Closer Than Kin
The Machineries Of Breath

Next on the line-up was Closer Than Kin from the Cape Cod area. These are some of the hardest working motherfuckers I have ever had the pleasure to meet and become friends with. Over the last 2 years I have watched the growth of a lot of local bands, very few impress me, and this is one of those bands. Whether there are 3 or 3000 kids they rock with the same fervor. They've financed their own tours thru Canada, the East Coast, and soon to be Europe, while still maintaining a rigorous work and rehearsal schedule. This was the CD release for CTKs first label backed full length The Machineries of Breath. (See cd review) Soon to be in stores near you.CTKs set continued the climb up the mountain.

Closer Than Kin describe themselves as a blend of hardcore, punk and straight up metal. After listening to "Machineries Of Breath" a couple of times I couldn't agree more. They put a lot a different influences into those songs. In the first song I hear Converge alike chaoscore.. Screaming vocals mixed up with Danzig alike 'bombastic' vocals... A lot of stuff going on here! It's that diversity that keeps Closer Than Kin interesting. Overall I'm reminded me of bands like Fordirelifesake, Converge and old Snapcase thrown into a blender. Throw in some gothic influences (the vocals) and some punk and metal riffs and you pretty much get Closer Than Kin. This eleven song cd is surprisingly good and diverse. Half way the cd they go into some more calmer / slower songs which is awesome as well.. My favorite song of this record must be "If Demons Could Wheep". Some excellent musicianship can be heard here! Make sure to take a listen to this band if you like to hear a mixture between a lot of styles. Definitely recommended! (IZ)

Coming out of the legendary Boston hardcore scene, Closer Than Kin unleash their biggest release to date in their two-plus year existence. Pursuing a heavier and more metal-orientated approach to their music than Boston stalwarts such as Slapshot and Ten Yard Fight, Closer Than Kin nicely mix screaming and harmonic vocals over both dissonant and melodious guitars. Having shared the stage with such bands as the Misfits, Sick Of It All and Hatebreed, as no doubt the opening act in Boston, CTK seem to be on their way to big things. That is if they can hold the band together, which as we know is all to common an occurrence in the hardcore realm. The list of bands that have died before they exhausted their contributions is endless. Nonetheless, at this point CTK show no reason to believe this to happen with them. Most of the songs mix both slow and fast sections as on When Toys Are Traded For Tearstalents are most developed on songs such as these. These songs are reminiscent of top-notch metalcore bands like Darkest Hour. Other slower heavy tracks such as 3 Words 3,000 Tears pass the test but are certainly not exemplary. And then acoustic guitar with testosterone-driven in the beginning of songs like The Uncertainty of Sanityadds diversity but make you wonder whats going on. Hopefully, Closer Than Kin will be able to effectively differentiate themselves amongst the swollen market of hardcore bands in the near future.

Closer than kin are a brutal hardcore quintet from the USA. This is their debut album, and what a start it is too. If you mixed AFI, sick of it all and waterdown with some heavy riffing, strained vocals and melody you would have something that sounds similar to CTK. But what makes these guys special and different to the masses of homogenous crap is the fact that they have something to say with their music and passion. There are loads of bands that have something to say, I hear you cry, of course they do but how many do you connect with? This is one of those albums that connects with me. Hard hitting imagery, dark views on life, people, routine and memory make the lyrics meaningful and personal. When mixed with the power, breakdowns and melodies that their music possesses there is something unique that forms. There are certain bits that I do not like so much. The Uncertainty of Sanityseems totally out of place on the album and seems more like a space filler, not that isn't really needed seeing as it is such a short song and the album isn't exactly short at 42 minutes. The album comes complete with the video to the Dead flowers for a Dieing lover, slightly bizarre but a pretty good quality video none the less. I would recommend this to all lovers of HC, keep an eye out for them in the future. They're touring in May '03 on a European tour, you can download some songs at


As if tearing up stages from coast to coast with SickOf It All, Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, and the Misfits,to name a few, for the last two years wasn't enoughBoston's Closer Than Kin have found there way toreleasing their debut full length. The Machineries ofBreath showcases a band with a lusty atmosphere ofhardcore and punk rock worthy of everyone'sattention. Their lyrics are deeply rooted insignificance and their music is turbulent to say theleast. The video for "Dead Flowers for a Dying Lover"was pretty cool too. (Punktuation) -Fug

Hardcore stands out from the rest of metal for two very specific reasons. One; the genuine and complete honesty of the music, and two, the intensity and unconventional release of basic human emotions.

