.

The band has previously released no less than 10 full-lengths and numerous compilations, live albums, and demos, not to mention brutal as fuck t-shirt designs.

Significant Findings:
Who said death metal can’t be D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself)? Malevolent Creation’s first official full-length DVD release, “Lost Commandments,” is exactly that. Released by Florida-based Arctic Music Group, the label founded by Malevolent Creation songwriting legend Phil Fasciana, and that which has also released two of the band’s best albums in their career, 2002’s “Envenomed” and 2004’s “Will To Kill” as well as the Malevolent Creation side-project Hateplow’s albums “The Only Law Is Survival” and “Moshpit Murder,” “Lost Commandments” is an entirely self-financed and self-released affair. Its independent release could not be more timely in the fast-changing world music delivery and distribution, as it should ideally inspire a young generation of Malevolent Creation-influenced bands such as Veil Of Maya, The Faceless, Born Of Osiris, As Blood Runs Black, and more that if their idols are capable of self-releasing with proper distribution, so can they eventually; either if they decide to go indie, or labels lose their strength altogether, which many surmise could occur in the coming years. To make “Lost Commandments” even more appealing, the two concerts contained within are hair-raising and more than worthy of archiving, as they have been here. The Fort Lauderdale-based versatile and bad luck-ridden Malevolent Creation are one of the original early-90’s Roadrunner Records death metal bands that both gave that label its initial notoriety, and set the tone for substantive modern death metal with heavy Slayer and thrash leanings. They also happen to be one of the main influences for current Roadrunner band Slipknot, a fact not only openly stated by the band over the years, but validated by Slipknot guitarist Mick Thompson’s guest guitar solo on Malevolent Creation’s latest album, “Doomsday X.” So since Slipknot are the biggest extreme metal band on the planet, Malevolent Creation could be credited with having been foremost factors in both their sound and thus success. Further influence exerted by Malevolent Creation is on Bam Margera’s brother Jess Margera’s infamous experimental rock unit CKY. Margera himself penned the liner notes for Malevolent Creation’s “Best Of” compilation on Roadrunner a few years ago, and sings the bands praises at any occasion possible. On “Lost Commandments” we are treated to two concerts three years apart, and showcasing two different lineups. The first show was from the Party San Open Air Festival in Germany in 2007, with the “Ten Commandments” lineup virtually intact and reunited to run through a slew of classics predominantly from the band’s classic first two records for Roadrunner. Controversial frontman Brett Hoffman boasts the same dry scream that he has since the band’s early days when they were still Buffalo-based, giving both the German audience and the ones at home feelings of nostalgia and authenticity while watching the set, which can only help the band which has suffered more lineup and border setbacks than most over the past twenty years. The second concert shows the band in 2004 from Paris, having shared the stage on this evening with thrash survivors Exodus. Short-lived but immensely gifted and intimidating frontman Kyle Symons, who co-formed grindcore band Hateplow with Fasciana and lent his unmistakable vocals to the Malevolent albums “Will To Kill” and “Warkult” before leaving due to creative differences, is shown here during one of his last performances with the band. He was easily the most fitting, solid, standout frontman to ever grace the stage with Malevolent Creation, but sadly his short time in the band already appears to have buried him in the history books. He currently fronts Florida death metal band Upon Infliction, and is tentatively working on a supergroup named Intent To Kill, alongside a slew of former Malevolent Creation and current Cannibal Corpse members. The liner notes of “Lost Commandments” promise more releases in this vein, which if they will in fact see the light of day, cannot arrive soon enough.

Possible Diagnosis:
With albums like “Retribution,” “Eternal,” “The Fine Art of Murder,” and most recently “The Will To Kill” and “Warkult” Malevolent Creation prove time and time again they are one of the freshest and most unforgiving death metal bands on the planet. Provided they can keep a stable lineup and their songwriting quality remains up to par, the band will continue to cement their reputation with every release. “Lost Commandments” is yet another step in this direction.

If you’re from the old school, you are well-aware of just how stunningly Malevolent Creation blends influences like Slayer, Venom, Celtic Frost, Carnivore, Kreator, and Destruction. If you’re just starting out though, give these veterans a listen…they are one of the few who haven’t gotten stale over the years. !