Immersed in Blood
Killing Season

Bludgawd (USA)

I was beginning to wonder when the fuck I would hear a band that would floor me again, and almost as soon as I though that, BAM! This is my first run in with Immersed In Blood, and I say run in cause getting away from the stereo with my life was almost impossible. Kinda like jumping in the ring with Iron Mike when he could really fight. The vocalist, Stefan, has some of the most powerful pipes I have heard. Fuck trying to get guttural and outsick the rest, Stefan's voice out powers many of the low, deep guttural vocalists that seem to overwhelm the scene sometimes. The guitars are speedy, harmonized and outright insane. Just check out "We Have A Bleeder" and you'll see what I mean. There are also hints of the old distortion that the great Swedish bands used to use, you know what I mean, that deep, crunchy, meaty distortion that distinguished a killer band from Sweden from the rest of the pack. Joakim's drumming skills are top notch, keeping in time with the rest of the band as if he were just a appendage to a complete body. He can blast, he can throw down a slow, crushing beat. The bass is there as well, kind of hidden a bit from the trained ear, but crank this bitch up and feel the force behind it, that's the fuckin bass, pure ambient force... fuck what can this band not do that would impress me? I rave about alot of bands, and while 99% of them deserve it, Immersed In Blood get my backing 100%. Fuck I love this band! I can go on for a while longer, but I'm just going to leave it at this... pick this CD up now and you'll hear what the fuck I'm telling you about here. I don't think I've steered many of you readers in the wrong direction before, so take another hint from BludGawd and get this CD!

Zero Magazine (Sweden)

There are good things and not so good things about this album, and I will begin by listing what is good with it. 1) They are from Gothenburg, but have not like most acts from there when it comes to Metal been influenced by British Heavy Metal from the early 80’s but instead by death metal. 2) They deliver in 28 minutes 10 songs of brutal and fast, heavy as lead and relentless music, which is exactly how I want it when I am listening to an album of this genre. Those were the good things and the band had almost managed to get a 5, but then we get to the not so good things, and then the grade drops considerably. What makes it drop is the pre-adolescent lyrics that almost exclusively deal with how one should fuck and demean girls brutally. Which makes me draw a deep sigh, for is there something more ridiculous than grown men who sing about this? Perhaps there is to others but to me it’s among the silliest things one can do. But like I said, the music is ok and if the band don’t let a 13-year old who have just discovered the opposite sex write the lyrics to their next album I will probably start to like this band.

Sweden Rock Magazine (Sweden)

If one choose to call ones debut demo ”Eine Kleine Deathmusik”, one simply can not fail. Swedish Immersed In Blood – that mainly consist of members of now defunct old school manglers Inverted – concentrates on two things. With song titles like “Rectal force ecstasy” and lyrics like “lick my flesh-pole bashing up your horny ass” it is both severe anal fixation, and one hell of a powerful release where one carefully have put severed parts of Vomitory and Cannibal Corpse together. An appetizing “photo” of a redneck blowing his pals brains out with a two barrel shotgun crown it all. So tasteful it splatters! 7/10 - Jakob Raderius

Close-up Magazine (Sweden)

Why have the awesome logo from the demo tape ”Eine Kleine Deathmusik” been replaced by a wimpy cowboy lay-out? And why does the band, with the exception of straight edge-Joel Andersson, look like a bunch of indoor bandy players from Bankeryd? A minus point immediately.

Apart from this Gothenburg’s very own Suffocation is in excellent shape on this full length debut. Brutal stuff from the underground is something you can never get enough of, especially not when it is done this good. It shows that Immersed In Blood have been around a while now, and they have realized that 29 minutes is just enough for a death metal album like this.

They owe their fat sound to Christian Silver (ex-Cemetary) and Studiomega, and if not the Cemetary-connection appeal to the fans the fact that the Arctic sub label Frozen North is being run by Phil Fasciana of Malevolent Creation will.

The lyrics are great as well. “Recession of purity, depraved of dignity, cum is your penalty” it says in the album’s best track “Supreme Bukkake”. And in opener “Salvatorial Rape”: “cum-blast of hatred shot straight into your fucking eyes”. The feminists will probably complain at the lack of variation.