Closer Than Kin drives those two very points home with defined accuracy on their full-length release, The Machineries of Breath. Flaunting lyrics as forward as the music is brutal, CTK seeks to not get under your skin or in your head but to break your heart. For a little over forty minutes CTK will have you reeling in agony of love gone sour, wounds that cannot heal, and wrestle with crippling emotions that show no mercy.

I was squarely warned about CTK last year with their self-produced demo, Dead Flowers For A Dying Lover. I should have heeded my own warning. The Machineries of Breath have succeeded in not only emotionally taking me over, but have turned past buried wounds into fresh and bleeding deep cuts.

It feels so good, that I simply cannot get enough.

Every aspect of CTK has improved tenfold. Most notably is the vocal work of Nick Principe. On Dead Flower For A Dying Lover, he fit the hardcore vein of vocals very well, but at that the time was nothing special. Now on The Machineries of Breath, he literally gives the album breath. I thought you could feel every wave of agony before, well now you can also feel every repercussion as well. His vocal regurgitation of love/hate/anger/sorrow/pity/remorse is dangerously overwhelming.

The music vehicle carrying Nick is nothing short of his vocal performance. Switching in and out from neck breaking speeds to calm serene acoustic transitions, CTK pushes the writing of hardcore onto the next page in the genre's history. In order to have their songs get up and move, while swallowing you whole, CTK adds a good dose of punk. With the presence of the never-ending energy of punk mixed with the downtrodden molestation of hardcore, it's a miracle that you can still stand at the end of The Machineries of Breath.

This is a gold mine of hardcore music and raw representation of human emotion. You have no reason as to why you should not get this album.

Rating: 5/5: Closer Than Kin have truly created a hardcore masterpiece with The Machineries of Breath. This is the new measuring stick. Congratulations gentlemen.

I've been talking about this band a lot lately, and I still can't find enough great things to stay about CLOSER THAN KIN, and their debut full-length, "The Machineries of Breath." These guys bill themselves as "East Coast Horror Core," but I think they fall fairly well-placed into the metallic hardcore crowd with an emphasis on the darker side of things. First and foremost, this band is intense, and that's readily apparent on the first track, "The Euphoria of Strangulation," which throttles hard for nearly six minutes. Although CLOSER THAN KIN don't carry an entirely original sound, they bring a wealth of influences and traits, that most lesser bands wouldn't know how to pull together. If one could imagine bands such as UNEARTH, HATEBREED, AFI, and THE MISFITS all rolled up together, this could be the result.

CLOSER THAN KIN feature unyielding heaviness that seemingly collides with sterling melodies, propped up by a drummer who seems to hit harder and faster with every song that goes by. Another positive aspect of this band is their ability to craft memorable parts, especially with the guitar work. Without a doubt, "The Machineries of Breath" indicate that moshing season is alive and well. I think the fourth track, "Dead Flowers For A Dying Lover" is probably the stand-out on here, as it reminds me a bit of DARKEST HOUR with singing parts. The band is totally clicking on that song, and the force of sound is devastating. "The Machineries of Breath" was recorded by TODAY IS THE DAY's Steve Austin, and although the sound quality isn't nearly as huge or polished as most modern metallic hardcore releases, it's pretty crisp and doesn't lose any bit of bite. So if you haven't noticed already, I'm really into this band and this release, and I think anyone who's a fan of metal and hardcore would be a fool for not checking this out immediately.

