Homo Iratus
Human Consumes Human

Metal Reigns

Here is a new band on the rise for all you Obituary and Carcass fans. Homo Iratus has released a good album entitled Human Consumes Human. What a great title! For the most party they offer a grungy death style that is reminiscent of old Obituary with a modern type groove to them. The have some cool changes and time signatures and the guitars are heavy and the vocals are angry and well written. Not many bands reinvent the old type of death metal spawned here in the stes back in early nineties and late eightiesm but Homo Iratus takes us back to the days of old with yet a refreshing new approach. The production is done very well and gives the band a good over all sound and quality that very few new bands get to experience at such an early stage in their careers. Although I prefer metal with more intensity and technicality, Homo Iratus does deliver the power and anger that is a must with todays harder edge metal bands. Human Consumes Human has the power of monster riffing mixed with the heart pounding beats and the vocal delivery to bring all the anger together. So if your a fan of old doom metal then Homo Iratus is worth checking out. I myself am very interested to see where this band goes in the coming years and looking forward to hearing their next release. Homo Iratus, Human Consumes Human. A great start for any band

Metal Fanatix (USA)

The summer of 1998 marked the start of Homo Iratus. Hailing from Greece, this band has created a sound similar to a mix of early Carcass and Napalm Death. They seem to be the heaviest band from Greece, with their early death metal sound. "Human Consumes Human" is the title of Homo Iratus' latest effort. From the first track on this CD, it takes off with a song entitled "Life-Like Violence." This is my favorite track on this disk. There are a host of other songs that I liked as well. They include "Project: New World," "Crawling Principles," "Sonus In Terrorem," "Human Parts Inc.," and "S.H.I.T." Some of the other tracks had some good parts as well but the band couldn't quite pull everything together. The fourteen tracks play for a little more then forty minutes and provokes you into moshing like animals. This is the first of a four album deal with the Arctic Music Group, so prepare yourself for another onslaught of Homo Iratus. Rating: 82

Violated Rot (USA)

Going out on a limb? I don't think so. This is possibly the best release of 2001. Finally an onslaught of punishment is crossing my path. HOMO IRATUS smack you're semen sack with some of the most original, catchy as fuck death metal, PERIOD! If there was a entity that could take physical form just from the word brutal HOMO IRATUS would be this demonseed. Vocals that are beyond inhuman, scathing fierce guitar work that leaves you in a nut shell, FUCKED! HOMO IRATUS are quite in touch with what they are doing on all levels musically. Tight as shit. Pure crushing brutal groove oriented death metal. I was left awed with this release and might as well just be heard to believed. Pick up "Human consumes Human" today. take my word for it. This is a breathe of fresh air in a scene that seems to be a bit stiffled and in neutral. 10 Impalements - Byron

Metal Hammer (Greece)

"...Homo Iratus from Thessaloniki managed to to produce by themselves a contemporary Album that in all levels outs equivalent foreign."

"...When it wants to be groovy it sounds like an Ultra Death version of Sepultura in the Chaos A.D. years and when it is brutal it reaches the rotteness of Napalm Death. The Riffs are so Heavy that whether you like it of not they make you crank up the volume a bit more.In tandem with the totally rotten vocals - from Barnes to Barney - 9 out of 10"


Well, in case you are wondering the name of this lot is Latin and translates as Angry Man. These particularly angry men are not from Roman climes but actually hail from Greece. The extreme music scene in Greece contains the likes of Rotting Christ and Flesh. Apart from them it seems the trend is for weak histrionics and bad power metal. Thankfully Homo Iratus do a lot to redress the balance in this Mediterranean land. Only formed in the summer of 1998 this 4 piece belted out a 6-track demo, Absence Of Progress. They were lucky enough to get shows early in their career supporting the likes of Children Of Bodom, Impaled Nazarene and Malevolent Creation. Human Consumes Human is actually first album proper and creates a whirlwind start to their career. Musically Homo Iratus are a mix of early grindcore (Carcass and Napalm spring to mind) along with elements of both brutal death and industrial. The guitar bass and drumming work faultlessly together these boys have forged a tight unit. When singer Mitch is first heard on opener Life-Like Violence I really didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He has a unique style that is akin to a vacuum cleaner being sucked into a whirlpool. Simply put his low-pitched growls are quite devastating and really add to the flavour of this album. Argyris occasionally breaks up the breakneck speed of things by throwing acoustic tabla sounding drum solos into the middle of a song. This 14 tracker is an introduction to a band with the potential to go far. Grab it before they become a household name. - Pete

