Down The Drain
Dying Inside


Shit! I think something like this doesn’t need introductions, I will tell you that DOWN THE DRAIN’s vocalist is nothing less than apocalyptic Bret Hoffmann, who immortalized so many gems as singer in MALEVOLENT CREATION! A whole institution in Death Metal world! DOWN THE DRAIN is his new band and of course I already got this material in my hands! The presentation is very good, well pressed and good design as a triptych, full colored on one side and black & white in the back, it includes the lyrics. We are in front of a seasoned North American Metal band with elements of Death Metal, Thrash Metal and Hardcore riffs. The first theme is “Dying Inside”, a violent beginning, without truces neither contemplations, Bret Hoffmann’s voice is unique and matchless, those growls and chaotic shouts are just glorious, the riffs have many changes, I like more the quick part, it’s crueler, with riffs ala MORBID ANGEL. Then “Over Mastered Desire” continues, this band really surprises me with such sick changes, in the first minute you listen to an intro ala SEPULTURA (post- “Arise”), but it becomes immediately in something putrid and dark; this disc is schizophrenic, with disturbing and pounding drums and riffs, savage Death Metal with some modern elements, it will definitively make you wet yourself with gasoline!!! The third track is “That Which Will Not Die”, where they emphasize dark howls: after that it’s “Deceived”, another controversial track with a lot of force and changes everywhere, then “Watch Me Die (Bass Intro)”, which is the introduction for “Gods End”, the vocal register in this track is excellent, hallucinating shouts of desperation, roars and rough voices give forcefulness to the song. Next it’s “Darker Then”, one of the crudest themes where Bret Hoffmann vomits with all his fury; “Down The Drain” is a Babylon of good Thrash and Hardcore riffs that lead you to mosh violently, it’s definitely one of the best tracks. We continue with “Void Revised”, again dark and crude; then it’s the track “Arsenal” where you will get a good drumming performance, from the beginning with a very good entrance to the end with a very good synchronization. Finally, we have “Your Demise”, where they emphasize the solos and once again the aggressiveness of Master Bret Hoffmann!!! The lovers of Death, Thrash Metal, Hardcore and Groove are going to appreciate this disc; even more with such legend is the vocals!!! From here we want to thank Scott O' Dell, Deborah Hoffmann and Bret Hoffmann for their great support to DEATHTHRASHER!!!!

Music Extreme (Argentina)

Here we have the debut album from Down the Drain that features ex Malevolent Creation's Bret Hoffmann, and, as you can imagine, here we have an album full of aggression and brutality from beginning to end. Hoffmann's vocals are one of the main elements here, showing brutality beyond all limits. The guitars here are huge and perfectly mixed, sounding like atomic bombs being dropped over the listener. One extremely remarkable thing is the drumming that sounds like if he wants to destroy his drumkit hitting it extremely hard and giving the ideal basis for a brutal death/thrash band like this one. And the drummer interacts cleverly with the bass player creating extremely tight rhythms that are essential to achieve the extreme aggression that Down the Drain delivers here. The sound of the recording is amazing, especially on drums and guitars. And this good sound adds extra brutality to Down the Drain's bestial music.

SOD Magazine (USA)

Malevolent Creation madman Brett Hoffman fronts this New York-based Hardcore outfit and the result is a cross between Florida Death Metal and New York Hardcore that plays out like Deicide meets Sick Of It All. Bone-jarring tracks like “Dying Inside”, “Arsenal” and “Your Demise” resonate with the simplicity of Hardcore but the underlying complexity and technical prowess of Brett’s bandmates really puts this one over the top. If having the shit kicked out of you is your idea of a good time than by all means slide this one into your CD player and crank it up. - DH 9 Skulls