Metal Provider

The packaging of this album is deceiving in its Pantera-like appearance. Who would think that behind this innocuous-looking exterior is the best death metal album I've heard in quite some time? "Percussive Control" was a track that did seem to contain a slight Southern tinge to its Immolation breakdown, however, but made up for this with vicious riff progressions. "Recession" nearly snapped my neck with an abrupt transition, but my vertebrae were re-aligned by the title tracks' slower yet technical opening moments. Fellow Swedes Spawn of Possession immediately came to mind during the slides and sweeps of "Elite/Perfected", not to mention the odd harmonic duel in "Rectal Force Ecstasy", and undoubtedly fans of that type of death metal will relish the work of Immersed in Blood. One oddity was the drumming of Joakim Unger. This guy almost never comes off of his hi-hats; trivial, maybe, but very noticeable. Lyrically, there is enough variety to please most listeners, going from the occultish "Azura" to the self-explanatory "Supreme Bukkake". A fine choice by Phil Fasciana and Arctic Music Group! Rating 8/10 - Josh Ngolls


Fucking fuckity fuck. Ten tracks of aural depravity, monstrously brutal and on hyperspeed. Kind of like structured chaos. Meaning it's not just metal in a Cuisinart, almost but not quite. There's a bit of backbone to the tornado, revisiting riffs and tempos, not just banging and strumming and screaming for the sake of banging and strumming and screaming.

The music rips... five violent Swedes putting music to ferocity. Singer Stefan Lundberg's pharynx WILL explode one day, drummer Joakim Unger will put out an eye with the flying shards of broken drum sticks, and bassists and guitarists Joel Andersson, Johan W Ohlsson and Robert Tyborn Axt, respectively, will lose overworked digits to over-vibrating wound steel strings. Or bad karma. Or both. And then they'll write a song about it.

Honestly, the lyrics here make me nauseous. Ass-rape, razors and rape, pits of molested gore and the topper "Supreme Bukkake". The first ode to Bukkake that I've ever come across. And hopefully the last.

Choke as the stench of bukkake starts drenching the room The fall of innocence, visions of purity Cum is your penalty supreme Weep as the glass of bukkake starts kissing your lips Recession of purity Depraved of dignity Cum is your penalty sumpreme

See what I mean? If that doesn't give you a disturbing visual that makes you want to wretch, I'm calling the cops.

Bottom line, music great. Lyrics depraved. Partake at your own risk. - Chris Barnes

Transcending The Mundane (USA)

Swedish death metallers Immersed In Blood rose from the ashes of Inverted. Killing Season is their full length debut and it's a nearly half hour of brutality. The ten songs here blast by in record pace. The band goes for the jugular with over the top brutal death metal with a keen sense of technical virtuosity. It's unsurprising that the band would find a home on Arctic Music as Immersed In Blood are a logical companion to Arctic owner Phil Fasciana's main band Malevolent Creation- although, while Immersed In Blood embody the intensity of Malevolent Creation, they don't have the variety yet. The music on Killing Season is tight as hell and the excellent production courtesy of Studio Mega producer Christian Silver (the Crown, Eternal Lies) helps get the directness and heaviness of the band's attack. Sure, we've heard this before but Immersed In Blood play brutal death metal with both skill and conviction. The short length of the album works to its advantage much the same way Deicide's debut and Slayer's Reign in Blood did. 7.5 out of 10 - Reviewed by: Brett VanPut