www.Wallsoffire .com

Oups! This one really grooves! The Greek Americans seem to be no Mr. Nice Guys, make no prisoners and seem to have the mission to drive your neighour mad with "Human Consumes Human"! They describe theirselves as a mixture of Napalm Death, Konkhra and Sepultura and I can only agree with them. O.K. they are much more Death Metal influenced than Sepultura but they can compete with their tremendous amount of power. Just like a bulldozer Homo Iratus crush through 14 songs and their Deathcore will upset your hair- style more than one time! The production went also very good and kicks yourself away with an extra dose of power! This one is really extreme and this one really makes fun! Another very good aspect of "Human Consumes Human" are the lyrics. Homo Iratus neither glorify violence nor talk senseless shit; "Human Consumes Human" is a very critical sight of mankind and society and the aspects and values in between. There is no other way to handle this topics; it only works with a brutal kind of music. Deep tuned guitars, a sick shouter and grooves that will unleash a fuckin´Moshpit are exactly the qualities that make this album hell and it proves that Midtempo and groove makes an album much more brutal than high- speed- escapades! Are you looking for a kick in your ass?....check this one out! - 5 out of 6

Stranger Aeons Zine

Brutality-thy name be Homo Iratus. Greek Deathcore (Death/Metalcore) freaks Homo Iratus have finally hit the U.S. shores with their North American debut, "Human Consumes Human" [Arctic/Crash, Inc. Records]. This is a truly bludgeoning display of controlled psychosis.

Their sound welds together efficient, energetic samples; intelligible guttural roars; sludgy, massive rivers of guitar slag; and catchy rhythms into a brilliantly mesmerizing assault of cataclysmic proportions. Few bands can pull this chore off successfully, but Homo Iratus does it masterfully.

The most devastating cuts include the slashing whirl of "Sonus In Terrorem," the explosive "Hideousness Show," "Crawling Principles," the hammering, mechanical beat of "Life-Like Violence," and "Slavery/Freedom." This is mayhem at its best...and its purest.

In summary, Homo Iratus obliterates. Isn't that reason enough? Stay savage. Farewell. - Bill Vogel III

Brutal Punishment Zine (USA)

Greece has been mainly known for there melodic style of death metal but this musical piece from HOMO IRATUS is showing bands like IN FLAMES, MURDER SQUAD, ect.. what greek death metal is all about grindcore style! HOMO IRATUS plays death/grind metal that I'm sure fans of NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS, & even old SEPULTURA fans would definitely would love & drool over. HOMO IRATUS is groovy, technical, complexed, & heavy all at once. This record will have grindcore fans on a respirator dying for more.

Bludgawds Extreme Metal Resource

Right off I was kind of getting scared with this disc cause there is this really odd intro which lasts about a minute and a half and I thought that maybe this was going to be some sort of tribal metal band but man was I wrong. Imagine the likes of older school Entombed, Grave mixed with newer bands like Hateplow mix that with a big shot of adrenaline and there you got Homo Iratus. Plain and simple this is a band that sum up the term "heavycore"(not aking any reference that they are hradcore or shit like that just meaning they are heavy as fuck. I like the second track "Dead Upon Conception" the best with it's neck snapping breakdowns that come right back up and smack you in the face like a red headed step child. I recommend Homo Iratus 110% so drop the mouse and your lil pud and go get this!

Tartarean Desire

Arctic Music Group is one of the fastest rising metal labels in the world at the moment and they are really good at finding the best brutal bands in existance. In April this year they signed Homo Iratus, a brutal death metal band from Greece, for four albums. The band was formed in 1998 and this is their first full-length release so far. Judging by the lyrics Homo Iratus is more than just another new brutal deathcore band. They seem to be very socially aware and this is something I like to see more of in the music business in general. Luckily there is more to enjoy here than just the lyrics since Homo Iratus has managed to create a great brutal death metal album with guttural vocals, blasting drums and lots of groovy guitars. The band even produced the album themselves and they did a fine job to say the least. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that Homo Iratus is the best thing that has happened in Greek metal since Rotting Christ once left the national grounds for an international career. The womb of democracy still has some great metal bands yet to be discovered and this is most definitely one of the most powerful death metal releases of the year 2001. If you love Carcass this is for you. - 8.5 out of 10

X-Trim Webzine

I wanted to hear this CD, due to the great expectation formed around this band. Homo Iratus was formed in Greece in 1998, and after some changes in the line-up, they began to make gigs, opening for bands such as Napalm Death, Hateplow or Malevolent Creation. In these gigs, they impressioned so much the stuff of Arctic Music, so decided to ofer a 4-album deal sign!!. Homo Iratus´ music is a mix among very guttural and mid-times death, in the vein of Sintury or Konkhra with more "core" and groovie parts in the way of Sepultura´s "Chaos A.D." with another ones like Napalm Death from "Inside The Torn Appart", all with a lot of ferocity and smashing parts. The production is incredible and sounds like a bullet!!!!. Is a perfect work for shaking head 40 min.!!! - 8.25 .out of 10