Malevolent Creation

An overwhelming percentage of Malevolent Creation's fanbase will regard the next sentence as false and, for the most part, absurd. Florida's Malevolent Creation hasn't amounted to much since their excellent second effort, Retribution. That's eight years of substandard albums! Of course, the band's revolving door of members didn't help solidify a trusting network of 'everytime' buyers, but in the end it's songwriting that counts. Even last year's Fine Art of Murder didn't exactly deliver what many claimed as the band's return-to-form album; original singer Brett Hoffman made his first throat-scraping appearance since 1993's Stillborn. However, something happened in the two years Malevolent Creation were writing and touring. They discovered that writing memorable death metal anthems didn't have to come at the expense of aggression and severity. For all accounts, Envenomed, is razor-sharp not only in its execution, but also in its atmosphere. Malevolent Creation is firing on all cylinders. Guitarists Phil Fasciana and Rob Barrett use their instruments in the most extreme and precise fashion possible, creating a landscape of horrifically brilliant death metal riff after fucking riff. Whether it's opener "Homicidal Rant," "Conflict," or the excellent (and different) "Halved," the direct yet careful use of riffage makes these songs as deadly anything as counterparts Vader and Slayer have penned in years. It's also very difficult not to notice the perfect performance of skinbasher (let's say, 'percussionist,' too) Dave "Lombardo" Culross (Suffocation). The sheer magnitude of "Bloodline Severed" and "Pursuit Revised" is enough to land Culross accolades for his never-ending blasts and extremely proficient, inventive handiwork. Hoffman like the album title suggests is envenomed and enraged - song after song, his vocal output is pronounced and fierce. If Evenomed is any indication of what Malevolent Creation has in store for the death metal community, then even Floridians Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse either have a perfect touring partner or strong competitor. Look out - Florida is back!

Review by Morbid Mario

It has been a good two years since the last Malevolent Creation release, but this has undoubtedly given Phil and the murdering crew a good amount of time to prepare their next killing spree. And what a venomous killing spree it is.

"Envenomed" starts off things at blistering velocity with the ripping "Homicidal Rant", at track virtually guaranteed to fill you with the fever to go out and take lives. "Night of the Long Knives" is another scorching track that has parts reminiscent of "Thou Shall Kill" off the band's first album. Don't even think to say "rip-off" but it sure feels like they wanted to somehow subtly revisit that killer track. "Kill Zone" is a hell of a track that is probably the album's most interesting piece. There are harmonies in there (what Phil and I like to call the "killer bee" parts) that are reminiscent of technical black metal ala Dissection at times. No, of corpse they are not going black metal but it does seem as if the song writing may have some Nordic spices peppered into the brew.

Speed is rampant throughout the album; however, there are parts where the tempo does drop a bit to allow for the replenishment of weaponry used in the slaughter. One of the most effective times this happens is during "Serial Dementia". Thrashing from the waist up will be mandatory during this part. "Conflict" has an absolutely crushing double bass portion that is overlain by one hellishly deadly riff. Again, rampant headbanging and head removing will occur when this track is played live.

Malevolent Creation delivers the goods again with another incredible piece of work. Fans of all Metal genres (death, black, thrash, hell the stupid nu-metal kids should pick this up and learn how the fuck its done right) need this album in their collection of Metal weaponry. Feel the venom in your veins or die!

Stranger Aeons

Every silver cloud has its black lining. That's why I love dark days...the blackness suits me. And yet another dark day has fallen. Malevolent Creation has returned with a new killer opus, titled "Envenomed" [Arctic Muisc/Pavement Records]. And what a dark day it is.

Returning with an added ferocity, Malevolent Creation's sound is Florida Style Death Metal with a Hyperblast tinge to their massive maelstrom. Fast barrages of machine gun rhythms impale each onslaught with blasting intensity, as colossal tempo changes swing into loopy, Florida style guitar grooves with a meat-hook digging catchiness.

The vocals are a medium, and a deeper guttural growl. The drumming is a frenetic artillery assault of cluster bombing beats that explode mercilessly. The total effect is devastatingly beautiful, like blood running down a blade in the pale moonlight.

Every track shreds, but the best ones include "Bloodlines Severed," "Conflict," "Halved," and "Night Of The Long Knives." But my favorite cut is "Homicidal Rant," a frenzied rage with blasting segments of guitar fury and more controlled moments of hook burying aggression. Scarring, abusive barrages of instrumental brutality highlighted by supersonic drumming and a bestial vocal roar are just the beginning of the chaotic glory. This is their best album to date.

Overall, this is a brilliant, perceptive, and hostile work of blunt force eloquence that should, and will, be a must for Death Metal and Extreme Metal freaks. Let the darkness fall. Stay savage. Farewell. - Bill Vogel III