vUnholy Terror #4

FINALLY these horny homos from Gothenburg/Sweden released their debut full-length CD. I liked their demo (“Eine Kleine Deathmusik”, ’99), I liked thier MCD (“Relentless Retaliation”, ‘01), but this is just inhuman! Pure fucken energy comes out of the speakers as soon as you’ve putthis piece of sonic rape into your player! Unbelievable, how tight & fast they’ve become! Fortunately they maintained thier very own style: Even though it’s really brutal, “American” sounding Death Metal with a technical edge, it still doesn’t sound like any of the SUFFOCATION-clone-bands or like worthless “new school” groove shit. Furthermore you get a few shrieking, precisely executed guitar leads, which I absolutely appreciate (e.g. “Killing Season” or “Percussive Control”). For this album they re-recorded two old songs from their demo: “Letum Non Omnia Finit” and “Raped By The Father, The Son And The Holy Ghost” (which has been renamed to “Salvatorial Rape”) – but these versions are much, much faster & devastating , thats for sure! Hmm, strange song titles like “Supreme Bukakke” or “Azura” – don’t have the lyrics, but most certainly Stefan’s disturbed mind has spawned some abnormal ideas (just listen to his jabbering in the last track & you’ll realize something went wrong in his childhood, hehe). Hey, in case you get the chance to see IMMERSED IN BLOOD live, please close your eyes as they look more like a boy-group than a terrifying Death Metal band (hahaha ... ) – the only “real” Metalguy is “band-dictator” Joel Andersson. But seriously: It’s the music that matters and these five dudes definately deliver the goods! The only thing I have to complain about is the sterile artwork, but I think this is of minor importance. Get this masterpiece of brutish Death Metal supremacy NOW or commit suicide!!! 6 points out of 6,66 - Andi

Into (USA)

Immersed in Blood have reverse engineered the Swedish metal style and would claim Slayer as their kings before any melodic metal act whom may share their homeland. I guess you can say they'd share similarities with Bloodbath, who are also from Sweden, but Immersed in Blood are a full time act. They play a brutal style of death metal that is unrelenting. From the second the disc starts until the final note, you are treated to a driving and uncompromising slab of death metal full of blast beats, double bass, growls and guitar work devoid of nearly all melody. Instead, you get a lot of chugging, and some Slayer-styled singer note sections, as well as a lot of artificial harmonics. "Rectal Force Ecstasy", on top of being a classy name, is a great song that showcases this band's ability of playing potent, powerful and monstrous death metal. Immersed in Blood play brutal death metal, while staying away from the trappings of becoming another Cannibal Corpse clone. They're like Deicide in that they keep things simple and super heavy.


This album is fucking awesome. It's completely insane and brutal Swedish death metal with some grind parts. It's relentless, the energy is unbelievable, and it's got a really catchy groove (forgive my use of the word "GROOVE") to it. Death metal is death metal, so band names and comparisons aren't necessary. These guys are better, more interesting, more violent, more aggressive and more talented than 99% of the death metal out there. No comparison is possible. Immersed in Blood is horrifically good. Killing Season is utterly demolishing and powerful, one of the most truly violent records released in quite some time.

Metal Judgment (USA)

Brutal death metal: one of the more controversial sub-genres around, maligned by some for relying too heavily on blast beats and a lack of diverse sound and generic gore lyrics, and praised by others for pushing the boundaries of of extreme music. I understand both sides, and while I love bands like Necrophagist, Spawn of Possession, Dying Fetus, and the like, I cannot stand the overtly brutal gore/porno grind metal, far to repetitive for me. Immersed in Blood do the brutal death metal thing very well. Hailing from Sweden, the group can blast away at a thousand miles an hour with pummeling riffs and sick mosh breaks, each song is a musical beat down and the rhythm section is absolutely sick. The double bass hits like a shotgun blast to the face, and the riffs tear away with the violence and gore of a Mortal Kombat video game. All in all Killing Season is an excellent album with enough variety and crushing brutality for any death metal fan to enjoy. It's not revolutionary, but it is some good violent fun. 4/5 - Metal Militia

Wormgear (USA)

Some rather standard death metal is to be found on "Killing Season", but what saves Sweden's Immersed in Blood (containing former members of Inverted) is their avoidance of mosh rhythms and otherwise memorable songwriting style. The mid-ranged growl and deep, cultivating guitar tone put me in mind of Gutted... another band that utilized all the staples of the death metal genre, yet molded them into something powerful and worth listening to. False harmonics ala Immolation dominated I.I.B.'s rhythms as they thoughtfully utilize a full arsenal of tempo shifts to keep each track blazing along and the listener perched on the edge, willing to take the beating. "Killing Season" is a full throttled attack sure to impress fans that prefer their death metal more challenging than something born at the mind of yet another Cannibal Corpse clone. - Marty

From Sweden this band storms at you with a riotgun. 10 crushing bullets are shooted at your head and try to blow it away and in thousand pieces. Only when you move your head the right way you can survive this attack. And when you don't, they write nasty words on your epitaph. So be warned and protect yourself!


