Kult ov Azazel
Destroying The Sacred

   Absolute Zero Media (USA)

US Black metal force from Florida is out with their newest assault of the Christian nations of the world once again on Arctic Music Group. With two verisions of the artwork as one as we can see if a bit to extreme for the mainstream masses lol. Kult ov Azazel is a epic Black metal band that never really changes their vision or path. They make over the top grim and brutal Black Death with a bit of melodic overtones to make the cold and dark sounds all the more interesting. This is not ever going to win over the popular culture and music and art like this should never do such. This is for the underground to embrace and keep to themselves. The vocals are just hate spewed and the pace of the music never really slows down . Kult ov Azazel are just a breed of those that the Corpse Paint is an essential part of the overall mode of the band. If you're a fan of bands like Immortal, Satyricon, Khold even Krieg and earlier Absu you will not want to miss out on the brutality that " Destroying the Sacred" will present you with.

   The Adversary (USA)

Kult ov Azazel has always been a favorite of mine since the band's inception in the mid-nineties, back in their demo days. This latest recording of the Tampa, Florida based band, has got to be one of the most noticeable recordings in black metal to date. Xaphan and Xul have always had an interesting chemistry together. Some of the more noticeable songs would have to be tracks 3 and 7 properly titled "Ancient Evil" and the title track "Destroying the Sacred" in which they truely did with their interesting use of dynamics that were brought upon by the guitars in which Xaphan explores with his flanger and reverse recording effects. It's very wickedly put together and it is very recognizable. Drummer Hammer brings some new tempos in which equally shares with the guitars experimental aspects and isn't afraid to show it. Overall I like the quickness of the songs, the titles, the effects, and the vocals are always a blast to enjoy. Xul speaks of a most blasphemic act against the church and that's properly titled "Hang the Pope", a nice 43 second bonus track that we are given and are free to chant along "Hang the Pope"!!! Hell yeah!!!
Overall powerful 8.5 - Luis Carlos

   Decibel Magazine (USA)

The kult is alive.

When covering American black metal, the press favors one-man outfits. Their personalities are striking, their music has crossover appeal and they depart from the traditional Norwegian paradigm. Still, a handful of American bands have slogged it out through the years. Notables include Absu, Averse Sefira and Kult ov Azazel. ďBandĒ is the operative word here. The advantage these collectives have over lone wolves is power. Misanthropy is the currency; more people wield more of it.

Floridaís Kult ov Azazel are the most Scandinavian-sounding of the lot. The sound is Swedish, actually think Marduk or Dark Funeral. Their blast-beaten, tremolo-picked, vocally-scathed style hasnít changed much in a decade. Production values, though, have fluctuated, carrying the bandís fortunes with them. Debut full-length Triumph of Fire sounded surprisingly decent. 2005ís The World, The Flesh & The Devil drowned in muck.

Mana Studios, which recorded The World redeems itself on Destroying The Sacred. The sound is tight and focused, exposing the bandís most coherent tunes to date. Drummer Hammer is on fire, sprinkling spicy cymbal accents and feverish fills over astonishing foot speed. Vocals, which were often overbearing before, sit comfortably in the mix. Guitars are alternately mournful and storming. Thereís even a punky cover of Nuclear Assaultís ďHang The Pope.Ē For once, these are black metal tunes one can tell apart. Theyíre also blasphemously consistent, taking on Christians, Muslims and Judeans with equal malevolence. The song remains the same but itís more relevant than ever. 7/10 Ė Cosmo Lee

   Metalpedia (USA)

From the utter depths of hell I bring you Kult ov Azazelís new release, entitled Destroying the Sacred. So as you can see not the most original concept.

I think I heard this band a few years back when I was all about evil and brutal. Well this CD would not have disappointed me back then. Canít say it disappoints me now. Iím just not as into this style as I used to be.

Though who am I to really judge a CD? All I can do is describe it and let you make your own choice as to laying down the cold hard cash to take this gem home with you. So if you like 100 mile per hour non relenting black metal that sounds like it came straight from the bowels of hell then this is the CD for you!

Itís truly evil and brutal. If you are into death, despising humanity, total evil and the thought of all things good coming to an end, then this is your soundtrack.

Put this puppy on, get out the goats head, goats blood and other ritual supplies you might have lurking in your evil shrine and pray for death! 3/5

   Treats From The Underground (USA)

Kult ov Azazel is a band that has been in the scene for a while & most of you dark hordes out there should know of these guys. They have been spewing forth their blasphemous Black Metal for years. The music is done in an old school Black Metal style with satanic sickness. Their sound is raw, harsh & dark all through out. There is a strong war like vibe that blankets their style which is the fight against Christianity. Coldness is felt in the harsh groggy Black Metal growls & screams. This is the best release from the legendary Black Metal band so far & one of the best bands to emerge from the darkest pits of Florida. Join the KULT! Hail Satan!