Closer Than Kin is the hardest working band in New England...period! You go to a show and you can bet a member of the band will be there fliering, making friends, helping bands set up, drinking with friends, or playing a gig. They epitomize the hardcore scene in that they know everyone, and consider anybody who helps their band family. Over the years Closer Than Kin has perfected their craft, and are now ready to move to new levels. They proclaim to be what they call "Horror Core"; but to me they fall somewhere in-between Nora, Reach The Sky, and the Misfits.

"The Machineries Of Breath " kicks off with "The Euphoria Of Strangulation", a perverse song that makes statements like "tear flesh.....laugh and watch you bleed!" Nicks vocals trade off between screams of agony, and a Misfits like melodic voice. JK and Stevie break out riffs reminiscent of Reach The Sky. The track hits hard, and when the breakdowns hit at the end of the track all hell is sure to break loose. Bad ass!

Do you remember your life as a kid? I sure as hell do. Life was easy. It was all about playing, "Sesame Street", and eating all your pea's that Mom put in front of you. Today there are bills, your job, and everyday bullshit to deal with. I'll never forget when I was very small being told I was not going to live forever, and that in fact life was not about fire trucks and Cookie Monster. "When Toys Are Traded For Tears" touches on the lost innocence of childhood. Nick's angst filled vocals ring true as the band breaks a hardcore sledge hammer across your cranium. Fucking killer!

"Dead Flowers For A Dying Lover" is the defining track for CTK. It is the perfect blend of meat hook hardcore, and just enough Misfit "oooohh oh oh's" to make it work. Roger is a monster on the kit with this track, and the guitar work hangs with the best of em!

Closer Than Kin is not earth shatteringly new. But what they do is make you think while you rock out. The passion of this band comes through with flying colors on the record...and their live show is even more deadly. To close out the review I'd like to leave you with one last thought about Closer Than Kin. A few months back I attended a show where these guys headlined. Everyone came to see another band, and then took off after..... leaving a handful of people to see CTK play. You would swear they were playing to five thousand people the way they played. The passion and energy was amazing, and the 5 people left got their money's worth! Closer Than Kin plays music not for gain, but because they love to....they epitomize the integrity of hardcore to a T.

Pit scale of 1 to 10: 7.5, A killer debut!

Well folks Hardcore is alive well and still kickingass! CTK is a big part of that as this 11 song Cdstarts off strong and ends stronger. I wanted to tryand compare these guys to other well know bands outtheir but I can't because CTK truly has a style oftheir own. Formed in 2000 out of Boston, MA CTK hasplayed with bands such as AFI, SOIA, Hatebreed, andmany other talented acts. This Boston band trulykicks ass! As far as this Cd it is a must get, andkids put this one into your computer to see CTK'smusic video. Get this fuking album, as their are nomore words needed. 9 out 10

This is the second effort I've reviewed by Closer than Kin, and I must say they've really stepped it up a few notches with "The Machineries of Breath" full length cd. The production is top notch and the cd even comes with a video for "Dead Flowers for a Dying Bride" that you can view on your pc. The production quality of the video kicks total ass and features some cool practice/live footage along with an innocent looking girl picking flowers. A very strange feel but it did a nice job showing what the band can do.

Even with strong production, Closer than Kin didn't forget their hardcore roots and show that they've still got plenty to be pissed off about. Each track slammed me back with a combat boot to the chin, and there were plenty of surprises around the corners as I heard some cool guitar harmonies, blast beats, and a hearty dose of old school hardcore vocals. The entire band provides a great backing vocal core to add to the NYC hardcore sound.

The artwork is excellent and the liner notes include lyrics, pics of the band, and plenty of thanks. Everything about the cd is professional and should gain Closer than Kin some serious attention. These guys do lots of shows and prove that they know what it takes to pay dues and work hard to stay alive in a dog eat dog business.

Check out "The Machineries of Breath" if you want to get your ass kicked into submission with a smile on your face.