Immersed in blood – killing season cd 2003 (arctic music/frozen north recs) immersed in blood return in 2003 with their long awaited full length cd,well worth the wait sickos is all I can say,as soon as “salvatorial rape” kicked in they had my full attention,but little did I expect when “rectal force ecsatcy” blasted on with its killer slam section in the middle of the track,classic shit indeed,one of the best Swedish releases I,ve heard in years,this cd will be a classic as its damn near perfect in all terms of writing and playing ablities.excellent performances all round,if you like acts like suffocation,deranged,soils of fate etc this will be up your atreet,I cant say anymore how good this cd is,phil fasciana (malevolent creation) must have filled his trousers when he heard this blasterpiece,as its on his “arctic music” label,check this out now. 10/10

Metal Fanatix

Formerly known as Inverted, Immersed In Blood have released what is to be a newfound Gothenberg-style mixing the renowned Swedish death metal formula with US thrash! Of course, being from Sweden, there isn't much that comes out of Sweden these days that I do not like in some way, shape, or form. Viewing their song titles, they have enough aggression built up to last a millenium or more. Speaking of which, aggression is pretty much the ingredient on "Killing Season" in its entirety. "Letum Non Omnia Finit" is one of my favorite tracks as close as the others come to that. I can actually hear a bit of the band, Seance, in Immersed In Bloods' music. The only let down for me is the knack for repetition in their song structures, which isn't necessarily bad. A lot of bands likewise, will use repetition to get points across to people without the technical storyboard hassle. Whatever suits you best I suppose. While still retaining little room for error however, the Swedish quintet has a very modest and clear direction ahead of them. If they get some bigger gigs set-up with bands like Hypocrisy or In Flames, these guys will definitely get more eyes looking their way (well duh... haha). They are without a doubt, one of the brightest newcomers out of Sweden. 83/100 - Thomas Mitchell

Grindead Webzine

It has been awhile since these swedes released their mcd "Relentless Retaliation" that really gave them a name in the underground of death metal. Well, now they are back once more and some changes have followed with them. First of all I would like to say that it has been awhile since I heard an album that starts off as agressive as this one. The first track is a great opening for this album.

Immersed in blood has indeed evolved. The music is much faster, almost inhuman drumming, and some of the breakdowns are so heavy that you easily could get down that much so that you could break your back in two. The album was recorded in the same studio as "Relentless Retaliation", but the soundquality is rawer, but that just makes it sound more brutal. If you havent heard IIB before, you should know that the vocals are not at all into the ultra guttural style that many bands use these days. Although I like it more that way, this vocalist still has tons of agression to spew forth, maybe like a way more pissed off Corpsegrinder (Cannibal Corpse, if you by any chance have forgotten) and it brings somewhat extra rage and intensity to the music.

And what about lyrics? Well, they are hateful, filled with a lot of agression, not that much ultra- disgusting, sometimes silly gore. Instead its more of a "in-your-face" style. The whole idea behind the coverart, booklet and everything concerning the cd-case, must have come from hours of watching western movies and I must say that its really original.

This album gets 4 out of 5. Very agressive and very promising deathgrind that has some of the most inhuman drumming that I have ever heard. Maybe the soundquality makes it hard to hear some of the instruments sometimes and it becomes a little muffled, but its still good. - Ulf

Stranger Aeons Webzine (USA)

From the gory guts of it, Immersed In Blood plays Brutal Sludge/Death Metal that pulverizes your soul. Their 2003 opus, “Killing Season” [Arctic Music Group], is a stark display of harsh, jagged beauty sharpened by sheer, chaotic intensity. Immersed In Blood is severe, bleak, and powerful.

Innards crushing, sludgy guitar blasts burn-away massive, tumultuous rhythms. Guttural, growled vocals crown this sonic mayhem perfectly, like being wrapped in razor-wire. Immersed In Blood is as brutal as they come. And it is very good.

Songs of note within this raging collection of eviscerating cuts include “Azura,” the smashed glory of “Percussive Control,” “Letum Non Omnia Finit,” “We Have A Bleeder,” and the primal fire of “Killing Season.” Immersed In Blood is industrial-strength Death Metal....

