Homo Iratus
Knowledge... Their Enemy

Quintessence (Netehrlands)

Homo Iratus, which is the latin translation for "Angry Human" by the way, was voted "best greek band" in the future, as well as "best deathcore band" both in the year 2001. So needless to say I was quite anxious to check out their new EP entiteled "Knowledge... their Enemy". The music is a mixture of grindcore, offbeat deathmetal and some more swingable elements which works out well. When comparing the new song "Protection through Surveillance" it can be heard that the style remained pretty much the same as on their debut album "Human Consumes Human", although it must be said that it all is just a little more balanced now. Besides that their was a change in vocalist, and because of the two present older tracks you can hear the difference in both new vocalist Thomas as well as old vocalist Mitch, they obviously both do a great job growling. Besides those older and a newer track we get an excellent interpretation of Sepultura`s "Roots Bloody Roots" as well as the videoclips for both "Tomahawk Cruise Messiah" and "Project: New World", which both are done quite professionally. I guess this is a great bridge for the period in between the debut album and the forthcoming full length. - Ruud


Latin for "angry human," Homo Iratus continues to suffer personnel changes, and this MCD serves as a transitional collection made up of two tracks from the band's debut effort, Human Consumes Human, a cover of Sepultura's "Roots Bloody Roots," and a track from its as-yet untitled forthcoming release. Knowledge . . . their Enemy also contains two videos of the compositions "Tomahawk Cruise Messiah" and "Project: New World." Musically, Homo Iratus remind me of bands such as Pro-Pain. A combination of brutality, groove-laden Hardcore, and even some subtle fusion, Homo Iratus delivers some pulse-pounding rhythms, some of which are laced with Middle Eastern hooks. These subtleties are not lost because the lyrics are very socially aware, addressing topics such as sacrificing personal freedom for that ever-popular phrase "national security" and using religion to push private agendas. The videos accentuate the political motifs. The anger inherent in all of Homo Iratus's compositions makes the band all the more powerful, giving the social > commentary an added edge not found in mainstream music. (OR) - 9 Skulls


This 4 tracker by Greek bruisers Homo Iratus is making a definite statement.After a brilliant debut album (Human Consumes Human) they lost their gurgling lead singer Mitch. Despite this as their website states, "Our fur has fallen, but we still got the stones in our hands". Those stones are certainly thrown down by replacement Thomas Bairachtaris. An all to brief 12 minutes of fury are contained within. Opening track Protection Through Surveillance is a grinding mix of Napalm Death with the odd hint of Carcass.

Now come to think of it Homo Iratus have never played outside Greece and Napalm Death have the habit of having really shit bands support them. I think you can easily guess what I am trying to say here. It makes perfect sense although it has been said so many times that ND seem to be scared of having a decent support band blowing them off stage. I played this to some friends and told them they would definitely recognise the second track. Its The Lion Sleeps Tonight they declared. Wrong but I can see where they were coming from with the opening acoustics. However they are quickly proved wrong when a storming version of Sepultura classic Roots Bloody Roots blasts in. Complete with what I though was an electric violin but is actually either a kemenje or a daoul (which are new ones to me), this is really interesting and certainly no generic copy. Tomahawk Cruise Messiah and Homo Sapiens are tracks from the first album. They give us a chance to compare the vocals and show that despite a difficult task, new boy Thomas should be able to fill the gap admirably. Also included on this package are videos for Tomahawk and Project New World.

These give a glimpse of the riotous live performance that no doubt has left many of the audience encountering them beaten to a pulp. It also shows that they have a drummer who wears a gasmask on stage. This is a commendable taster of what is sure to be a damn good if not somewhat difficult second album. - Pete