One For The Road

Vampire Magazine (Holland)

Burner was formed in September 1999 by Divine Empire guitarist Paul Soars and drummer Greg Threllkell; from the underground scene they recruited bass player James Wellman and from the Jazz/Funk scene vocalist Clint Denny. After the release of this album the band has been added by (ex Monstrosity) guitarist Jason Morgan , which is not an excess, because this filthy music just begs for two guitarists live. Rock ‘n Roll the way it was meant to be. So far the perhaps misleading information, because this debut album has very little to do with death metal, virtuosity (like in Jazz) and the rest of the label; compare it to the band Alabama Thunderpussy who also got signed to an extreme metal label, yet plays some mean southern rock ‘ n roll as well. It is just that Burner is way more intensive than the other bands from the genre; on several songs they even use a death grunt and I must say, it certainly doesn’t misfit on the album! Perhaps Southern Death Rock ‘n Roll is the best way to describe this delicious record; the band plays a real intensive, and on occasions violent (“No Regrets”) metal flavoured rock ‘n roll, with tiny additions of some other American sorts of music, such as death metal (!!!), blues, some sensitive music (“At Ease”/”Color”) and more, without damaging the cohesion off the overall sound. Homage to these guys. If you really want a more detailed description; try Pantera playing southern rock with the vocalist of Godsmack in an angry mood.

Well produced, well playing musicians and well fitting artwork; to put it in short, a delicious album for the coming summer. A bottle of Jack Daniels, smoke ‘m if you got ‘m, turn it up loud and enjoy the ride! Without doubt also very effective live; maybe next year on the summer festivals? - John

The Darkest Hours

Burner is totally new to me! When I check out the cover of the album with the car and the logo of the band, and with a title like One for The Road, I said to myself, I have to take my first listen in my car! That's what I did...what a great move!!!! I would describe the band as High Energy Big Car Rock N' Roll!!! Amazing power groove, good strong vocals (clean. semi-clean & even growls!!!!), awesome melodies with big chorus and of course, a lot of hooks!!! The album is a whole big hook! Heavy Rock N' Roll/Metal straight to the point! 12 tracks of pure energy! Burner is a name to remember if you want something new that rocks! Note: 85% - Patrick

Flesh Rites (Spain)

What a fucking surprise with this group!!! Never hearing groups of this category apart from SPIRITUAL BEGGARS that really like, and hoping to get some rockin' ENTOMBED on bad hours, I have a great surprise with this album.This group was formed in 1999 by the DIVINE EMPIRE guitarrist John Paul Soars and drummer Greg Threlkel and after some time rehearsing the line up was complete with Cliff Denny on vocals, James Wellman on bass and the ex-MONSTROSITY guitarrist Jason Morgan. After putting together a six song-demo they gained a contract with Arctic Music group, the one whose A&R is Phil Fasciana from MALEVOLENT CREATION/HATEPLOW.On this album we have some rock'n'rock with southern touches maybe reminding COC or Down, but I thing that better, not as boring as the mentioned. Some PANTERA elements are here and there but maybe the most enjoyable time is the inclusion of some good elementsfrom other musics such as bluesy parts that I really enjoy, some jazzy/bluesy parts, heavy touches and solos, guttural vox with some strong parts according with the style that they practice and all the stuff.To mention is "Broken", "Five pills(and a bottle of whiskey)" with a really good composition having also all the elements mentioned above in one song, "All alone". Maybe the songs that I really don't like so much is "Six gun" sounding more "garage" than the rest, more dirty, more straight.If you like the stoner rock, the southern sound and the drinking whiskey while you are driving your Chevrolet :) you will enjoy this release that doesn't fit on the monotonous way of making music of the rockin' groups nowadays. 7.5 - Mecos

Tartarean Desire (Sweden)

Burner is a band from Florida, USA, that was formed in September of 1999 by the Divine Empire guitaristJohn Paul Soars and drummer Greg Threlkel. Today the band also features the ex-Monstrosity guitarist JasonMorgan. When I have mentioned these people and the Florida metal scene you probably expect brutal deathmetal but this is definitely not what Burner is about. Their debut "One For The Road" is instead a brew madeup of different elements from many genres such as death metal, jazz / fusion and blues but above all thesouthern state heavy rock scene. This is the origin of the modern stoner rock sound which has become realsuccessful both in the US and in Sweden. Burner is a band to remember for all you lovers of real heavy rockwith a bluesy groove. The band's vocalist Cliff Denny has a voice that fits very well together with thiskind of music and sometimes he actually sounds a little like latter day James Hetfield. The thing thatseparates Burner form most of the competition is that they also take use of some death metal growling whichisn't really what I would call a brave move but still a little unusual. Keeping their southern roots and athundering heavy sound Burner have managed to compose a modern sounding album without coming close to thenu-metal sound which is a good thing. Half-way through the album dies a little however since many of thesongs sound very similar to one another. If you are into heavy southern rock, stoner rock or just wantinspiration on the road check out Burner. (7.5/10)

Noise Magazine (Belgium)

BURNER is PANTERA playing southern rock 'n roll, unfortunately failing to grip a handful of songs. Without erupting any earthquackes Burner accelerates only the second half of the album, spicing up with some bluesy elements. Quite methaphoric; the oldtimer on the front must be a diesel then. Not the brand of whiskey I lap up, however pleasantly entertaining.

Brutalism (The Netherlands)

Burner is a new band formed by members of Divine Empire and Monstrosity. Don't expect some brutal massacre because Burner is playing straight heavy rock n roll metal. All songs are played tight and hard hitting. But there is also room for some other influences like bluesy melodies with nice guitarworks. So if you wanna hear something different than grab this one.

Stranger Aeons Magazine

BURNER has a killer new CD out called "One For The Road." This is excellent Death/Southern Metal with a brutal/melodic edge. This is trulyamazing.