In conclusion, Immersed In Blood truly obliterates. This one will make the trendwhores runaway screaming and bleeding. (The thought of it makes me smile.) - Bill Vogel III

Live4Metal (USA/England)

Sweden’s Immersed in Blood rose from the ashes of Inverted a few years back and came up with not only the perfect band name, but now the perfect album title for the brutal death grind they play. Just don’t read the lyrical depictions of sex and violence if you’re the sensitive type. The band would fit perfectly on the Relapse roster, although I prefer the more dynamic brand of grinding death metal played by Immersed in Blood over several of the Relapse grind bands. It’s actually a bit more on the death metal side than on the grind side. Don’t be confused; this is blast-beat driven, broken glass gargling, jugular slicing blood splatter. It’s just that a song like the excellent title track includes not only relentless grind aggression, but also crunching grooves and even a manic guitar solo. Hell, you can even understand some the vocals if you listen carefully. The press releases describes the music as Swedish death metal “with the brutality of U.S. thrash metal;” I suppose a good deal of that is true, but there is no mistaking the grind element. In other words, assuming this is your cup of tea, Killing Season keeps things interesting from a musical standpoint, generally within the 3-minute range of course. As far as lyrics go, it’s sick as the plague. One listen to tunes like “Rectal Force Ecstasy” or “Salvatorial Rape” and you’ll wonder whether these guys have some serious relationship issues or have simply taken lyrical metaphor to frightening new levels. I also had to wonder whether the inside of the CD insert was originally intended to be the front cover. I guess the suits had second thoughts upon the realization that the picture of a hunter blowing another guy’s head off (head in mid-explosion, mind you) with a shot gun might not play well in the Wal-Marts of the world. Either way, the fierce musical assault on Killing Season will crush your skull with impunity. It’s certainly one of the better deathly grind, grinding death, or thrashing grind (take your pick) albums I’ve heard in a while. - Scott

Metal Core (USA)

Holy shit is this some fast serious shit. Super blazing fastdeath metal of the highest order. The sickest lyrics ever. The band only slowdown for a second andthen slam into 1000mph pounding of your little body. A skull smashing release of quality death metal.

Metal Review (USA)

What we have here is a blood-dipped and deep gore fried slab of crusty Swedish retro-style death/grind heavily influenced by Entombed’s overdriven guitar tone, Deranged’s drum patterns and structure, and some Cryptopsy squeals flying about. Drumming heavily dominates this disc from beginning to end. The kick production is booming and ruthless, while the snare is crisp & tight. The style reminds me of Cryptopsy’s Whisper Supremacy not in speed, technicality, or variation, but because the drumming mercilessly pounds the rest of the music, thus establishing its tyranny and challenging guitars and bass to keep up to the standards it sets. And holy balls are these guitars ever crunchy. More so than a frozen stick of peanut brittle. Like Deranged, it’s fun to listen to because it’s a style not extremely prevalent in metal today, but after the first 3 or 4 songs you can put full trust in your judgment of what the rest of the album is going to be like.

A cool sound and killer display of percussion is heard on “Killing Season”, but if you’re only moved by progressive death w/ dizzying technicality and stellar leadwerk, then look elsewhere because you’ll get bored w/ this. Bloodbath “adopted” the old-school crunch and crafted some decent songs w/ it. Some were memorable, some not. But Immersed in Blood takes the crunch and leaves a scorched path of obliteration similar to many crust-core grind bands, basically melding 1 gigantic song w/ the album. A fun listen for every now & then, but lack of quality riffing & song distinction prevent it from sinking its claws in and securing a spot in heavy rotation.

Nekrologium (Sweden)

If you are under the impression that Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, The Haunted, Hammerfall and their respective clones is all there is coming from the Gothenburg area in Sweden, think again! In this apparent cesspool of sissy melodies and castrato singing, a ferocious beast have been lurking, waiting for its moment to strike. It first reared its head with the mini CD "Relentless retaliation" in 2001, giving a hint of what's to come. The beast is known as Immersed in Blood and proves beyond all doubt that it is the most brutal death metal monster in Sweden. Songs like "Supreme bukake", "We have a bleeder" and the title track will instantly crush you to a bloody pulp to let "Recession", "Rectal force ecstasy" or "Azura" devour you with their bizarre, twisted and grand inputs. The reputation of Gothenburg is about to be restored. Posers beware….the killing season have indeed begun! graded: 5