Bludgawd (USA)

This brings back the old days when I would blare bands such as Exodus and Nuclear Assault. Denate play nothing more and nothing less than old school thrash metal. If you're a fan of the previous mentioned bands than this shit is right up your alley. I really enjoy popping this disc in for the nostalgic feel that it has. Rather than clone the next NY style band or the next brutal band, Denata freshen it up and bring us back to a glory day when metal was just fuckin metal, no sub-genre this, sub-genre that. Including the intro you get 12 thrashy tracks to bang your head too. Sick of all the new shit coming out? Want something that will make you bang your head again? Try Denata! Typing this review my knee is bouncing up and down, my head is banging... You can't stop moving when you pop this in. The only thing I got to say that might sound a bit fucked up is the vocalist sound like what I think a scarecrow would sound like if one did vocals in a band. But, like I was mentioning, these guys don't sound like anyone, so the original vocals just add more to the killer disc these Swedish sons have released.

The Darkest Hours

For those who don't know Deathtrain, they play a mix of death metal & trash. They good heavy guitar riff and a lot of good beat with a powefull singer that growl all the time!! The songs are great to the main problem is that this album sounds really bad! The hi-hat of the drummer is too loud in the mix and it sounds like a 'clitch'to me. So the main thing is that this band got a big potential but just because it sound like a demo, it's kind of hard to listen to the album from the beginning to the end. I'm really looking forward to hear their evolution in the future and really hope that they will get the production they deserve because the songs are a total blast of pure energy! Note: 60% - Patrick

Flesh Rites (Spain)

Let´s take a look to the mighty 80´s... What can we found on that years?. Do you remember your first steps onto extreme metal?. At that times the most extremest bands where the ones that used to play what they called as Trash Metal.The "boom" of bands such as Slayer, Metallica, Venom, Destruction, Dark Angel, Forbidden, Testament, Overkill, etc, guided a generation of youngs hungry of hard music. But the fashions changed on 90´s and trash metal decayed fast... True fans of that style kept the spirit live, hearing to new old-school bands... such as Denata.Denata is a swedish band, that delights the true trash metal fans with a tornado of cutting riffs, played raw, fast and heavy, leaving headless corpses where they sound (due to the bestial head shake you`ll do when hear to them, hehehe). Guitar sound is powerfull and a bit sick, as it used to be on late 80´s, but without losing force!.Voice is like a ripped scream from a tortured zombie, being so acute sometimes, and remembering me alot The Crown and Witchery´s singer (perhaps because Toxine sings in one song??). On this side all is OK!.Bass is a thunder, that play notes reinforcing all the drums beats, wich also hits head until they seem to blow, due to speed and pressure!. I think the main influence of this killer combo could be The Crown, overall from the beguinningSo, maybe you´re thinking about how many musicians play in this band?. Ok, only 3!. Yeah, they´re only 3, but sound as if they´d be 5!. The purveyors of this destruction are Tomas Andersson (on guitar and throat), Ponta on drums and vokills and Roger on bassmageddon. If you liked sometime trash metal, you must have this one...trash or die!!! "Deathtrain" is a cool act of metal, but I wont talk about the cover (argggggghhhhhh......). 7.75 - Morvyan

Infernal Waves (France)

Again a Thrash Metal Brand New release in this review-section. Well, we are not only in this kind of Metal, but, honestly, it is so good !!! And the new release of Denata is far to be the weakest ! Ouch : I can't believe my own hears ! It is typical over-fast Thrash Metal in the vein of mighty Sodom / Kreator / Tankard with even the mad 'n' silly touch of Destruction. It totally rips with its sharpy guitar sound !! I am proud that Old School Thrash Metal is back in Europe ! Support them, they strongly deserve it and it is almost the only way to have a chance to see them one day in your country ... (the way it worked in France, maybe not outside !!!)

Ouch ! 28 minutes of Pure Fast Infernal Madness ! Killer !!!

Tartarean Desire (Sweden)

Denata is a new Swedish extreme metal act that wasformed in 1998. Now they are back to strike again withtheir second album entitled "Deathtrain" which istheir first release on their new label Arctic MusicGroup, a label run by Phil Fasciana of MalevolentCreation. Phil has always had a talent for findingquality acts from all over the world and Denata is noexception. Mixing the intensity and speed of old-stylethrash metal á la Kreator and the brutality of moderndeath metal they have found a winning concept, atleast the way I see it. The members of the band aremore than capable in handling their respectiveinstruments but the brick in this massive sound wallthat is the most impressive one is the vocalist who isdefinitely one of the best in the extreme music scenetoday. The production has also been handled very wellbut the instruments themselves may have been placed alittle too deep in the mix. Even though the vocalistdoes a wonderful job with the mic he is not the onlymember of the band. Denata still has some to learnwhen it comes to innovative song writing but if youare looking for an intense old-school extreme metalexperience full of energy and with a powerful modernsound this young Swedish band might very well be worthchecking out. Stand-out tracks: "Deathtrain", "1349","Pentagram". (7/10)

Brutalism (The Netherlands)

Denata are back with their first full length for Arctic Music Group. And it is good to hear that the thrash train is still thundering the earth! 12 Tracks of total moshing thrash in the old vein. No experiments with funny instruments or melodies just fucking hammering the metal to your guts and bones. Glad the album only last 28 minutes because the engine had to be fueled again!

Aardschok Magazine (France)

Primitive, brutal thrash with clear speed metal influences. People who think that after 1988 no decent extreme metal album has been made can call Swedish band Denata their new heroes. The rather simple and straight forward songs on "Deathtrain" are directly inspired by the debut albums of Agent Steel, Dark Angel and Kreator, you know. And that's a good initiative of course although Denata doesn't reach for the same quality level as the aforementioned bands of course and live a band as The Haunted will destroy them for sure. But although guitar player Tomas Andersson isn't the best guitar player I know and the dual vocals of the band members is sometimes going to the absurd, Denata as a whole makes a cool and genuine impression. And let's not pretend that every thrash band in the eighties was sounding that tight and pure. As a trip to the past this album scores the full 100 points. Judging according the current quality standards they score a few ratings less unfortunately - (rating: 70 out of 100).